Saturday, 4 June 2011

What is love anyway? But being loved is a joy beyond compare...

Is there a category in LOVE? Is there a sudden love, like sudden death? Is there an ordinary love? Just like our ordinary life that we have every single day? Can anyone describe this simple word with the right definition? It’s been awhile since love discovered me, for me, I believe that love will come to us if we believe in it. Maybe some love won’t last very long, but maybe it’s the best love that we could ever experience in our life. Maybe it’s time for us to realize that we should take the chances and let our heart be the leader and guide us.

And if you walk with your heart as your “love tour guide”, you won’t regret that you’ve been in love, and one day, even though you loose this person that you love, you will intend to keep this love inside of you for the longest time. For you have no reason not to be grateful for the amazing feelings that you felt towards this loved one. I’m listening to “God must love you” by Baby Face at the moment and somehow the words make me smile and think, “Yeah…., I know that I’m loved, and a special person said to me once, it’s not how you think about it, but it’s how you enjoy it, so, enjoy it and let the time be the judge of what you feel inside” and he’s absolutely right!

By trusting our heart, enjoy the love and let time be the judge might give us the idea of what love is. I think every single person has their own definition of LOVE, and for me, enjoying it had made me realize that I am a happy person, for I’m loved!

It doesn’t matter whether this person stands so far away from you, maybe thousands miles away, as long as you enjoy the love and cherish the love that you had shared together. Maybe you never heard this person whispered the words, “You’re the most adorable thing in the world” or “On the day I love you, my heart stood still”, but the way you feel inside can give you satisfaction beyond imagination. So try to enjoy what you feel now and make it as something that not just come over you, but count it as a blessing in disguise. And hopefully, this amazing feeling could be the real thing, and you can keep it for eternity.

Nothing comes from nothing, it’s a funny statement, but I agree with it! Everything happens for its own reason, and I believe love never comes from nothing. Love must have started by something and what a great thing when this love appears from the depths of our heart. What a feeling when this love come without a warning, what an amazing experience when this love reach your heart as the thing that you can keep inside forever and make it as an unconditional love inside of you! Nothing lasts for eternity, but memories lasts forever, for it has the soul to keep the love inside of you. Love is never perfect, it’s just beautiful, and people have their own reasons to love someone, and I’m happy that I’m loved for the way I am…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
April 23rd 2009

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