Thursday, 2 June 2011

Everything is great but not as great as love

"To everything there is a season and time for every purpose under heaven..."

I started to wonder, why God created heaven and let us believe in this (what we think) beautiful place? 
A place that we heard since we were kids, a place that gave us the great impression of being good and a place that encourage us to be a better person everyday.

Will I deserve to enter the passage of heaven? We all have boundaries or rules in life that guide us to this road (once again,what we think) to heaven.We do so many things in the eyes of others (not just good things, but great things too!)and think that one day, we deserve to be the member of heaven’s club! 

But many of us never realize that no matter what we do or whatever we try to prove, would mean nothing if we have no recollection about love. At least that’s how I feel… We might never know, whether we’re still going to see the smile of our friends on the next morning, or whether we’re still can walk under the warmth of the morning sun like we used to do.
I’m trying find the real meaning of being a successful person in a different terms now. I just realized that without knowing, understanding and experiencing love, I would never be a successful individual nor a happy individual. But,who would understand and know for sure what love is ??

Well… maybe we can learn to just trust our heart, be true and honest, start from “everything”. And
hopefully,we can find the greatness of love from the simple honesty in everything is great around us.

For Sam Goldwin (1882-1974) once said :
” From success you get lots of things, but not that 'GREAT INSIDE' thing that love brings you “

Love to you all
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
April 2nd 2008 

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