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My Fav-STATUS from October 19th 2009 - November 13th 2009..Counting the hours to enter "the zone"

Lisa F Sitompul is giggling..(even though my eyes hurts) yesterday,my son attended a story telling competition,when he got home,he said, "Mom, aku nggak menang,tapi kok banyak banget sih cewek yang minta berphoto sama aku?" My eyes are hurting n I have 2stay in my room again,being quarantinized..again,but why am I having a wonderful feeling inside?And hey..2day is Friday the 13th right?COOL! >>>November 13th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, "The essence of having the conscious 2see things with the eyes of your heart is 2have the courage 2let go things the moment u have them in the palm of your hands.. we all want everything 2work out according 2what we want,but hey,u can't have it all!There's a time when u have 2say 2urself,it's not about having it,it's about the honor of holding 2something that u believe in u" Have a great day!GBU >>> November 12th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul whispers to the angels of dawn, Oh please let me have this strength back..The time when I thought nobody care,you showed me love,but do I deserve it? Should I have the fear of loosing? Or should I learn that nothing lasts forever? The thing is,human is a forgetful being,sometimes we have the heart to walk on without looking back n we forgot that we were born by love.. >>>November 12th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul whispers 2her wounded heart, "Let it be,dear..remember 2b good 2urself as the proof on how much u cherish these feelings that u hold on2" Should I trade my heart on something with no beat or soul in it? Should I abandon my true feelings n walk 2the other way,n pretend that I don't have the heart 2keep on believing that... I'm actually loved? OR, Should I actually close the 'gate' n sealed it 4ever? Uhm,please..tell me.. >>>November 10th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, When I took the chance 2blaze my new trail,I had no demand on finding a beautiful path full of flower on the side of it.I didn't have the idea on what n when I would reach what I've been looking4.But I assure u,I'll get there,somehow.I have u inside me,u've given me the strength n the courage 2keep on moving 4war...d.N I believe,I'll receive God's generousity by believing in what I'm holding on 2now >>>November 9th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul is in her bubble zone,floating high up up up 2the sky,wishing that I can reach the clouds.. I don't want anyone 2reach me..I love what I have now,my babies are my wings,the moments when I hold them is my sanctuary from being lonely n their kisses are the cure 2my broken heart. I'm not going back 2the path that I've tak...en before,if the only way 2survive is 2stay in my fortress, those walls shall I stay then.. >>>November 8th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul is on her way to the most rightful place... "Hear my plea,oh dear Lord.. Please forgive me for being so cruel to myself n to the one that I care so deeply.. Let me have the strength n the courage to open this heart of mine n spread this love that U've given me as a blessing to the one who deserve it.." >>>November 8th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul whispers, "Let me sing oh dear Lord, let me rejoice the strength that U've given me to always carry on, bless this smile of mine as a gift to everyone to always believe in hope." A simple wish for all my dear friends and family, may it become the blessing in this lovely Sunday dawn to all... God be with you all >>>November 8th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, " has so much to offer! My life is beautiful, n I met so many amazing n beautiful people along the way too! I opened the way for love to found me by funny chances, by accidental clicks by my fingers, by un-explained events, by unusual acquaintance and by unpredictable discoveries too!" (quoted from Lisa's Note, "The Invisible SIGNATURE of a simple love from the past") >>>November 7th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, "The true essense of believing in ur strength is to never stop saying to ur heart that u will be alright..The sun may stop shining,the clouds may stark up ur sky,or even worse.. U will never have the power 2change the world n the way of people's thinking,but u know what's in u,let ur heart has the courage to say,...'Let it be' n enjoy the silence wind blows the tune that only u can hear..n let it be ur serenity.." >>>November 6th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, "Who do u turn to when the only person in the world that can stop u from crying,is exactly the one making u cry? So...don't run when I push u away.Don't u know that's when I need u the most n want u to stay? N when u remember how hard it is to change urself,u begin to understand why do we only have a little chance on changing others.." >>>November 6th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, I'vejust learned that a true gentleman is not the man that has the courage 2tell u how much he loves u or how much he wanted u. A true gentleman is the man who have the heart 2forbid his eager heart 2hold u in his arms,but somehow,he never left u,excel his wisdom as the proof on how much he loves u n reaching his... goals as if those goals are ur heart. Hold on 2what he is now as strong as he's holding on u,inside >>>November 5th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul lagi mikir,hari ini enaknya ngapain ya sm 3rd graders?Kalau sama 2nd graders,hari ini Lisa janji kita bakalan "dancing like jumping deers in a lovely spring morning" Tiba2 inget Jeffrey waktu Lisa tny, "Jeffrey dear,what's 'belajar menyanyi in English?" dg 'PD' nya Jeffrey jwb "BELAJAR MENYANYI" dg aksen bule nyasar sm...bil memutar kepalanya! Hampir aja Lisa gigit anak orang saking gemesnya..hihihi >>>November 5th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul has just awaken about almost two hours ago.. Listening to "At Last" by Etta James,continued with "I'll never fall in love again" by Tom Jones, reminds me on something. Papa said once,"To reach the peak of a mountain needs hard work n a long painful journey,but it takes one step to jump from the edge of a cliff". Thank u for those words,pa.. >>>November 4th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul quoted the closing of "What a great morning" a note by me.. “I’m glad for God sent me His angels n reminded me 2be grateful for my life by someone else’s smile,maybe those people are not real angels,but 4me,I would always remember their smile for they have just brighten my day” suddenly I saw a group of angels right... in front of me,all of my students were smiling that time,n what a great sight 2see 2start a day! >>> November 2nd 2009

Lisa F Sitompul is saying her plea to God.. Dear Lord,please give me the heart 2do what's right..Grant me the strength 2carry on n make the best out of everything for the people that I love.. In this lovely morning,I beg for Ur mercy,for I do have a question 2ask U,oh dear Lord..Why?U've taught me 2feel,but U also want me 2let go in t...he same time..or am I not worthy enough 2have the right 2feel?If that me,oh dear Lord..>>> November 2nd 2009

Lisa F Sitompul berpikir..trkadang apa yg baik/buruk itu bknlah sesuatu yg muncul atau timbul scra alami.. Terkdg kita hrs mengambil kptsan dlm sesuatu seakan2 sglnya bergantung pd kita,walau sesungguhnya kitapn tdk pny jwbn atas apa yg tlh terjadi. Uhm..Lisa rs..terkadang.. mengabaikn apa yg hati kecil kt rasakn adlh hal yg tepat utk kt lakukn..n mngkn..itulah wktnya kt melakukn hal yg kt rasa baik n bnar sekalipn sngt menyakitkn.. >>>November 2nd 2009

Lisa F Sitompul is cheering..YIPPIEKAIYE!! Kata papa dulu.."A diamond is only a piece of coal with no pressure occured to it!" Lisa baru sadar...papa n mama dulu panggil Lisa "berlianku" bkn hny krn sayang..TAPI krn maksud 'dalam' tertentu..uhm.. memanggil dg sebutan itu mudah..tapi menciptakan atau membuat seseorang utk layak dg panggilan itu pasti bukan pekerjaan yg mudah..I love both of U,Miss u like crazy pa,ma..>>>November 1st 2009

Lisa F Sitompul whispers.. If only I can make a wish tonight,I would wish to ..go back 2the time when I was only 16,to the nights when I could sit on the roof of my house,looked at the stars n had so many funny thoughts inside my heart n mind.. ..dancing under the rain.. ..jumping 2my favorite song.. n of course,cruising with my rollerskates..>>>October 31st 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says... Live well, laugh often, and love with all of your heart...n to recognize LOVE... u have to be content to be foolish n innocent, that’s the only way to recognize it as something true and pure...>>>October 31st 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says..Pagi ini,sekitar 68% status berhubungan dg "Missing Someone" ada yg lg missing..ada yg otw to meet the one they've been missing..atau ungkapan lain krn missing..missing n missing.. Uhm..missing is a good sign,berarti kt msh bisa "merasakan".. Tapi bagaimana dg org yg sulit merasakan "missing" ini krn factor menut...up diri krn takut terluka? N mgkn satu2nya cara bertahan adlh dg "tdk/berhenti merasakan" >>>October 31st 2009

Lisa F Sitompul whispers... Dear Lord, what I need to live has been given to me by YOU... and how blessed I am for why I need to live has been given to me by the love of my babies and the people in my surroundings.. If I may say that I'm tired of walking,YOU'll ease my sore as YOU always hold my hand,so I never walk alone anymore >>>October 30th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul has just said to a dear friend, "Complication is one of the way to excel your abilities and strength,it's the blessings in disguise for us to learn more to see things in different point of view n how to manage to get through the labyrinth of life..." uhm...easy to say,hard to apply...even for me.. >>>October 29th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul just hold her lil Elijah.. betapa bahagianya begitu sampai rumah mendengar suara ciliknya berkata, "Mommy..Aku baru aja masakin mom sesuatu yg Istimewa! Aku tahu mommy pasti capek n laper!!" Ugh..omelete yg dibuatin Elijah..Super Duper Blooper Mucho Grande UENNAAK!!! Langsung disikat deh..thank u,my precious!! My Baby is turning into a little Man! He knows how to make a girl so...HAPPY!! >>>October 28th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says.. Oh dear Lord hear my plea.. let this soul survive n be the one that have the strength 2lift other's burden. let this heart always filled by courage to stand tall n be the evidence of Ur Glory.. Bless the day as the best day 2everyone n let all experience Ur LOVE..bless my nation n those who always give their best 2o to contribute their life for a better day to everyone,TQ oh dear Lord,Amen. >>>October 28th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, The world has thousands of ways 2break things 2pieces,but I had gained the courage 2pick up each single piece n put it all back 2gether.N I did it all by the will 2survive this life w/ the memory of the people that I love the most,n somehow,God had granted me w/ a great blessing 2cherish n acknowledge the love n attentions given 2me as God given gift that I can collect n spread at the same time >>>October 27th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, I have no intention to win anyone's heart,but I also try not 2limit myself 2put these arms 2hold..maybe it's nice 2have someone 2be with,but I had learned that one of the best blessing is having a heart with the ability 2b grateful... >>>October 27th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into more than enough n beyond that. It turns denial into acceptance,chaos to order,confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast,a house into a home,a stranger into a dearest friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, n I wish that this gratitude had become a blessing to both of us,n creates a vision for tomorrow... >>>October 26th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul said months ago... "Being crazy sometimes isn't crazy enough... So, if you want to jump, shout, and eat a bucket of ice cream, just do it! Maybe it will ease your mind after a quite hard day... Hihihihih... Yippie to my happy heart...!!" What a day....what a day....! >>>October 24th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul whispers to God... Dear Lord,hear my plea... Bless thy who say prayer for the unknown... Bless thy who cherish me as a part of their life even though we're far apart... and please oh dear Lord, bless thy hearts who keep me inside...Amen >>>October 23rd 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, "The only essence of having a happy heart is to keep on smiling when someone hurt u dirrectly to ur heart.Nothing certain in this world n the only way to survive is to believe that we'll b alright as long as we do everything w/ LOVE as the foundation to whatever we do.. >>>October 23rd 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says, The only perfect way to survive urself from the torturing feeling of missing someone is to HOLD ON n BELIEVE in the strength of what u both have inside.. No one has to know how it feels for u have ur own way to feel it,let it be the remembrance of how beautiful when u have the ability to cherish whatever u've shared,every smile,every kiss,every touch.. >>>October 20th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul Para mi uno y Ășnico prĂ­ncipe, el que ama a la luna...
(For my one and only prince, the one who loves the moon)

In Memoriam,
*** PANGERAN ADIL SITOMPUL March 25th 1947 - October 20th 1994 ***

el que ama a la LUNA...
*** LUCIA CHANDRA SITOMPUL October 16th 1956 - April 30th 1996 *** >>>Oct 20th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul is listening to "Always on my mind" by Michael Buble.. Oct 16th,ma's B'day. Oct 18th,papa called n said, "Ur mom cried when ur friend came with the cake n told us that u asked her to buy it for ur mom..U created as if u were there,dear..u were the best thing that ur mom n I could ever had" Pa..u left me exactly 2 days ...after that call,sometime I wonder..Why did u leave me if I'm such a precious treasure to u? >>>October 19th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul says,if you ever ask: Where do we go from here? Just make the 1st footstep,I have no fear on walking.. What's next? Another journey,a new adventure ahead.. Where can I find u? I haven't moved an inch,I'm here,waiting for u.. What should I say to myself when I look at the mirror n look at my empty eyes? Tell urself,I'm loved,I'm blessed n I'm strong enough to hold on.. >>>October 19th 2009

Lisa F Sitompul thinks, "A true test of a person's character is not what this person does in the light,but what he/she does in the dark.. It's easy to decide what we should do in the presence of others,but can u make up ur mind what u should do when no eyes are looking at u?" Well,I guess that's why God blessed each one of us with something that we call as "CONSCIOUS" >>>October 19th 2009

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