Saturday, 4 June 2011

What a great morning

It’s funny how a simple thing can change your entire life, I never expected that I would be at this point at the moment. But having the honor to always believe in hope had changed my whole life!

We all could start our day as a bad day, it happened to me sometimes, but I experienced an amazing morning once. I went to work as usual, but that morning wasn’t the best morning, I was a bit grumpy about something. The traffic was jammed, and some people upset me by the way of their driving, and in quite crowded road, I saw a woman seat on the back of a public transport. I was riding my motorbike that morning, and I could see clearly that she was looking towards the sky, thinking about something. I wondered what’s on her mind, she seems having a very serious thought, but suddenly she looked at me and smiled at me! I was so surprised and smiled back to her, she kept looking at me for a while until I managed to pass that Public Transport and left her behind.

Not far from my work’s place, another traffic jam occurred, and once again, I was riding behind a public transport, a Chinese old man sat on the back. He’s about 60 I think, and he was looking somewhere, thinking about something. I said to myself, “Hmm… This is not a common sight, a man at that age should be in an expensive car with a driver driving the car for him,”. Suddenly I remembered my dad, if he still alive, he would be the same age with that man. I didn’t realize that I was actually looking at this man, suddenly he looked at me and smiled at me! I was so surprised and a bit embarrassed, for he might noticed that I was looking at him. I smiled back at him, and suddenly, he waved at me with a fatherly look, I was stunned and waved back to him with a big smile upon my face.

I had to pass that car for I have to reach my work a bit early that morning, but when I parked my motorbike, I looked at my reflection in the front office’s window then I realized something, “I can’t see my own face in this helmet!”. I walked to the security (still wearing my helmet) and asked him, “Excuse me, sir, can you please tell me something, can you see my face?” He looked at me, I could see that he’s a bit confused, and he said, “Well, miss, I can’t see your face, the cover of your helmet is still closed,”. A asked the same question again and I received the same answer from him.

I pull my helmet and suddenly he said, “Now I can see you,” I smiled and thanked him and walked in to my room. I sat and whispered to God, “Dear God, thank you for a wonderful morning, You sent me two angels just now, thank you for blessing with me with their smile,” then I went into my classroom. I told my students what happened, and they all excited when they listened to my story, and when I said,
“I’m glad for God sent me His angels and reminded me to be grateful for my life by Someone else’s smile, maybe those people are not real angels, but for me, I would always remember their smile for they just brighten my day”

suddenly I saw a group of angels right in front of me, all of my students were smiling that time, and what a great sight to see to start a day…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
March 24th 2009

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