Sunday, 5 June 2011

Mine oh Mine

“ Tell me when will you be mine, tell me, quando, quando, quando,
we can share a love divine, please don’t make me wait again.
When will you say yes to me, tell me, quando, quando, quando,
you mean happiness to me, of my life please tell me when…"
quoted from “Quando, quando, quando

Suddenly...simple questions appeared in my mind,

“ Am I worthy enough to have someone that I can call as Mine? ”

“ Is there someone out there is faithful enough to be the only one for me?“

I know we’re all humans, since none of us were born as a perfect person, God even gave us “the free will “ to choose almost everything in life. God himself even let us choose whether we want or we don’t want to love Him as our creator and the One who cares for our life. We all have the previlege to choose whether we want to love someone with all our heart or just be a selfish individual and all we can think about is our comfort. Making someone to be the one that we can call "MINE" is never easy, for loving someone with all our hearts demand everything in our life.

Have you ever whispered to the one you love,
“ Can I be yours, so I can hear u saying, ‘you are mine’ ?”

Will it be just words, or will it be something true and means the world to you?
Will it be just a sudden feelings that you have because of beauty or physical appearance, or will it because you can understand things more while you were together, or will it because you can feel each other without saying things, or will it because you love someone for no special particular reasons at all, and you didn’t realize that you had broken the rules of attractions and hold this person so tight as your precious one?

Well, to the one that I love I would say this…

Since I’m yours, and you shall be forever mine, you can just hold me and say nothing and I can feel every pain, every bitterness, every sad stories that your heart whispers to me.

Since I’m yours, and you shall be forever mine, you can be a little kid and I’ll be your friend, and we can play together as two innocent little kids, learn to be true and pure like we used to be in our early age.

Since I’m yours, and you shall be forever mine, you can travel to the other side of the world, but you still have me beside you all the way, and you see me whenever you see your reflection.

Since I’m yours, and you shall be forever mine, you can touch and kiss every single inch of me, for you have reached and claimed that my heart, my body and my soul are yours now.

And on this stage of feelings that we have towards each other, we both will always have the stanza of listening "I love you" in every moment before we both close our eyes, even though we're not laying next to each other. We shall never sense the loneliness when we're apart, for we have each other in our hearts. And we know, when the moment for us to be together again, the time when we can feel each other's presence would be the most beautiful time in our life...we might have no willing to say anything while we hold each other, but we have the ability to feel how much we love and cherish each other when we hear to both of our heart beat.

And...the moment I became yours and you are mine, I do hope both of us will look after our love as a growing plant…

…the strong feelings that we have to each other is the soil, the source of our life as one…

….the passion in our touch is the water that gave us the new hope to survive…

….and your wisdom is the ray of sun that shines and make our love grow stronger every single day…

And, while we watch “our plant” grow, we shall have the joy of great discovery, the fact that we have each other and the ability to say or feel things beyond words, and we shall feel that we both are being more and more in love every single day. For love itself has no limitation, love has no measurement, and what a wonderful life if we can share this love, and at the end of the day, there will always be the time whether we lay both together or by ourselves and miles away to each other, I still can hear you say, “You are mine “, and for that... I shall be forever yours...

Say it’s me that you adore,

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