Sunday, 6 May 2012

YOU, the exceptional edition

Let me know what you are grateful for in your life.

A day only lasts 24 hours..Let us learn to count our blessings instead of counting what we have lost during that precious moments. Each new day was given as a gift of life, hope and new opportunities...

I'm blessed by this will within me to share with you the understanding that the more we focus on an attitude of gratitude, the more blessed we become.

Most of the time, most people think that living a good life is having all the things that we want in life. While actually, living a good life filled with wisdom is having the ability to let go of things that are out of our reach but still, reaching out without putting a certain limit on the term of 'getting the best' things in life.

This can be applied by making a great effort, putting in a great deal of love and possessing a greater conscious -- reaching the best by giving your best...

By this, who knows, maybe God will let us encounter greater things along the way too and the process of reaching out may lead us to a greater virtue that can become the great strength to carry on.

Shall we all be the exceptional edition by accepting the fact that the best expectation in life is to have no expectations about anything in giving our best to guide, to nurture, to lead and be the inspiration of each simple greatness in life!

Have a pleasant and full of happiness Sunday to all.

With love,
Lisa Fransiska SitompulMay 6th, 2012


  1. Dear Lisa, I came across your post thanks to Chuck Sandy's post on facebook. I'm so glad I could read it today. When I started listing the things I'm grateful for, I realised the list could go on and on, without stopping, one thing leading to another, all those intricate little things that we can enjoy while we share the time in this world. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts and for the powerful inspiration I got from you today.

    1. Dear Marian,

      Thank you for dropping by and read the simple note. It's just something that I thought can be a simple gift for everyone to share. It truly is a blessing when Mr. Chuck Sandy asked me to uploaded the note to my blog. I believe there's a hidden greater thing in each of painful or hurting thing occurred in our lives.
      I said to my students once,
      "I'm a person who believe in surviving the life by the crumbs of bread instead of eating the bread itself. For a loaf of bread might safe you from hunger, but some pieces of bread's crumbs have the power to give you the strength to believe in hope more and more..."

      I'm blessed by sharing my thoughts, Marian...
      And I really hope, that you would kindly share me yours too...

      Have a pleasant Sunday to you...

  2. Dear Lisa ..

    I really like your phrase "exceptional edition" to describe the self. It's true, but we all forget this so often: each of us has something special, something to be thankful for, something to give NOW -- not sometime in the future when we have more. Your beautiful post reminds me of this truth: we have what we need and more than enough to give -- abundantly.

    Thank you for sharing Lisa.


    1. Dear Chuck,

      I'm truly blessed by your words:
      "We have what we need and more than enough to give--abundantly"
      This really represents the attitude of gratitude, because in my opinion, those who possess the will to share and give are definitely the ones who have the ability to see things as blessings. And I also believe that blessings aren't something for us to keep, but it's something that we ought to share. Even in our moment of despair, we still can be a good example for others, and who are just a click away...^_^

      Thank you Chuck, and may God blesses you abundantly...