Saturday, 4 June 2011

The smile for your life's journey

How do you see yourself when things aren’t working according you your plan? Everyone has their personal plans, personal dreams and something they hope for. What did you want to be when you were just 9? Did you want to be a fire fighter? Save many lives and be a hero? Did you want to be a doctor, be there when someone in pain and help to cure their sickness? Or did you want to be a designer, fill up people’s life with great outfit and put different colors to people’s life?

But, many things could happen and change the course of our life! And the moment we realized this, are we sensible enough to know what we want? Are we wise enough to see the potentials that we have inside?

I’ve learned to have peace with my heart and soul, I learned to surrender and listen to my heart a little bit more everyday. Our brain could give us wrong calculations, but our heart would never deceit our hopes! People around you could measure you with numbers, but they could never measure the real strength in YOU!

You might fail to be a fire fighter because of your physical conditions, you have a weak body and you realized that you’re not strong enough to carry the duty. But are those reasons are enough to prove that you can’t save lives and be a hero to others?

You might have taken the wrong path during your youth years, lost everything and you even lost a dear friend by a mistake. Will you sit alone and cry? Sure you can do that! But remember this, oh my dear beloved friend, don’t let yourself stuck in regrets and desperation, stand up and move forward! A better destination is waiting for your arrival, and where is that place? You tell me, but first, ask yourself, and communicate with your heart.

You might have trapped in an awful marriage. Don’t blame yourself and your spouse, wake up and see the pattern! The marriage itself could fall apart, but you both could be great friends, and excel both of your life even though you’re not a couple anymore! Don’t wait until you fall into the valley of hatred and disappointments! Examine the pattern now, make a decision and hopefully time will heal and show you a better path.

You might fell in love at the wrong time and the wrong person, don’t blame LOVE, cheer your heart and cherish the love that you have inside! Demand nothing from this person, but keep the feelings inside you. Just think, this person probably loves you as much as you love him/her, but things are not as simple as it seen, and keeping the love inside is the best solution for you to cherish the memories for eternity. You will never feel lonely and you can be a wonderful person even though you’re alone, for the love inside of you shines through out your eyes and face.

I wrote once:
Say no to defeat, failure and mediocrity, start your day with an expectation that great things will happen to you. Have the faith that GOD will excel your life to rise above the life's challenge,
believe in GOD for better future and you shall have great things coming!

Believe that God had created you for a reason, and it’s a GREAT reason! You can be an extra ordinary person by doing something small and simple. A great man said once:

“Great things are simple and simple things are great“

I truly believe in that statement! For all of us are God’s greatest creations, we all has a special greatness inside of us! We just have to recognize it, be intimate to our heart and soul, then capture the real picture of YOU, inside out!

I found that I can feel so wonderful waking up alone. I captured a smiling face of mine one morning and I realized something, I have a nice smile that has the ability to brighten the day! And since that rainy morning, I decided that I can have an absolute beautiful day in any kind of weather! I can smile to the empty pillow next to mine for I have the pictures of my loved ones laid their heads on it. This caption became an amazingly beautiful memory inside my heart.

And I just heard my heart whispered, “I don’t have to be an important nor a famous person, I’m happy just being a lovable person” and I intend to keep on building my abilities in spreading love and the spirit of life to everyone… And to you, oh my dearest friends, I really hope you can do the same thing too…

I love you all,

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
May 5th 2009

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