Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Friend along the journey

Finding Nemo :
Marlin said, “ Since I met you, we were chased by the sharks, fell into the darkest and deepest sea valley, almost eaten by an ugly full of sharp teeth creepy fish, caught in the middle of a mass of Jelly fish and got sting by them, then…, we got sucked into a whale’s stomach !!!”
But I’m still here with you, I shared all of those horrible things with you…,” Dori replied.

Toy Story :
Woody said, “Since you’re here, I was left out, fell off Andy’s car, fell into a crazy hand machine full of strange green three eyed mass talking dolls, caught and almost tortured and torn apart by Butch !!!”
But I didn’t leave you behind, I stayed with you and kept on trying to find the way out with you…,” Buzz replied.

We all blessed by the unfortunate events, and we didn’t realize that the only bad luck that followed us all the way was not the events or the partner in our journey…, but by our ignorance that we actually have someone beside us along the way…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
October 22nd 2008

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