Saturday, 4 June 2011

A love note to a best friend

My dear friend…

Thank you for being who you are, I wouldn’t change a single thing from you, I love you just the way you are and I want you to know, that since the day I met you, you’ve showed me what a true friend is.

Thank you for all the fights and arguments, thank you for the time when you shouted at me and told me how stupid I was, it made me realize that someone actually care and love me.

Thank you when you didn’t like some of my boyfriends (actually….most of them, hihihi….), thank you for being so kind when some of them (or most of them??? Hahaha…) came to you to talk, but still you didn’t lead them back to me. It showed that you know me like the back palm of you hand, you actually knew which one would hurt me or turned me into a different person.

Thank you when you were looking for me when I almost ran away from home and showed me that I’m loved, even though I had to face some disappointments, but somehow, you could change my cloudy day into day full of hope.

Thank you when you came to visit me when I had to continue my study far away from you and thank you for shouting with me on the beach (Oh, St. Kilda’s beach… miss that place, hiks…).

Thank you for waiting for me when I was working late, what a wonderful time when we drove around the city in the middle of the night with my old Corolla (with your other 11 friends, hahaha…). I still remember when we visited a Pizza restaurant and we were giggling when the waiter came, talked to me and gave me a chocolate mouse for a desert, I love the way you said, “Who is he? Your latest fan huh? Clever you…you took us here so you can meet him” (hahahaha, I never met him before, sis…).

Thank you for singing like a crazy girl with me when we were driving to Bandungan to buy some Durian (I still hate that thing, weks…), what a great moment when we drop by that eating place, sit in a hut and enjoyed the lake’s view.

Thank you for staying by my side when mama got really sick, you were there along the way, you gave me the strength when I had to hear bad news from the doctors, you cheered me up and accompanied me every time I had to sit for hours to wait my turn to meet some doctors for second opinions.

Thank you for being so patient when I was in a bad mood and almost fell down in desperation, thank you for driving me to that restaurant when the Police closed the road, I hope you remember the time when we ordered to much crab that evening (hihihihi…).

Thank you for accompanied me to Yogya to meet mama’s friend, what a cute moment when we were sitting together for hours with one of our “almost become your boyfriend” friend (guess who?? Hahaha…).

Thank you for having dinner with my sister, my brother and I on that fine Valentine’s Night, the night that I had the call from Netherlands about mama’s condition, I thought my world ended that night, but you were there, and until now, I thank God for I had you at that time.

Thank you for forgiving my mistakes, and let me cry on your shoulder, made your pillow wet by my tears, but still I can come again and again just to do that over and over again.

Thank you for your visit when I was in the hospital, you cured my wounds when you hold my hand that day, you gave me the courage to keep moving on.

Thank you for supporting me in my hardest time, you had helped me to stood tall again, you lifted me up when I fell down and you gave me faith to find my dreams.

Thank you for opening the Friendster account for me, you made the world found me again, the way you showed me that I am somebody had given me the courage to get through this life. You’ve opened my path again and gave love the opportunity to find me!

Thank you for trusting in me in making my decisions,
thank you for letting me know when you’re hurt,
thank you for calling me when I was down,
thank you for calling me when you’re upset about anything at all.
But most of all…

Thank you for loving me as a part of you, if I’m not mistaken, we’ve been friends for more than 20 years now, and how old are we again? (I’m 16 at the moment, how about you, hihihihi…)
And today, out of the blue, I remember you, missing you, and suddenly I sat and typed this note to you, my dearest best friend… I love you!

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
April 29th 2009

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