Thursday, 2 June 2011

A simple LOVE note

Please hear me oh my dear Wind…
Let me whisper the song of love inside my heart,
bring these precious words to the sky,
and let the clouds  hold them tight…
And maybe, when the time of showering the earth comes,
everyone hear and feel the beauty of Love,
in every single drop of your tender touch…
In a single glitch we could loos our strength,
no protection to keep your heart away from falling in love.
Suddenly we all become stupid naive individuals,
no logical thoughts could explain why we floats
everytime we feel each other…
Everything freeze in silence,
our heartbeats are the only thing that we hear.
And when our mind suddenly become an empty space,
the only thing that we see in our conscious corner is…,
our smilling face, for we know that
we are standing at the right spot with the right person,
the right fingers to reach,
the right shoulder to lay our heavy heads,
the right lips to kiss,
and the right ears for us to whisper
how much we enjoy the morning breeze upon our hair
since we’re in LOVE…
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
September 12th 2011

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