Saturday, 4 June 2011

The great new creation

Have you ever felt so lonely even though you're standing in the middle of a crowd? Have you ever felt so scared of loosing the strength inside? Have you ever felt that you are tired of the medicine that you have to consume and there’s no progress showing up? Have you ever felt that the world around you is shrinking and there's no air to breath?

Maybe, one day there will be a time in our life that we feel some of those things, some people will fall into desperation, but maybe some of us would find the best out of anything they could find! Life is long enough to fall into desperation but life also short enough to encounter the great things that life could offer.

Now, the question is,

“Are we sensitive enough to acknowledge those things and see our life as a great journey that requires our contributions in it?”

"Will we have the ability to say to ourselves 'Do it once again' each time we have the thought to give up?"

But when you finally realized that you took the wrong path and decided to make a ‘u turn’, blaze a new trail, will it be considered as ‘giving up’?

I would answer a big NO to the last question!

Sometimes, making a choice seems like giving up, especially if the choice that we made is an uncommon thing to our society. Have you ever considered that when you made that turn and created new opportunities for yourself, you actually do something in your life! An Optimist is not a person who seek for opportunities, but the one who made one, it’s not about what people will let you to do but who would dare to stop you! It’s not about are you there yet, but it’s about do you believe that you are moving closer!

The world has a certain way to put a stigma to the one who determine to reach their dreams, but Theodore Roosevelt said once,

“Believe you can and you are half way there!”

If your self conscious had decided something, make the best out of it, find the simple beauty in life that can encourage you to keep on moving forward! Believe in your decisions, we live in a round shape planet, when some says there’s no end to it, tell your self that those ‘end’ are ‘new beginnings’ to you!

And when you’re start hearing the questions at the beginning of this note, try to see the weak living creature around us! Many simple things around us can explain so many things to us!

The thing that the caterpillar calls as the end of the world is what the world calls as a BUTTERFLY...
So, in our life, there's a time that things probably seem to be like the end of the world to us. But keep on believing that even at the lowest or the most painful time of our life, you can consider those pressures are something that u must experience as the time for God in creating another greatness of life, and hey...listen to this carefully...that great new creation is YOU!!

Love to you all,

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
June 7th 2009

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