Saturday, 4 June 2011

Things are getting better and better

We all made mistakes and cried in our regrets…

We all tripped down once and felt the pain on our knees…

We all came to this planet and one day, we’re going to be the forgotten one! Are we really forgotten? There’s no certain answer to this question, but…, I don’t really care whether someone would remember me and cherish me as one of his or her sweet memory, but I do care how I cherish and how I always put someone inside my heart as a remembrance that I’m a human, complete with the ability to feel and to believe that everything happens for it’s own reason.

It’s so unbelievable that some people actually forgot about things, I met someone that actually have no remembrance to the bad things that occurred in his life, and I said to myself, “ Wow… I would love if I can do that! “. How comfortable life can be if we can just order our heart and brain to never “save” all “painful files” that happens in a day! I learned something about this, and I found myself in a decent part of the world that I would call “The sanctuary of my heart and soul“. And where is this place, it’s in YOU! We all forgot that we all have the innocent part of our heart, a small little spot that stay pure and never grew up! A part that can be the place for us to hide from everything and everyone in the world, the place for you, your soul, your angel and God himself to gather around and maybe…, have a cup of tea and discuss things!

I know most people would say, “WHAT? Are you nuts? You can’t make God sits with you and have a cup of tea or coffee with you, we don’t discuss things with God, we all do things according to His law and order!”

But I believe that He loves us more as KIDS? For we’re more pure, have more story to share, have more faith that we’re loved and He would always walked beside us, missing for Him to lift us upon his shoulder, and so many other childish reasons that strengthen us to believe that we will never stand alone and wondering what to do! For we’re just kids, and we could always come to Him and say, “I don’t know where to go and what to do, I need You, I want You to show the way…”. As adults we don’t do this, we have this things called pride and honor, we have the thoughts that we’re strong enough to bare all the pain and the disappointments in life, without realizing that we can actually be a “kid” for once and young at heart. And to keep young and happy we don’t have to search for the “magic fountain of forever young”, everyone meant to grow older every single second, but having this innocent part in our heart can be the magic cure to “afraid of growing older” sickness that affected every single human being.

I found that life is getting better and better since I believe that I would always be a kid inside of me, I said to my kids, my students, my nephews and nieces, “Keep a folder inside your heart and brain and named it : Me a KID, because you’re going to spend your whole life as an adult, with all it’s responsibilities and obligations. You have to grow up, but don’t do it too fast, enjoy your childhood and cherish every single second of that moment, for it won’t come back, it will returns as a memory, so…, create some great memories!”. Well, I did that, and things are getting better and better since!

And for that…

I’m glad that somewhere out there, someone still have the reminiscence of how innocent our heart were created by God… Having the trust that everything happens for its own reason n keep on believing that we have someone to lay our faith and hope, and the courage to believe that every reason needs a strong heart to survive, will always be the strength for us to acknowledge that even thought the doors were closed, we could still find a window and see the sun rise of a new day, new hope n a brand new happiness…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

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