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Short notes and letters on June's first week (1st - 7th, 2009)

Lisa F Sitompul is thinking..have u ever said this to someone: Meeting u was fate, becoming ur friend was a gift,but falling in love with u is something that I had no control over it! Love is not a physical thing,it's beyond compare of it,it's something that have no shape n form..n sometimes..the best..the most beautiful things in the world are the thing that we cannot see or even touched - YOU MUST TOUCH IT WITH YOUR HEART...(June, 7th 2009;@ 4.25pm)

Lisa F Sitompul : I've learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than attempting to satisfy them,love what I have instead of wanting to have what I love.For we may loose the thing or the people that we love,but if we have them inside of us,we won't loose the love that we've shared once.Get the best effort of it...n great efforts come from great memories n great motives as one of the best definition of a happy life..(June, 7th 2009;@ 1.05pm)

Lisa F Sitompul just wrote..Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. But happiness is something that u earn by live your life to the your best,and as soon as u do it,you truly be living your life happily! (June,7th 2009,@ 09.14am)

Lisa F Sitompul says : The thing that the caterpillar calls as the end of the world is what the world calls as a BUTTERFLY...
In our life, there's a time that things probably seem to be like the end of the world to us.But keep on believing that even at the lowest or the most painful time of our life,u can consider those pressures are something that u must experience as the time for God in creating another greatness of life,and hey...listen to this carefully...that new great creation is YOU!! (June,7th 2009;@ 7.25am)

Lisa F Sitompul just remembered about something that my father shared about what did Mrs. Rosevelt, Eleanor said: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." And what a great thing if we can find the beauty of our dreams by the simplest things that we encounter in every single second of our life...(June 5th,2009;@ 8.05pm)

Lisa F Sitompul : There is something about daring to take chances and find new beginnings in life, and do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail is one of the way be original and an extra ordinary person...(June 5th 2009;@ 7.57pm)

Lisa F Sitompul is having the remembrance of her parents when they said that she's their precious diamond...Hmm...A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure...thank you God for reminding me this...and thank you for making me realize this more: Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can...And yes, I can get through this no matter what, as I always say: "I'll be alright" (June 5th 2009;@ 7.34 pm)

>>To a dearest friend:
Miss you my dearest friend...I read once: "Many people will walk in and out of you life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart"
And you have left yours, my dear...(June 5th 2009;@ 7.13pm)

Lisa F Sitompul says: Jimi Hendrix said once : "Knowledge speaks but wisdom listen". And the best way to listen your heart is sit in silence...alone. Being alone is good, you can recognize the pattern of your heart and see your perspective a lot better...(June 5th 2009;@ 6.04pm)

>>A message to a friend :
Dear sir,

Thank you for sharing your thought on a day before your birthday.
Being strong is the only way to survive,but there is no weakness in shedding some tears,let your heart realize that you have so many things to be grateful to.

And by a drop of a tear, you can find that you also a great creator,for God also creates the dew every morning,have you ever think that those amazing little drops of water are HIS tears,the prove that He is a sensitive individual as we are,a person with a tender and warm heart just like all the rest of us?
What a stanza if we can believe that He actually drop some tears every morning, but then...
He rises the sun and warm our heart with His love too..

Happy Birthday dear sir,have a wonderful start of the year believing that you are loved no matter what, and please keep on believing that we never lost our loved ones, the bond on our love and friendship with them are much stronger than the word love itself.
(June 3rd 2009; @ 2:31pm)

Lisa F Sitompul : we might have no chance to say "I love u" to our the loved ones that we've lost,and yes,there is nothing & I really mean NOTHING can replace them,but the bond on our love and friendship with them are much stronger than the word love itself...Yes, no more "I love U"s,and they just left you in silence,but believe me,they never actually LEFT,they live in U!And the memories in u can always be your santuary..G'nite,mmuach (June 3rd 2009; @2.23am)

Lisa F Sitompul says:"If you have doubts on whether I will be there or not if you fall,I would answer you with a simple sentence,it's not about my presence,I might not have a strong shoulder to carry your burden,but you can always be sure that I will always hold your hand and walk along the heaviest path with you,angels requires wings,but I don't need that sight to believe that you can always be my guardian angel as I am to you too" (June 3rd 2009, @1.06am)

Lisa F Sitompul is thinking,"What should we do when we're standing on the corner with so many thoughts inside?Being alone is never easy,but it's a beautiful thing when we have the ability to capture the essence of life when we're alone. Living our life & keep on building our strength can always be the foundation to our next step,never give up,never let the agony of life changes u & never stop your heart to believe that u are loved!" (June 3rd 2009, @12.53am)

*** Gathered by Lisa on June 7th 2009, @ 4.46pm) ***

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