Sunday, 5 June 2011

The strength of love built by a fragile heart

“Dear Lord, what I need to live has been given to me by You...and how blessed I am for why I need to live has been given to me by the love of my babies and the people in my surroundings..

If I may say that I'm tired of walking, I know that You'll ease my sore
as YOU always hold my hand, so I never walk alone anymore...”

I have no intention to win anyone’s heart, but I also try not to limit myself to put these arms to hold. Maybe it’s nice to have someone to be with, but I had taught that one of the best blessings is having a heart with the ability to be grateful. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.

It turns what we have into more than enough and beyond that. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a dearest friend. And gratitude makes sense of our past, and I wish that this gratitude had become a blessing to all of us, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

One day, I said to my students, “I believe that one of the reasons why Queen Victoria was such a great leader was because she spent her life with the man that she loved so dearly”. And I also strongly believe that the love that they had shared was completed by the gratitude to what they had and cherish it as something that I may call a heavenly treasure towards each other.
So, if you happened to be having someone that you can call as “MINE”, tell that person that your love will never die, and let it be the strength, let it be the replacement of your loosing moments when you should had the time to say and did some little things to show how grand your love is.
Anyone desires an everlasting unconditional love, even myself, I would give anything to hear someone say to me,

” Tell me that I can hold you forever.
Tell me that I have the right to say how much you had colored my life.
Tell me that I have no fear of loosing you for we both have each other inside.
Tell me that luck has nothing to do with loving you, because the moment we found each other was a beautiful faith, so hold on to me and never let me go”

But we all know that the world has thousands of ways to break things to pieces, but I had gained the courage to pick up each single piece and put it all back together. And I did it all by the will to survive this life with the memory of the people that I love the most. I don’t dream, but somehow, God had granted me with a great blessing to cherish and acknowledge the love and attentions given to me as God given present that I can collect and spread at the same time.

Someday, I will stand on the edge line by the sea with a smile upon my face, with so many lovely memories rushing to get in to my heart. I will have the opportunity to hear each words that I long to hear that touches my foolish heart, for “to be IN LOVE”… you have to be content to be foolish and innocent, that’s the only way to recognize it as something true and pure.
So, finally, I came to my senses…

Do I need to hear those beautiful words from someone’s lips? Do I need to see the eyes to proof that those words are true and came from the depth of someone’s heart?

Well, I would be an ordinary person if I need those things. I guess, having an ability to believe that I can hear it through my heart will make those words even more beautiful; to feel is grander than to hear it in actual words. I think it will be a great discovery when I can feel things beyond words and touches. I believe that the moment I hold my little students in my arms, I can share this hope of loving and being loved as a strong energy, as a gift for them to learn that life has so many things to offer, as the power to get through any kind of obstacles in these unknown journey of life.

And I think, every tender touches, every smiles, every giggles, or every winks, will be the pedestal that I’m loved. For that, when the time of watching the back of someone’s shoulder comes, I wish it will never torn us apart, for loosing will never be a reason to break our precious heart, it will always be the beginning to start a new journey full of hope and great new discoveries…

Love to you all...

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
October 30th 2009

PS: I dedicate this note to a dear friend of mine, thank you for the prayers ...

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