Saturday, 4 June 2011

My Birthday’s Wish...

I hope that I will never loose the courage to always believe in hope, maybe some people think this is too much, how you maintain to keep hope inside, it never easy, but believe me, if you are consistent in what you believe, sooner or later, you’ll reach your dreams.

For those reasons…,

I wish you all to have the ability to see everything as blessings in disguise, to cherish simple things as God’s way to show how much He loves us.

I wish my kids to have the dreams and the willing to always do as best as they can in everything, the ability to see the path of their life as a beautiful journey and one of the tapestry of God’s amazing painting.

I wish my friends to have the strength to keep on fighting on what their dreaming of, the ability to believe that even in the most difficult time in their life, they can always believe that sun will always rise after the coldest and the darkest dawn.

I wish you all to have the ability to sense your value of existence in this world, having the sense of believing in something that you can’t see as a remembrance that you’re special in God’s sight and the greatest creature with so many miraculous abilities in you.

I wish you all to be content to keep your innocence and the little kid inside of you as the pedestal that you are deserved to be loved as who you are no matter what.

I wish you all to believe that no matter where God put you to stand, you can be the light to brighten the life of people around you and define the God’s love to everyone.

I know I’m not getting younger, in fact we all getting older every single second, well…what can we expect? Our age and our existence is keep on moving with the planet’s rotation, so it’s our choice, whether we want to be an ordinary person or an extra ordinary person by doing the best as we can do as our contribution to life itself and for the sake of our existence in it.

If God ask me what kind of gift that I wish for my birthday, I would ask Him to give me more courage, for I know I would never get enough of it. The world isn’t kind enough to live in but it isn’t bad enough to get away from, but I believe that everything happen for its own reasons, and I think I can get through it all by having the courage to always try to do thing as best as I can, that would be enough to survive and to keep on moving forward.

Today is the day to remember my existence, to papa and mama, thank you for being what you were, and brought me as I am now, I love you and miss you both so much. This date has always become the pedestal in my heart that I’m never alone and loved by both of you…

April 14th, 2009
your beloved daughter,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

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