Thursday, 2 June 2011

If LOVE is something that I can Purchase


The most amazing, tricky, manipulative issue in life, the only thing that can be hurting and comforting at the same time and it can be so devastating and driving someone’s mind up side down. But one thing I would add to this devastating

If LOVE is something that I can purchase, 
I really hope that I won’t have to pay for it as the price of  being a DOORMAT!
For in real life, people would do anything for the person they love, in some cases, they even pay for it with super high price. 

Most people pay with their heart, many pay with their life, some pay with their soul, some even pay with money. Well, we do have to pay some contribution in life, including to love someone. 
But paying the price to love or to be loved is definitely not as the price of being underestimated, mentally abused or dis-respected in anyway! 
So if you feel that you’re being a doormat for someone’s feet to enter your castle of love, you better start to consider to evaluate the value of your love for this “loved one”.

In my opinion, no one could ever describe the definition of true love, but I do believe that you have to be true to yourself in order to recognize the true love of your life. It doesn’t mean that you’ll find the person to share this what we call “true love” , but at least you earn something by loving your life. And you might find that most of the time, experiencing the love in different shapes around us can be enjoyable experiences for us to virtue wisdom and strength, and there’s nothing wrong with having this these kind of experiences for more than once in your life. It might hurt in some parts, but it might create a better you in most of the part of your life's journey.

But I do believe, that true love comes just once in our life. It’s definitely not about who or when, but it’s all about how you love and how your heart have the ability of being grateful
So, when you feel that thing called “love” to someone, hold that feeling deep within you, embrace it tight, cherish it with a positive way of thinking, because, this “inside out eager” won’t come twice in your life.
And let the feeling builds your ability in see things in a better way too.

Be cautious, for it may come to you by a smile, a wink in the eye, or even just a simple giggle or laughter, you’ll be a fool when you hold up your heart and ignore the fact that you’re long to hold that person and would never let her/him go. You thought you were just a friend and suddenly you let  your chance go by, the chance that she or he might be loving you too. Just be honest to your heart, holding on to what you believe in love is not about holding the person, for letting go is also the best way to say 'I Love you' over and over again.

And in that case, you paid love at the price of a doormat to your self for being untrue to your heart!
Love and peace to you all…
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
April 8th, 2008

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