Saturday, 27 April 2013

The remarkable "POINT OF DECISION MARKETING" Strategy

The word of "ADVERTISING" has changed the way retailers THINK!

Driven people in a different way that called as A Point of Decision Marketing has changed the nature of driving people to decide to buy something that actually stimulated by what they encounter accidentally.

Encounter is an interesting word, right? What people do mostly when they're queuing? People are likely to pay more attention to moving things instead of something that just stand still. This is why printed promotional material is not in to the trend anymore. The fact that brochures and flyers are just being put in displays has made them to lose the attention of people to actually pick one and read it.

So, what does "a point to decision marketing" actually contribute in driving people's urge to buy more?

A simple story, a woman that happened to be standing in front of a coffee shop's cashier finally realize that she really need to drop by at the supermarket just right across the coffee shop. And WHY? She was simply realized that she need to get that great offer for the latest "Happy Frying Pan" that just being displayed on the screen of the digital signage at the upper behind the cashier.

The information was shared at the moment she was looking at one of the latest James Bond trailer on the screen. It wasn't a big advertisement, in between the captured actions of the secret agent, she caught an information about the frying pan just on the upper left of the screen.

This is what we call as a point of decision marketing. Putting simple reminder to people by popping up the thing that might they need at that time; or other things that might tingle their brain in a simple, unpredictable way!

Well, we never know when people need to get something for someone's birthday or perhaps to get something to replace the thing that they haven't got the time to buy? Or it's not impossible to change their mind to buy more and get more without using the oral persuasion that considered annoying to some people. We can actually make our digital signage be the messenger to deliver our promo.

It's an amazing thing when a single appearance have the ability to drive people's mind instantly! But not just regular appearance, something that being attached with what most people would want to see will be a great way to actually drive people to make a decision to buy something in a nick of time.

This can also be applied for different businesses, collaboration is the key word, a coffee shop can help the sport appliances store across it by putting something simple like:

"Buy 2 Large Cappucino and Get 20% discount for running shoes at ******* Store, just across our shop!"

And this can be applied vice versa! The Sport appliances store can simple put:

"Buy all types of **** Running Shoes, and get one free small Cappucino for each large Cappucino purchase at the ******* Coffee Shop right across our shop!"

The growing technology of Digital Signage devices have become the best media for this strategy. A point of decision marketing strategy needs a fast and aimed media. Certain technology given this strategy the ability for users to create their own messages, choose their own styles and designs, send it to the digital signage slave device or the operator's cloud and walaaa...., broadcast the message that they want instantly!

I believe that this strategy will change the nature of communication, branding and advertising. Contents, designs, even budget will no longer a hustle to anyone who's willing to advertise anything. The idea is to make a one way communication become powerful and effective. And of course, this can increase people's decision in purchasing more.

As the world is revolving, we are evolving, and point of decision marketing is certainly be one of the strategy that will make a significant evolution in buying behavior.

Written by Lisa F Sitompul
April 27th, 2013

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