Thursday, 2 June 2011

Friendship is the wedding of souls

I love you not just because
You’re being yourself…
but also
for I loved by you
for who I am…

I love you not just because
You’ve created the perfect You,
but for the way You love me
created the better Me …

I love you not just because of
Your beauty….
but for the beauty that surrounded me
while I am with You…..

I love you not because
You hold up your hands upon your ears
for the bad tunes I’ve sang,
but  for  the harmony of guidance
that  you sing a long with Me…

I love you not because
You’ve wrapped Me so perfect and
keep me safe from this cruel world…,
but  for the honesty while You hold Me
and assure me that we’ll get through
everything  with our hands holding
each other…

I love you not just because
You always beg for My forgiveness for
each wrong You’ve done,
but for the generosity of
being patient and take the lead of
being wiser everyday…

I love you not because You’re
trying to be perfect
in every way to pleased Me,
But for the consistence of
caress and tenderness that You do,
for You cherish me
As much as You cherish yourself…

There are no jewelry in this world
could be  the comparable
beauty to our Friendship…,
even the rainbow lost its pretty colors
whenever we laugh
for the worst moments
in our life…

But please have this
for Your remembrance…
oh my dear, dearest Friend…
For I am not just
wearing the crown of love
to cherish you as the part of me…
But I will always bound to be true
and honest to You…

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