Saturday, 4 June 2011

What can a smile do to you?

Yup, I’m talking about YOUR SMILE! Don’t you know that you have a great smile? Don’t you realize that you have all the right to stand in front of your mirror in the morning, smile to yourself and say,

“Hi gorgeous, ready to start a new day? Yeah, you’re ready! You’ll encounter
incredible things today and it will enrich your life!”

Your lover might just broke up with you last night, or your boss might just said so many awful things to you at the end of the day yesterday, or so many other disappointing things just occurred in your life lately. But none of those things can be the reason for you to feel down and low.

Find something that you love the most in life and do it!
If you love to listen to the songs back in your High School years, play it, dance and feel the beat!
If you love to draw something (even though your drawing looks like a little kid’s drawing), draw something!
If you love to play kites, buy one and fly it!

Basically, you can treat yourself as kings and queens if you want to by doing the simple things that you love! Maybe it won’t drive the pain away instantly, but you give your heart an opportunity to relax for a while. And doing something that you love to do the most in your childhood years are always effective to ease your heart ache no matter what it is.

I never change the way I giggle, I love to hear the specific voice that comes out of my mouth when I chuckle to something funny. I never change the way I lick my ice cream, I love the image of myself when I was 8 or 9 licking the ice creams. I love the feeling when I swing my legs when I lay down upon my chest. I love the time when I’m lost in a nick of time, being alone with so many beautiful memories. I love the time when I sit alone, looking at the bright sky and see so many different shapes of the clouds. I love to lay down under the night sky, looking at the moon and stars, having the remembrance of the time when I was laying on the roof years ago. It’s amazing how the memories of my innocence years can light up my darkest time and lift me up in my lowest time in life.

And now, I love the way my heart say, “I’ll be alright”, and every time I encountered the bitter and painful facts in life, I love the way my heart whisper to me, “You’re not alone!”. Many people think of their problem day and night, fall into desperation and disappointments, looking for the way out without treating their own heart kindly. Most of people don’t know that our heart is our partner in everything! We all make mistakes, for we are all humans. And some of the mistakes created stigmas and people’s opinion on you, but will you let those things change the real YOU? Everyone has great qualities inside, and one of those qualities is the ability to cherish your self. Pull out this hidden quality inside of you!

Have you treated your self in a good way? Have you become intimate with your self lately? Have you given your heart a chance to be your friend? Have you created a great image of you every morning? Try to stand in front a mirror now and ask those questions to YOU!

Think! It must be wonderful to wake up to yourself with a positive energy inside of you, on the day you realize that you can do this to yourself, believe me, you have no doubts in everything!

You’ll have the power to believe in your dreams, and have the willing to reach it!

You’ll believe that love is for real, even though you’re alone now!

You’ll never care with a gloomy and cloudy morning anymore, for you have the sunshine inside of you!

You’ll always gain a new the strength by the funny memories of your loved ones and friends, realizing that you are loved too!

You’ll have the ability to let go, the courage to see things for the best and look at the bright side of missing something of someone.

And above all, you can stand for yourself or someone else, for you already have the strength and so many positive things inside of YOU! So smile… you would never know what it can do to you…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
May 1st 2009

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