Friday, 21 October 2011

When TGIF is a lot more than "Thank God It's Friday"

Different people are trying to reach different achievement in life. And some debates or arguments have been brought up to the surface whether we have been firmed enough to reach the point that we're trying to reach.

Another questions appeared..

Have we built the proper pavement to the content of who we are, what we are?
And have all this effort led us to achive something better?

There are two major groups in the planet, those who build their own life, and those who build their life by building their surrounding. The satisfaction of doing something or do more, add more and give more to enrich something contributes fundamental differences between both groups.

But none is the better one, the development of life has to be balanced by different opinions and attitudes which driven us into creating and reaching better achievements every day.

Without ignorant people, we have no reason to educate people about compassion.

Without mediocre people, we have no reason to encourage people to believe in hope and excel their expectation upon their life.

Without hatred, we have reason to embrace people to recognise love as something that we share by caring and forgiving.

Without hunger and catastrophic events in life, we have no reason to hold others' hands to reach those in need and believe that we can actually make a different by giving.

Without goodbyes, we have no recollections of how acquaintances are precious in order to introduce us to different virtues of wisdom and understandings.


Without tears, we have no reason to the invention of happiness, we have no reason to smile, we have no reason to sing, we have no reason to rock a baby, we have no reason to actually stretch out our arms and lend our hands to wipe sadness and cure broken hearts and broken hopes.

GOD is extremely Great n Wonderful in making our life full of different things. And every act of love to life may not be an easy thing to do, but we all can start by doing simple things and do a little bit more with a sincere heart.
And shall GOD grants us the enlightenment of reaching things in our life as something more than our achievements which is the great happiness within when we encounter the virtue of contributions...

Have a wonderful end of the week to all my dearest family and friends...
And now, TGIF can stand more than "Thank's God It's Friday" it can also stands for:

* Thank's God I've Forgiven
* There's Great Internal Fulfillment
* Thank's God I've Found

And shall souls rejoice by the excitement to do more in life.

With Love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
October 21st, 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Songs of Life

How am I going to describe Pangeran Adil Sitompul?

A firm man?
Yeah... That's for sure...!
A man who loved his family?
No doubt about that!!
A man who always had the eager to learn?
Definitely Yes!
A man who cherished me so much?
Yippikaiye to that!!

One thing for sure...
After all said and done,
He was simply a man who became the existence of many great things, and I am included in the package!

But after missing him for more than 17 years, I had an amazing morning when my namboru drove me to work! It's not easy for a 72.y.o lady to drive that far.
I was singing and humming along the way until suddenly she said,
"U certainly are a happy chirping singing bird, and it has become ur trademark since u were a baby..."

I giggled and discovered that I was so thrilled this morning! Yesterday was my Namboru's birthday, and in my time alone, stuck in the middle of Jakarta's awful traffic jam, I was thinking about how time has passed while I was listening to God knows how many songs!
I got through those boring and agonising moment by singing songs and the remembrance of so many wonderful things in my life...

And now, I'm smiling..
With no doubt,
I'm Missing papa and mama so much!
But this missing feeling is so wonderful now...
Not a single tear dropped...
I only have the happiness within...

I still have the joyful memories of how I could climb trees when papa played golf...

I still have the great excitement of discovery when papa let me paint my own bedroom's wall...

I have the wondrous cherished feeling when papa didn't got mad after he found out that I tapped the phone when I was just 13 (xixixi..the title of Miss Mission Impossible attached since...)

I have the most vehement flame to learn and expand by the feeling of a new challenges upon this new day.

And somehow...
These great things have run through my veins like a flow of a great river each time I miss both of you, Pa.. Ma..

And songs are more than beautiful words attached to each other, knitted by wonderful tunes and coloured by the harmony of amazing sounds of instruments!
Songs have been a wondrous source of energy, the album of so many wonderful things in life that I can enjoy, over and over again...!!

"I wanna be where you are" (by. Jose Feliciano) Papa n Mama....
But "I was doing alright" (by. Diana Krall) for I have great memories of "My time with you" (by. Kina Granis & David Choi), yes both of you...!
And I will always have the strength to shout:
"GOOD MORNING HAPPINESS" (by. Neri per Caso)
I will "Spend my lifetime loving you" (by. Arie)
Keeping the "Home by the Sea" (by. Genesis) within me, and let the sound of shore be the enrichment of my life! The sound of new Hope and the thought of "We've only just begin" (by. The Carpenters) will always be my strength to move forward.
And with a simple "Kiss to build a dream on" (by. Lois Armstrong) to each new day of my life, I will always have the flame to love this life of mine a little bit more everyday!

By this...
Please let me wish you the JOY, HOPE and LOVE "All the way" (by. Frank Sinatra) and shall we all be the light to shine...
And Hopefully, I can give something to you all as you all have given so much to me..., for "You are my inspiration" (by.Chicago)

Have a full of blessing Thursday to all.
God blesses u all...

As always...with LOVE, and joy in the memory of
(March 25th, 1947 - October 20th, 1994)
A great man, a father of Lisa Fransiska Sitompul.

With very special gratitudes, hugs and kisses to:
* My babies, Meg, Ino, Elijah, Monly, Gabby, Sherly, Irani, George, Sherry, John Dalton, Naomi and my all beloved children in CBS. You all are my Great Virtues of love, joy and strength...!!
* Mi canto de la guarda, gratsie...le falto mucho, mi amor..
* My beloved baby sisters and brothers, Atek, Dan, Sarry and Candy.
* My namboru, Lily Nainggolan, arigatto gozaimashita..
* All my dearest uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces.
* My long life Best friend, Rosita Dewi, I love you babe!
* Mrs. Paskalina Alwidin, So blessed for u discovered me, ma'am, I love each time u embrace me...
* Ms. Melia, for a great friendship, love u, Baby Hyppo!!
* Ms. Uning, Ms. Siti, Ms. Tiu and Ms. Lucia, thank u for your guidance, love and laughters..
* To All Fellow teachers of CBS, who embrace me with challenges and the spark of life each day.. Xie Xie!!
* To Emma .... Thank u for being such a great friend when I lost papa 17 years ago.. Eddlington Street and the streests of Melbourne were the witness of our great friendship!
* Bang Batara Sibarani, Si abang who drove me to the airport when I had to go home, 17 years ago.. U were and u are still my coolest Abang!!
* To Kak Ellis, Kak Poppy, mas Edi Sulistyo, Waaaa... No words to describe our moments of joy back in Melbourne!
* Bang Jimmy Ruru, the person that always remind me to sing... miss you bang!!
* To all my dearest DomSav H87 friends, you all are GREAT!!
* To all my dearest friends, back in DomSav and LC... So proud to be a part of you...
* To all my dearest colleagues and friends, life wouldn't be the same without your presence, guys!!
* The last but not least.... To those who caused disappointments, agony, pain and unfairness upon my life. I'm so glad u dropped by and blessed me with ability to see things clearer, wiser and stronger to reach and share grander things in life...!