Saturday, 4 June 2011

Finding the most simple beauty in Life

Doing something small sometimes is the best thing you can do, 
and doing something big sometimes never enough….

Never torment yourself for what you should or shouldn’t have done, just relax and believe that sometimes God had blessed us with an invisible gift. Whether you realize it or not, God might had given you the ability to do great things to others by the smallest uncounted things you do with a sincere heart…
As simple as a spider web, can we compare it with the most expensive diamond necklace when we walked before the sun rises and found these drops of dew that hang all over a spider web ? You can always buy hundreds pieces of diamonds, put it all together and make a beautiful jewelry out of it, but can you pick a sparkling spider web ?

That’s the beauty of life…. And when the sun rise, the sparkling drops of dew vanishes and what we can see is just a simple spider web !
Experiencing a simple kind of love could be the greatest love ever ! Just like the nature’s diamond that hang all over a spider web, we might experienced the greatest feelings. And in just a matter of time, we came to a point that we just have to let go ! For the view has to change, but, we can still have these great feelings just by cherish the opportunity to feel it…

What is LOVE anyway ? I don’t have the answer to this simple question either, but somehow, in my simple journey to find love, I found an amazing fact. That no matter how hard we tried to find it, we might have looked for it at the wrong side of our life…

Not many people have the honor to experience the love that is comparable with the sparkling of a spider web. I think…I’m glad that God grant me the sensitivity and the strength to see and cherish love as the beauty of life that I might have to let go and apply this beauty of life as my guidance to keep walking through my own path and always have the courage to be a realistic person and have the honor of letting go someone that I love the most…

And surprisingly…, suddenly, I was surrounded by LOVE, I can’t explain it in what way or how, but I just 
have these happy feelings all the time ! And without searching and hoping to be in love, without a notice, love just came and stood right in front of my doorstep… This is the great moment when I finally found my self in the arms of someone that loves me so dearly, for just having an unconditional true love inside of me, that I’ve gained from loving and letting go the one that I’ve always wanted to be with…

I wish you all the strength to believe that sometimes… the best way to find the best thing in life is letting go, surrender and let God lead your way with the sensitivity to recognize the most simple beauty of life that you discover along the way…

Lisa Fransiska Sitommpul
October 5th 2008

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