Saturday, 4 June 2011

A note to a dear friend

I tried to control myself from jumping around in joy for I found a dearest friend of mine. We haven't met for almost 17 years! Finding out that someone actually wonders about you, could give you an amazing feeling, and it is great when you possess something in a natural way. Most people grateful for material issues, but when I realized this friend of mine still remembers every single detail about me, I felt something wonderful inside my heart and thank God for I still possess a great friendship with someone!

It’s not easy to find a friend that really understands you. I have a best friend that knows me like the back palm of her hands. I thank God for every moment that we shared together, the time when we shared the laughter and the time when we shared tears too, it’s an honor. But I do have a friend that knows me so well and shared so many things with me in the old days too. This person had always become my sanctuary, I could talk to him about everything, for not many people knows the real me inside. But when I sat next to him, I had no fear of telling him what I have in mind, and the last time I met him, I cried without saying anything, but he knew what’s in my head and heart.

He knows about my childish and naïve natures, and he had become the big brother that I never had, and the coolest thing is, not many people knew about this! He taught me to be a tough girl, maybe he never realized it, but the way he treated me had built the strong woman inside of me!

After we chat for a while, I said to myself, God has His own reason when he separated us. I still remember the last time I went to his house and handed him an invitation, saw the astonishment look upon his eyes, and I dropped a tear. We talked about it the night we managed to get connected again, and he was the only person that knew how I sad I was when I took the decision that changed my entire life that time. And now, we met again after so many years (even though we meet in the cyber world), I have no fear of telling him how much I miss his grumpy complains that he used to express to me during the old days.

It’s great to find a friend to talk about the great memories with your loved ones, we chat for hours about our life for the past years. We talked about our parents and so many other things, and I love it when he always said “STOP” every time we were talking about sad memories. You are truly a big bro! You still protect me from shading tears, even now! You still recognize me inside out and you had made me proud of having you even more!

Thank you oh dear friend, thank you for remembering me, thank you for encouraging me to walk through the new path that I had chosen! And thank God for letting us meet again, as I said that night, I believe in miracles and you are one of the prove that miracles do exist! I wish you happiness and all the best things in life, you had made me so proud to be your little sister, and most of all, you had made me extremely happy, for I finally found you again!

LisaFransiska Sitompul
May 6th 2009

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