Saturday, 4 June 2011

When you believe that you are loved

When you believe that you are loved…

Why God created the sun rises from the East ?
…try to understand that no matter where it rises from, if the sun is a lover, you can have the assurance that you’ll never ever miss the warm and tender kiss of this loved one of yours…

Why the dew vanishes by the warmth of the sun shine ?
…if the dew are your tears, you can have the astonishment that by the warmth of your loved one’s smile, there are no reason for those drops of water to stay upon your eyes…

Why do birds suddenly appeared and sing its tunes at the break of dawn ?
…don’t you know that a loving heart can’t never wait a moment more to give the best that life could offer, such as a warm tender voice to your ears, whispering, “ Good morning, my love..” right before you open your eyes…

Why do we have this shiver every time we lay our eyes on the one that we adore?
…being in love is one of the greatest joy that had been given towards mankind. It had been the most reasonable prove to our survival in life, but sometimes…, it is easier face the enemies in battles than standing on a spot in front of someone and say, “ I love you…”

I wish you the sensitivity to recognize that the greatest thing in life are served on a golden platter the moment you believe that you are loved…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
October 22nd 2008

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