Thursday, 2 June 2011

Will you let true love finds you?

What is love in the edge of
somebody’s smile?
For you smile to brighten the day
and to show how beautiful life could be.
What is love in the scrapped
paint of a beauty?
For beauty will fade away, no
eternity and no guarantee
What is love in the depths of promises?
For the face of your loved one
may not be here for you to see

It’s quite funny how love could lead our life, love could drive us so fast but love could make us stand in one point and there is nothing we can do about it. When love is driving us so fast, everything seems so wonderful and just like the breeze that you feel on your face, love makes you smile all the time and have this glow on your face, maybe because of the fearless inside you when you’re so excited of experiencing love. But what we don’t realize is we never prepare our self to give love a rest, because at some point, love makes us stand in one point and we start to wonder and have so many questions in our head, such as, “What is happening to us? “, “Is she loosing interest? “, “ Is he stop caring? “ and so many other questions that make your heart start to think that your love is not surviving.

How we recognize love? I found that it’s not that hard to find true love, but a true love is hard to find you! No certain answer in how we can actually know is it love or is it just a fling, or is it just a glance that cross our way, just like the rainbow after a very heavy full of thunder rain! Will you able to know it all in just one day or a nick of time? All of these questions appear in our mind the moment we think that love put us in a point, and it seems like it’s not going anywhere! And without realizing that love is trying to reach and find us, we’re giving up and look at the other way, for some stupid simple reasons, such as we don’t talk as much as we used to be, or he doesn’t answer you with the same tone, or she hasn’t send any email like she used to do, or for any other small unimportant reasons at all.

Many people looses their chance to be discovered by true love for those reasons, and one day when you walk away, you’ll realize that you loose your one chance to feel and embrace true love!
Maybe you would like to read these questions carefully and try to answer it and maybe your heart will find something…

Have you ever tried to love someone from scratch, 
and make everything  is worth to fight? 

Even though you never experienced the great inside feeling 
that love used to give us? 

Have you ever put aside everything you would like to experience in love
and life to be with someone that you didn’t actually love? 

Have you ever ignored your heart and the thirst of being loved just to
be with someone that hurt you almost all the time? 

Have you ever came to a point in your life and said, 
“What am I doing here?” 
and you realized that you have lost so much time in your life 
and you have lost so many chances to be in love.
Well, trust me my friend, you would never ever want to walk through that path!
I never have the courage to say that true love lasts forever, 
but I can guarantee that true love can be forever yours. 

 It all comes back to you, it’s not just how you feel love, but it is how you hold to it and trust that when true love found you, it’s yours, never let it go. Things can change, even our planet changes every single second, but true love stay still in you, it’s all depends on you. 

Having a relationship is never easy, you have to recognize a different person, try to understand different kind of habits, hobbies, taste of food even taste of music. Maybe you love someone with a very awful taste of music, or you have to sleep with the light still on while you actually love to sleep in total darkness. And maybe, on the way of recognizing and trying to reach your each other’s heart, you’re starting to feel lonely, and left out. It’s pretty normal thoughts for people in love, for they always want to spend every second of their life with their loved ones. And if they come to a point of stillness, they got panic and disappointed, and they started to ignore the true love inside of them, and without giving some space to your true love, you start to walk away with a broken heart. I would never walk away from my heart and my true love, I’ll embrace my true love whenever I have to wait, and leave the worrying part to it, and if things don’t work out and this loved one of mine walks away, I still have my true love inside of me. 

People fall in love for many reasons, and love have so many faces, although love it self is a very beautiful thing in life, if there is any disappointments in loving someone, don’t blame love and just like learning to ride a bicycle, every time you fall, get up, and get back to the saddle and start paddling again. Cry all night for you lost him/her, write down everything that you love or you hate about him/her, buy a bucket of ice cream and eat it in one time, or do anything that you used to do whenever you feel down. But don’t let your sorrow took your true love away! And whenever you decided to share this true love of yours with someone, love him/her but still remember that he/she is still a different person that stays in your heart, even though he/she’s probably yours, but still he/she is has a life before he/she met you, and when you adjust with true love  as your guide, try to feel each other in silence, while you’re looking at each other without saying anything or while you try to hear each other’s heart beat and sense the texture of each other’s skin. And maybe, you’ll find that  stillness is the best point to stand and to start, for you’ll fall in love with the same person over and over again. 

Love is never perfect, but love will always be true to
you, as long as you are true to your self.
I wish that I can get away from the trap of my past….
keep moving on, and hopefully,
my heart will be ready when true love finds me

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul 
April 21st, 2009

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