Saturday, 4 June 2011

Today's note, March 11th 2009

If you decide to give up, whose fault is that?
Is it your heart or your brain who made the decision?
Did you calculate things or keep on walking...???

Believing that no matter what's the calculation's result, you still have one more thing to keep going on, you still have the unbeatable rhythm of life in every single beat in your heart, the prove that God had not given up on you yet!
The evidence that you are loved! If anyone ever ask, are all those things enough?
I would answer, "Absolutely yeah! What treasure do you expect more then strength and hope itself?"

And to all those who suffer by a broken heart I would say this, " Nothing in this world have the power to break anyone's heart and spirit, for our heart is not just the instrument to keep us alive, it's the pedestal that miracle happens to those who BELIEVE..."

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
March 11th 2009

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