Saturday, 4 June 2011

What are you waiting for

A window popped up on my PC's screen and this man said,

"Helloooooo, "

I was writing something at the moment but when I read the status message on the window:

"I still, so don't you ..............."

I got curious by the blanks in the sentence......

After I said hello back to him, I dared to ask him what are the words in the blanks and he replied that I should have known, then our chat became more interesting for I knew this man about 15 years ago and I also knew that he has been waiting for someone since.

For me, it's quite funny, for this man has no courage to reach the woman that he loves, I don’t really know what love is but I think if you really love someone you should reach and hold this person so tight and never let go. How could you love someone, lost her once and when you found her again you just stand there and do nothing! This man has been searching his love, and when he found her and knew that he could grab her again, he had no courage to even meet this person that he calls the love of his life! And when this woman tried to reach him, he ran away since he didn’t want to get hurt anymore!

1. Why did he try to find her at the first place?
2. Why he never opened his heart to anyone, waited for the woman that he love but then he refused to meet?
3. Does he want to show this woman the pain that he suffered?
4. What is love if you add “revenge” on the word?

I don’t have the exact answers to those questions, but one thing for sure…

“Love has a magical influence that links you to your heart, sometimes we’re being so unfair to our heart and let our brain rules our life! So if you believe in love, you have to start to believe in your heart too, listen to your heart a little bit more, don’t make things so complicated, find the true and innocent part in your heart, and for once, maybe just for once in your life, let your heart be the guide and let it choose the path….”

So, what are you waiting for?
The time to say, “I love you?” or what?
Make the decision now and stop being unfair and untrue to yourself and your heart!

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