Sunday, 5 June 2011

You have me

Maybe I have no place that I can call as ‘home’ to turn to, but I have the heart to say ‘welcome home’ every time you come to me. And I also have the courage to spread these arms of mine to hold you and make you feel like you’re home. You will never find a mansion or a palace to rest your sore soul, but I tell you this, you will always find that my door is unlocked and you will always can step right in to it and find me waiting for you.

I have no power to protect you from the cruelness of the world, but I can assure you that I will never let you walk alone. We’ll get through somehow… We have our love as the reason to survive; we have our faith and prayers as the light in the dark and one more important simple thing is, I believe in you and me. So hold on to me to me tight, let me be your strength as your strength are mine, all we have now is time and that will be enough for us to see things clearer and make our mind on which path that we should take.

All of us have the right to ask God on why and when in our life, but I’ve learned that we have to believe that we also have to make our own destiny. No limit to what we do to make ourselves become stronger and wiser everyday. Be good to ourselves, treat our heart and mind as our precious, be firm on what we dream of, will help us to keep our hope to the sky’s limit. Do we have to wait for a boat to cross a river? Do we have to have wings to fly? Do we have to have everything in life? I don’t think so, the essence of living our life to the fullest is to do our best in everything, make the best effort on whatever we do in our days, keep our heart pure and always see things from the brighter side even in the darkest hour.

Discouragement, loosing the will to survive, and saying ‘this is impossible’ are the things that will always come to us like the fog at dawn. But don’t you know that after every dawn will break a new day, a new sunrise and we have all the right to make that as a new strength to keep on moving forward with the heart full of hopes inside of us. So have no fear oh little one, for we are much better when we’re together than we’re alone, and I can promise you this, you will strong enough to make a start as long as you believe that no matter what happened, you can always make another first step as a start of your grand journey of life…

And finally, I have the courage to say, ‘you have me’, I’m the one who loves you no matter what, as I have someone who always send me prayers and hope everyday, you will always have me to turn to each time you loose your way, and I’m proud to say that I have all the love that the world could offer on a golden platter for me…

A note to all to keep on believing once again and again and again and again…

God be with you all, always, with love…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
November 1st 2009

PS: In Memoriam of HERA (Oct 5th 1998-somewhere in May 2005), my beloved, faithful German Shepherd. I love you Hera…leaving you behind was one of the cruelest thing that I’ve ever done in my life, I know I can’t turn back the time, but I cherish each cuddle and every single inch of the streets that we passed together, and having you in my life is one of the way to cherish life itself, kinda missing your funny left ear....hiks

And maybe some of you are asking, why on earth is this woman is having a remembrance of her pet, well, I would say this, simple things are great and great things as simple, and what a great thing when we can cherish a friendship...even the one that we had with our cuddly pet..

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