Saturday, 4 June 2011

Something to cherish for eternity

Is there a moment when you want to say? “I’ll fly to the sky and capture the moon just to hear you say that you love me?”

Some people count that love is complicated, but there was a moment when I wrote:
Sometime love is out of our reach, and sometime the person that we love the most is as far as the moon itself, but do you have to embrace it if you love it so much? I’m perfectly fine with the fact that the only way to love the moon is to feel it through my heart just by looking at it and when I close my eyes, I can have this love in my remembrance. And this is forever, for I can feel it whenever I want it without feeling the desperation of missing my loved one.

Some people would consider me as a dreamer, but what is love if you demand something more than what you can get then love it self? For me, I’m happy for what I am and what I have now, I have a wonderful feeling inside that I’m loved, for me that’s enough. And believe me, love is a beautiful thing, if love discovered you, cherish what you’ve got and don’t you ever let it go.

You got to have the courage to realize things and be bold about it. Always know where to stand and be the brave one to admit that some things are out of our range. Even love it self. But you can have this love inside of you and apply it to others in a different shape, thanking all the times that you’ve shared and where ever you are, your loved ones will always there.

The experience of walking into someone’s heart will always be a wonderful memory. Having someone that we can call as “My everything” or saying to someone, “It’s you that I’ve always wanted” are something that we can cherish for eternity. And when you met the person that you love but you know that you have to let this person go at the same time, just remember that God must love you by letting you experience the feelings. I never thought that I could feel this way, suddenly I feel so wonderful inside by letting go someone but keeping the love inside of me.

Is there a scale in missing someone? Can we measure the feelings that we have inside when we’re missing the one that we love the most? I don’t have the answer to any of those questions, do you? History had written so many amazing stories on how people miss their loved ones. Many died by desperation, some died by fighting for it, few lived in disappointment, but only a little amount of people could live happily by keeping the love inside without demanding anything.

I’ve experienced the stanza when someone took me away to my childhood world, grabbed and threw away my fears and doubts. And honestly, it was a miraculous moment and I don’t know how to thank this person for giving me all those amazing experience. Having these feelings inside is more than I expected, and I believe that love can do more than the things that we ever imagine. And even though I sit alone and missing this amazing person like crazy, I’m alright! No broken heart by loosing him, no desperation by being so far apart from him. He’s un-replaceable and yes, sometimes I want him near but I know, he will always listen to my voice whispering the words, “I love you and I’m missing you like crazy” in every beats of his heart, and that would be enough. I’m happy for having him inside and the memories will live forever. And maybe I have the right to be proud of myself for I have the ability to have something inside of me as I call the unconditional true love…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
April 28th 2009

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