Saturday, 8 December 2012


Could have been so easy
To have lived my life so different
And to follow down the road
Of wandering despair
Then like a wave of sunshine
You appeared just lake a vision
And opened up your heart
And made me live again

You're all I ever wanted in a miracle
You make my life so wonderful
With everything you do
You're all I ever wanted in a miracle
I do...
Believe that there's a reason to love

At night as I lay sleeping
I forget that you are near me
And awake to find you lying
So close and so secure
I've never had this feeling
Of such deep profound devotion
It beckons to my soul
And fills my heart with love

You're all I ever wanted in a miracle
You make my life so wonderful
With everything you do
You're all I ever wanted in a miracle
I do...
Believe that there's a reason to love

Like a boit of deadly lightning flashing through my mind
I remember the time that I was oh, so alone
So baby, don't go, don't go. 

*MIRACLE by. Gordon*

The existence of this word is beyond anyone's imagination....
But what made it so certain?
To find the answer to this, we must turn our attention away from the age's theory about itself; those billowing pattern of ideas and notions that are so easy to get lost in, and look down at the ground from which it has sprang as seeds of something wondrous.

Miraculous Serendipity...
A series of mannerisms and uncertain unexpected events in that way filled the old form of meanings to both words; just as the capitals of classical columns of things happened merged with one another, can we really explain how and why these things occur in our lives? The most logical explanation to this term are constantly measured against the concepts of classical philosophy about acquaintance and relationship. But still, no perfect explanation could actually describe this occasion; and another amazing fact is, the idea of miraculous serendipity it like ghost stories; many talk about it, but only a very few people actually experienced it.

But when miracle and serendipity were established in certain people's lives, they blended, neutralized into something unique and wonderfully new. Something constructed in an unexpected transformation and filled with the idea of 'divine' in the true feelings within. 

Questions like:
"Why me...."
"What did you have in mind when..."
"Have you any idea, why did we bump into each other in this abnormal, unexpected and such incomprehensible way? 

....will reach the understanding of:
"Only God knows...."

And for myself, in between this wonderful opportunity to experience this Miraculous Serendipity...

I have no demand on how things will lead my life into certain destination, I'm simply enjoying where I am at and what I am having now....
For what's coming next will always considered as GIFTS of life, 
cause it was driven by something tender, as tender as the spring breeze. 
And  the union of souls was discovered by something wonderful, 
as wonderful as the excitement of discovering sparkling drops of dew on a spiderweb at the break of dawn....

With love, 
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
December 8th 2012


  1. Rancangan Tuhan adl rancangan damai sejahtera,bkn rancangan kecelakaan dan Tuhan uda tau kita sejak d dlm kandungan,HE will give u the best thing in your life.GBU

  2. When I read this Lisa..
    I was thinking about what's sometimes people have experienced in their life.The condition that UNCONDITIONALLY... which they feels connected with somebody in the UNPREDICTABLE's situation...and seems UNBELIEVABLE..!! ;)
    When two people meets by the chance to get...VERY CLOSEEE...personally !! :)
    That we even couldn't describes this by words..:)  I don't even know it's "LOVE" or just "ADMIRE" feeling.But the truth is those feelings gave a color in their recent life.Makes them happier..feels supported or even..loved by someone.
    So for my self...I believe in what you say "MIRACULOUS SERENDIPITY"...It's could be happens to every condition..So blessed if you have it !! :))

    1. Dear Nurul,

      I was smiling when I read your comment. A wise man told me once, "Enjoy it while you can". And I think he's right about this, the essential issue about living the life to the fullest is when we are able to cherish even the smallest thing in our life and see it as blessings and miracles.

      For myself, it's an honour to tell you that I am blessed by this kind of miraculous event. And believe me, it feels wonderful, ^_^

      Have a blessed day, dear.