Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It may sounds so sad ,but then again... Maybe it's good to embrace the pain..

Something that I wrote yesterday morning,

A Genuine forgiveness is when 
* we don't deny our anger,
* deal with the facts caused by pain and hurt occurred,
* feel the sorrow over the circumstances,
* cry your heart out when you can't get the answers to this n that,

but then..wipe up your tears and believe to the great virtue of the brave,given by God. 
It's the best way to embrace your strength and freedom to simply carry on your life with a great tender love within.. 


Somehow, I kind of feeling that I do aware that our last kiss didn't feel right,
and deep inside, I kind of realising that I will never win this fight.

But then again, this is not a fight at all, this simply something that I can compromise.
While you said, "There's no such happiness without certain struggles and tears of cries".

Someone told me once to be good to myself and be kind to my life, cause this life is the only thing that I have to call as my own.
And this early morning, I found out that I have no one to turn to, I have no one to come and I am totally alone.

Now you tell me, my love....Where can I go from this point of agony?
Who can I call to ease this pain within that kills me so softly?
I woke up after not more than four hours of sleeping, sitting alone and think, "Where am I going from this point of nowhere in this wilderness?"
Then another question popped out, "Why can I be such a bad person and did so many cruelness?"

I never asked God to actually give me what I want.
Cause I know that I have nothing to ask, I just have so many things to vaunt.
Deep inside, I said to Him, "Will you keep him stay just a little longer around me, oh dear Lord?"
But then each time you walked away, I was the one who sat and left behind to realise that your love is something that I won't be able to afford.

This would sound so pathetic, and this is not me at all, or perhaps, the little Lisa who got lost somewhere in the middle of her own heart?
Or, on contrary... This is the point that I have to stand strong and keep on moving forward, leave all behind, simply take a depart?
I never thought of thinking that you're too selfish to acknowledge that what left for me is nothing but pain.
But then again... I sat in silence in this middle of dying inside session and begged for a little strength from God to regain.

Once again I ask you my love...
Why am I here? How can I carry on with this thought  of emptiness within me?
What can I do ? Who would care that I also need a little light to help me to see?
And What if....
What if I just walk away?
Perhaps God would be kind enough to give me a little love within me to carry on...
Maybe He would be generous enough to let me walk in this endless search of something that actually foregone.

And I foreseen that you may not be able to come up with the answers to those questions of mine...
But that's alright, I can understand it perfectly that there are so many things in this life that we can't define.
If God requires me to be a lighthouse, then... THE LIGHTHOUSE shall I be...
And I have decided to stand in this point of stillness, and be grateful to enjoy the sky that paint your image as the only thing that I will see...

Written somewhere in Jakarta,
by Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
May 22nd, 2012

Friday, 11 May 2012

Simple Words to Inspire

A simple description upon how simple things in our lives are able to provide us so much inspirations and encouragements...
Started by why the ONE letter word: "I" has to be completed
by the powerful TWO-letter word:"WE"...
And the most poisonous THREE-letter: "EGO" has to be killed
in order to value the most used FOUR-letter word: "LOVE".
By keeping the most pleasing FIVE-letter word:  "SMILE",
we have the strength to share courage by introducing the SIX-letter word: "TENDER" in caring and sincere attentions.
We are also able to spread the greatness of hope by forming a strong generation with the most powerful SEVEN-letter word: "BELIEVE".
Therefore, we all have the duty to apply this wondrous EIGHT-letter word: “GUIDANCE”
to provide the world with something more with the most powerful NINE-letter word: “KNOWLEDGE”.
And teach ourselves with one of the most essential TEN-letter word: “CONFIDENCE”
to put a little more trust to ourselves by another substantial TEN-letter word: “CONTRIBUTE” and give the world a better tomorrow….
Have a pleasant day to all my dearest family and friends.
With Love, always….
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul.
11 May 2012

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bringing everything and more to life

In my opinion,
Hatred and Kindness are the things that I consider free in this world.
But hatred is applicable while kindness is ALWAYS PROFITABLE...

It's a true blessing when I have the courage to always believe that in all goodness that we share will bring us EVERY'THINK and MORE...

For our souls possess the will to think of something better to give to our surrounding...
And the will to bring greater things by our simple thoughts, empowered by the will to nurture our good will within can bring so much more to more lives even more in everything!!

I really love the term...
"Everything and more"
It represents a limitless measurement upon all that we can give...

And the word 'enough' belongs to something that we can possess...
And 'MORE' is the word to everything that we can share to inspire...

Wishing you all a fine and lovely Tuesday, filled with more greatness in all simple things we do in our lives.

God be with you...
Always, with love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
May 8th, 2012

Sunday, 6 May 2012

YOU, the exceptional edition

Let me know what you are grateful for in your life.

A day only lasts 24 hours..Let us learn to count our blessings instead of counting what we have lost during that precious moments. Each new day was given as a gift of life, hope and new opportunities...

I'm blessed by this will within me to share with you the understanding that the more we focus on an attitude of gratitude, the more blessed we become.

Most of the time, most people think that living a good life is having all the things that we want in life. While actually, living a good life filled with wisdom is having the ability to let go of things that are out of our reach but still, reaching out without putting a certain limit on the term of 'getting the best' things in life.

This can be applied by making a great effort, putting in a great deal of love and possessing a greater conscious -- reaching the best by giving your best...

By this, who knows, maybe God will let us encounter greater things along the way too and the process of reaching out may lead us to a greater virtue that can become the great strength to carry on.

Shall we all be the exceptional edition by accepting the fact that the best expectation in life is to have no expectations about anything in giving our best to guide, to nurture, to lead and be the inspiration of each simple greatness in life!

Have a pleasant and full of happiness Sunday to all.

With love,
Lisa Fransiska SitompulMay 6th, 2012