Friday, 21 October 2011

When TGIF is a lot more than "Thank God It's Friday"

Different people are trying to reach different achievement in life. And some debates or arguments have been brought up to the surface whether we have been firmed enough to reach the point that we're trying to reach.

Another questions appeared..

Have we built the proper pavement to the content of who we are, what we are?
And have all this effort led us to achive something better?

There are two major groups in the planet, those who build their own life, and those who build their life by building their surrounding. The satisfaction of doing something or do more, add more and give more to enrich something contributes fundamental differences between both groups.

But none is the better one, the development of life has to be balanced by different opinions and attitudes which driven us into creating and reaching better achievements every day.

Without ignorant people, we have no reason to educate people about compassion.

Without mediocre people, we have no reason to encourage people to believe in hope and excel their expectation upon their life.

Without hatred, we have reason to embrace people to recognise love as something that we share by caring and forgiving.

Without hunger and catastrophic events in life, we have no reason to hold others' hands to reach those in need and believe that we can actually make a different by giving.

Without goodbyes, we have no recollections of how acquaintances are precious in order to introduce us to different virtues of wisdom and understandings.


Without tears, we have no reason to the invention of happiness, we have no reason to smile, we have no reason to sing, we have no reason to rock a baby, we have no reason to actually stretch out our arms and lend our hands to wipe sadness and cure broken hearts and broken hopes.

GOD is extremely Great n Wonderful in making our life full of different things. And every act of love to life may not be an easy thing to do, but we all can start by doing simple things and do a little bit more with a sincere heart.
And shall GOD grants us the enlightenment of reaching things in our life as something more than our achievements which is the great happiness within when we encounter the virtue of contributions...

Have a wonderful end of the week to all my dearest family and friends...
And now, TGIF can stand more than "Thank's God It's Friday" it can also stands for:

* Thank's God I've Forgiven
* There's Great Internal Fulfillment
* Thank's God I've Found

And shall souls rejoice by the excitement to do more in life.

With Love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
October 21st, 2011

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Songs of Life

How am I going to describe Pangeran Adil Sitompul?

A firm man?
Yeah... That's for sure...!
A man who loved his family?
No doubt about that!!
A man who always had the eager to learn?
Definitely Yes!
A man who cherished me so much?
Yippikaiye to that!!

One thing for sure...
After all said and done,
He was simply a man who became the existence of many great things, and I am included in the package!

But after missing him for more than 17 years, I had an amazing morning when my namboru drove me to work! It's not easy for a 72.y.o lady to drive that far.
I was singing and humming along the way until suddenly she said,
"U certainly are a happy chirping singing bird, and it has become ur trademark since u were a baby..."

I giggled and discovered that I was so thrilled this morning! Yesterday was my Namboru's birthday, and in my time alone, stuck in the middle of Jakarta's awful traffic jam, I was thinking about how time has passed while I was listening to God knows how many songs!
I got through those boring and agonising moment by singing songs and the remembrance of so many wonderful things in my life...

And now, I'm smiling..
With no doubt,
I'm Missing papa and mama so much!
But this missing feeling is so wonderful now...
Not a single tear dropped...
I only have the happiness within...

I still have the joyful memories of how I could climb trees when papa played golf...

I still have the great excitement of discovery when papa let me paint my own bedroom's wall...

I have the wondrous cherished feeling when papa didn't got mad after he found out that I tapped the phone when I was just 13 (xixixi..the title of Miss Mission Impossible attached since...)

I have the most vehement flame to learn and expand by the feeling of a new challenges upon this new day.

And somehow...
These great things have run through my veins like a flow of a great river each time I miss both of you, Pa.. Ma..

And songs are more than beautiful words attached to each other, knitted by wonderful tunes and coloured by the harmony of amazing sounds of instruments!
Songs have been a wondrous source of energy, the album of so many wonderful things in life that I can enjoy, over and over again...!!

"I wanna be where you are" (by. Jose Feliciano) Papa n Mama....
But "I was doing alright" (by. Diana Krall) for I have great memories of "My time with you" (by. Kina Granis & David Choi), yes both of you...!
And I will always have the strength to shout:
"GOOD MORNING HAPPINESS" (by. Neri per Caso)
I will "Spend my lifetime loving you" (by. Arie)
Keeping the "Home by the Sea" (by. Genesis) within me, and let the sound of shore be the enrichment of my life! The sound of new Hope and the thought of "We've only just begin" (by. The Carpenters) will always be my strength to move forward.
And with a simple "Kiss to build a dream on" (by. Lois Armstrong) to each new day of my life, I will always have the flame to love this life of mine a little bit more everyday!

By this...
Please let me wish you the JOY, HOPE and LOVE "All the way" (by. Frank Sinatra) and shall we all be the light to shine...
And Hopefully, I can give something to you all as you all have given so much to me..., for "You are my inspiration" (by.Chicago)

Have a full of blessing Thursday to all.
God blesses u all...

As always...with LOVE, and joy in the memory of
(March 25th, 1947 - October 20th, 1994)
A great man, a father of Lisa Fransiska Sitompul.

With very special gratitudes, hugs and kisses to:
* My babies, Meg, Ino, Elijah, Monly, Gabby, Sherly, Irani, George, Sherry, John Dalton, Naomi and my all beloved children in CBS. You all are my Great Virtues of love, joy and strength...!!
* Mi canto de la guarda, gratsie...le falto mucho, mi amor..
* My beloved baby sisters and brothers, Atek, Dan, Sarry and Candy.
* My namboru, Lily Nainggolan, arigatto gozaimashita..
* All my dearest uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces.
* My long life Best friend, Rosita Dewi, I love you babe!
* Mrs. Paskalina Alwidin, So blessed for u discovered me, ma'am, I love each time u embrace me...
* Ms. Melia, for a great friendship, love u, Baby Hyppo!!
* Ms. Uning, Ms. Siti, Ms. Tiu and Ms. Lucia, thank u for your guidance, love and laughters..
* To All Fellow teachers of CBS, who embrace me with challenges and the spark of life each day.. Xie Xie!!
* To Emma .... Thank u for being such a great friend when I lost papa 17 years ago.. Eddlington Street and the streests of Melbourne were the witness of our great friendship!
* Bang Batara Sibarani, Si abang who drove me to the airport when I had to go home, 17 years ago.. U were and u are still my coolest Abang!!
* To Kak Ellis, Kak Poppy, mas Edi Sulistyo, Waaaa... No words to describe our moments of joy back in Melbourne!
* Bang Jimmy Ruru, the person that always remind me to sing... miss you bang!!
* To all my dearest DomSav H87 friends, you all are GREAT!!
* To all my dearest friends, back in DomSav and LC... So proud to be a part of you...
* To all my dearest colleagues and friends, life wouldn't be the same without your presence, guys!!
* The last but not least.... To those who caused disappointments, agony, pain and unfairness upon my life. I'm so glad u dropped by and blessed me with ability to see things clearer, wiser and stronger to reach and share grander things in life...!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

The verb 'be'

The Verb "Be"

General form:
The verb be takes on different forms in the present and past.


The verb be in  Simple Present Tense indicates existence, temporary condition or permanent status.
It is really hot today.
Grady's not here right now.
Greg and Tim are engineers.
Trudy was sick yesterday.
Hawaii is in the Pacific Ocean.

The base form is be, the past participle is been, and the -ing form is being.
I'll be back tomorrow.
He has been a doctor since 1998.
She is being nice today.

The base form is be, the past participle is been, and the -ing form is being.
I'll be back tomorrow.
He has been a doctor since 1998.
She is being nice today.

The verb be is also used in progressive tenses, passives and prepositional collocations:

Progressive tenses
He is writing a letter to his brother.
Jeff was cleaning the house this morning.
The Holleys have been living there since April.

Passive voice:
The people were surprised by the news.
Craig was stopped by the policeman.

Prepositional collocations:
Tracy is fond of chocolates.
Cassie is not afraid of snakes.
I'm interested in making money.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Morning Note - March 26th 2010

Life is worth a living, a day of crying session had ended, I never felt this happy before in my life. I can see that the ray of light has painted the eastern sky.. It's the sign of a new day, new hope and new beginnings..

I found a "One in a Million" man, for I guess, I am a "One in a Million" woman too.. And let God smile upon me, let the angels sing between the clouds for I have found him.. Even though I have to let him walk away from me, let this be a moment that I cherish as a 'Once in a Lifetime' opportunity and the revelation on what love truly is..

A bunch of dark clouds may cover my sky, or an awful cancer may come to me n take my life away, but no one or nothing can take the faith and love within me forever...For I will always have the faith that I deserve to receive n posses the light in my darkest nights n God's hand in the presence of the one that I love as the one I hold..

Have a wonderful day to all my dear friends and family...thank you for your love n support, kind of having the feeling that all of you had sent me a special prayer last night... I love you all..

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

Who would imagine

Who Would Imagine

by Lisa F Sitompul on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 at 22:05

I know I can't do anything to change the past as much as I have no recollection on what lays upon the future. But I know one thing for sure, I have a heart, big enough to know where to stand and when I have to synchronize what I feel inside my heart with what I have in mind, and surrender to the fact that the only thing to do is sit in silence, and believe that God will complete what I have started with dignity and one day, He will deliver me to His Glory.

Who would imagine what will happen tomorrow, we aren't wise enough to say to ourselves that we are dare to face all, both happiness and sadness. The moment u know that your heart is willing to try, just make sure that u actually ready for all possibilities, including the possibility to make the hardest decision or the possibility to get hurt. We all got hurt n cried once a while, but maybe today is the day to get rid of those negative thoughts n start your day with a winner mind set, for you were created by our the Greatest Creator. And I always believe that I’m precious enough to be loved by Him and by that reason; I knew it very well that he will never put me on a platform of humiliation by believing that I will always find my happiness at the end of every rainbow after terrible storms.

Everything happens for a reason, and I have the honour to look at the east side of the sky, wait for the sunrise, praise the Lord and make my simple wish for my babies, my family, my dearest friends, my students, my colleagues and some strangers that captured my attention. I have learned to communicate with my heart and the Lord by many simple unexpected things; I guess I’m blessed with the ability to see things differently in life, and sometimes, I have these amazing moments of finding courage to do something that I fear the most.

But, does everything really worth a try? What is the most important thing that you have to calculate the moment you’re willing to open your heart to options and new possibilities? Or, should you stay inside your secure zone and let things passed you by no matter what it is? We all didn’t come to the planet with the ability to run or do the things that we can do now. We were born as vulnerable beings, nothing much that we could do, we even had no ability to survive like other creatures at their earliest time of life. But, by God’s abundant love, we were surrounded by the people that cherished us so dearly, God also blessed us with the experience of falling down and hurt our knees the moment we were learning how to walk on our own feet.

I have learned that instead of having this Heavenly Wisdom, our God is also a very unique and humorous individual; He loves to make jokes just like us. In some points of my life, I think He’s having His own amusement by letting me twist my mind around and try to figure out what would I do and what decisions should I take. But then again, He’s a generous and kind God that never freeze our feet when He didn’t want us to walk to the path that He didn’t approve. He didn’t shut our lips when He didn’t want us to say things that didn’t please Him. He didn’t tell us when, where, who or why to obstacles that lays on our journye or; He also didn’t show us which way to lay our eyes when we really need to see this and that. He blessed us with this ‘Free will” to choose and use the heart, mind and soul that He had given to us as instruments to see things the way He does.

Yes, we all blessed with that abilities, we just didn’t realize it! We were too busy with our sadness; we were too occupied by our grief and sorrow, without acknowledging that God actually had poured the sensitivity to see things clearer and wiser. Sadness is the legacy of the past and regrets are the pain of memory. The only way to get rid of sadness is to throw away this legacy and receive God’s new promise and believe in what you feel deep in your heart. And stop regretting for things, this is the only way to let go the pain and avoid yourself from killing the great and happy memories in you!

Maybe you were sitting in tears, listening to someone saying things that hurt you so much; you might regretting your decision to open your heart to a person that never had the courage to tell you how much he/she needed you to stand right next to him/her; or you might trying to tell your self, ‘What on earth am I doing with this person? He didn’t even have the guts to see himself as a complete person to love me? He kept using the term that he’s not ‘good enough’ to close the door of possibilities that we might meant to each other!” Well, I can give you hundreds of other painful things just to complete the reasons for you to cry, but I also can tell you this, who would imagine if you didn’t do what you had done? Who would imagine how bitter you could be by the cause that you didn’t see the possibility to open your heart ever again? And Who would imagine how dark your life and nights if you didn’t have that painful conversation, the moment that you heard the rejection is the moment that you could learn that you are not a rejected object, and you are beautiful just being YOU!

You are deserved to be loved, cherished and adored for you were born as a lovable baby once, and yes, you are lovable until this very moment. Look at your own reflection in the mirror, and see the beautiful YOU in it, let there be sparkles of diamonds around your face, let there be a joyful sounds of angels the moment you sing the songs of hope, and most of all, let there be love and hope shines through your eyes. And with this moment of grace, let your heart receive the blessing of feeling good about yourself, and let this positive energy shines through out your life, and effect the people in your surroundings with a positive and heavenly way too, for you know how to do things with a great deal of love within YOU.

I wish you to always believe that even though you’re disappointed by human’s decisions and plans, you will always have the courage to see that God has greater, grander plans for you. And the only way to see and understand those plans is through keeping your courage to do things as best as you can as your contribution to love, life and the people around you.

Love to you all, God be with you, always...

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
March 18th 2010

Another amazing day…March 3rd 2010

I woke up with swollen eyes this morning, for I was a bit worried about one of my cousin that I love so dearly. And the worrying session completed by a phone call that reminded me of some painful things that occurred in my life, years ago…

I was trying to finish one of my music score for my Junior High School students, but I couldn’t do or think of anything at all! And without any warning, I also couldn’t stop my tears, rolling down on my cheek. I couldn’t really tell anyone about it, I don’t really know how to express my sadness; I just got stressed out and sat in stillness. I tried to do something but I couldn’t! As an addition I also got this agonizing head ache from the moment I tried to get the news on my dearest cousin.

But the second I got the news, I was smiling and whispered, “Thank you Lord! Even though I have to wait for another 12 hours or so, but you’ve showed us your love n mercy by the chance to know that things had worked out according to our prayers..I believe in Your love n now... I can hold him in my mind, whispering my prayers to the angels to be with him by the grace of Your love, thank you my precious LORD!

But then again, I realized something; I was so worried because of what? My lack of trust in God’s love to me! And again, I was stunned, and what I have in mind is how am I going to express my apology to Him for I’ve doubted His Greatness and His amazing Love towards my family and I. But then I whispered again,

“Dear Lord, You are the owner of my life, I would cause You another pain if I live in regrets, You’ve always wanted me to stand tall again every time I fell down, You are the Lord of joy, and now, I can jump in joy n say.... "My sadness is not more than a legacy of the past...every second of my life is Your gift, the precious moment of learning and reveal so many secrets of life! And now I can say to me that I've learned my lesson n passed the moment of doubting the power of love n prayers.”

I never thought that I could go this far, I never had the picture of how beautiful my life is at the moment, I am surrounded by amazing people, loved by so many souls, and the most amazing thing is…, I still can be a young girl, for my family and my surroundings provide me with the treasure of youth within me! Einstein said once, darkness doesn’t exist, we recognized darkness by the lack of light, as much as cold also does not existed, for we recognized cold by the lack of heat.

So, we might have no ability to measure the light in our life without any knowledge of how would darkness looks alike, and the word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. We had to shed tears in order to cherish the laughter in our lives, we must witness the dark sky at dawn to actually have the ability to enjoy the beautiful ray of light that shine after that.

And for that, I will greet the rest of the day with love in my heart. And how will I do this? Henceforth will I look on all things with love and I will be born again. I will love the orange sky right before the sun sets to rest, I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit and pour me a joy and happiness. I will love the light for it shows me which way to go; yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars. I will welcome courage, strength and all simple happiness in my life for it enlarges my heart; yet I will endure sadness for it opens my soul. I will acknowledge rewards for they are my due, the signature of the best thing that I had done to all my loved ones; yet I will welcome obstacles for they are my challenge.

Thank you for to all my dear friends and family for their love and support, God be with you all…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
March 3rd 2010

Generated by

“What is the thing that actually generated by grace in our life?


If I have to pick one answer, I would choose love, but does love generated by grace?

In my opinion, the only way to generate anything in us is by serving and one thing about serving, we need no school to know how to serve, we do not have to learn any certain knowledge to serve, but we do have to pay something in order to serve.

And again, there is no certain currency in the term of ‘pay something in order to serve’ for the only currency required is a heart full of grace, and the only way to have a heart full of grace is by

* recognizing each blessing that we receive in every second of our life,
* understanding that we all own the wealth to share anything we have with others,
* spreading the happiness by the simple things we have in us sincerely,
* cherishing the friendship that we have,
* realizing that our intelligence is one of God’s given instrument to see things clearer and
* sharpen our awareness to each other,

By these rich, full of gift reasons we came to the point where love takes a significant part of our life, we’ll be overwhelm by the fact that our soul is actually also generated by love too.

I wish you all to have a wonderful start of the month, full of courage, and the strength to believe that you do have the life that generated by grace and love… I love you, God be with you all…

Always, with love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
March 1st 2010.

Persistent Rain

How can I ease your weary heart? How I can wipe away your tears… To be honest, I have no answers to those questions, but I have just written my simple prayer to a dear friend of mine:

I believe you can always stand tall in all storms my dear, just hold on and let God bless you with the discovery beyond all questions. Let go all agitation and let my shoulder be the place to lean on your weary head, as much as I aware that I can’t do much to ease anything, but still, I do have the heart to say; “Through what ever stands right before your very eyes, you have me by your side and you can turn to me any time at all, no matter what happened!”

Life is never easy, most of the times, things aren’t fair too. But what can we do about it? We can sit and regret all the things that had occurred in our life, or we can blame everything to ease the pain. But, are those things really worked out? Are those things helped you to survive this cruel world as a complete person or will you let this hostile ground that we stand on create a person full of bitterness in you?

Sometimes, I really want to call out loud to God and ask why on this and that. There were the times when I sat down and asked myself, why some people are cruel enough to walk away after they did a certain painful things to other people and act like nothing happened? But hey! They’re all humans just like you and I! What do you expect? Their imperfections are exactly the same as yours and mine! Then I thought again; ‘What should I do about it?’, and what I found was, the moment I had these thoughts, I started to create a persistent remonstrance against the Lord. Those questions drove me to doubts and uncertain destinations!

Just like a persistent rain, painful things are occurring over and over again in our life. The path of our life sometimes drag us to be a non believer, the pain by our broken heart can brings us to a disconcerting attitude, but.., do we really want this agitating things occupied our heart and mind? And there were the times when the world pointed out its judgments toward us, and there were also the times when people have the heart to do things with the mask of sincerity, drawn us into a circular agony, at the end, what we felt is the condemnation of perpetual exile from our own heart and the people that we love the most! And believe me; the moment you reached this stage, you’re going to shut down the light of your heart, lock the door of your mind to greatness awaits for you and you’re about to be a super annoying person.

I have all the reason to say “Thank God” for every painful, bitter and unfair thing that occurred in my life, I had heard someone said to me once, be good to yourself, and he said, ‘Let it be’ to many agonizing things that happened to me. He taught me to sit alone in stillness, think of nothing, believe and think about the things that I love the most. Let great memories fill my heart and mind, think about the moment I did nothing but listen to the song that being sung by someone thousands of miles away, and other amazing things that anyone ever did for me! And his guidance had led me to the point where I realized that God loves me that much by the love of the people in my surroundings.

And I guess, I also have all the reason to never fear the rain anymore, it’s quite funny when everyone say, “Hey, it’s running out there, you can get sick!” while what I had in mind was, “Oh, it’s raining, cool!”. And now, I know that I’m blessed by the thought of amazing things every time the rain falls, I always have this thought of running under the rain, kissing under the rain, playing soccer under the rain, ride a bicycle under the rain or even just walking alone under a very heavy rain! The thought of getting wet, feel the cold water runs through my head to toe give me certain happiness inside! There’s no more pretending that I’m alright, because…, I AM ALRIGHT!

A man chuckled once when I ended a sad story with,

“Ugh, but then again, what the heck? I’ll be alright!”

And the moment he stopped the chuckling session, he said,

“Yes, you’ll be alright my lady, you always do. That’s the privilege of being a Lady Hitler, and I know that you will always have the strength to carry on, no doubt about that!”

Somehow, that moment had become the pedestal of a new courage, the sign of a fulfilled promise that I can move on. The persistent rain of painful and hurting things had turned out to be the persistent rain of happiness, new hope and new strength. I don’t have to walk thousands of miles to leave all pains; I don’t have to ask questions to get answers. I have enough faith to see things beyond belief, and the thought of there’s a certain beauty in imperfections had created a sublime reliance of God’s love inside of me.

And by this amazing blessing, I would say to you, my dear friends, you will never walk alone; have the faith that the only thing that makes you tremble to carry on your journey is the thought of your imperfection, the lack of beliefs in your abilities and strength! I’m not asking you to have an over confidence attitude, but I do ask you to believe that the only impossible thing in life is when you start to have doubts in what you have in you! Yes, things do look unreachable, yes, indifference in way of thinking make you an awkward person among the ordinary, but how come you do something extraordinary by doing things in ordinary ways? Just do your best and put a great deal of love in what ever you do, and let what the ancient used to call as destiny by the will of God do the rest. You might not see the result now, but you’ll see, and when you have the smile of the satisfaction by doing what you believe, you’ll remember me, a simple woman who said once that she would always be there for you, as you were always be there for her, you just didn’t realize it.

I wish you all to have the great happy smile every time you wake up in the morning with a faith that a great day will come to you the moment you believe that persistent rain of love, joy, happiness and strength keeps coming back for you again and again… I love you, God be with you all.


Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

February 21st 2010.

Double Miracle

I didn't sleep much, a bit hard to understand why I actually have this "Short Term Sleeping Disorder”. But since I was around 16, I couldn't sleep more than 4 hours in a day, I didn't really notice this as a problem, well, I guess, I always find something to do if I couldn't manage to make my self sleeping. But now, I'm thinking about changing this habit of mine, and start a better life, a healthier life..., "I'm not that young anymore", had become of the reason. Nevertheless, as I've gain the maturity as a person, I have to learn to love myself more and more too, I found that, it's also one of the way to show to God, how much I love Him.

I woke up quite early this morning, not as early as I use to wake up, well, it's Sunday! And I was very lucky, in this fine morning, I went to an early mass with both of my beloved aunt and my little brother.

Considered that today is the first Special Day of the year, and I'm honored to add a special detail on this lovely Sunday and call it as The Double Special Day, for it's the day of The Chinese New Year and the Valentine's Day. A New Year has always been a good start; it doesn't matter whether it's an International New Year, a Chinese New Year, or any other New Year at all. The symbol and the spirit of a new beginnings, new chances and new hopes are the real essence of the event! And those amazing things are blended in one with the sweetest event of the year, the day when every one all around the world is celebrating Love.

The singers are look so charming in their black suits with dark magenta shirt inside it; the altar was decorated in Pink and red, with some lantern and love signs all over it. I sat with my brother while my aunt sat right in front of us next to some of her friends. The mass was amazingly cheerful and full of blessings, by the smile n happy looking eyes from the people I see around me. And when the Priest started his session of sharing (I like the term he's using, "sharing"), and somehow, his voice reminds me of someone.

Life could bring us to funny places sometimes, and there I was, sitting, listening to someone talking with the same voice with a person that I care so dearly once. It is quite popular that I'm a detailed person, some people are amazed by the accuracy of my profiling on something or someone, and yes, this is the main reason why I got stunned listening to the Priest's voice. The astonishing was completed at the time when I reached my small notebook in my handbag. I opened the page randomly, and I found a note that I wrote a couple of months ago. For the second time, I was stunning, and out of the blue, a warm tear drop rolling on my cheek.

"I just want you to know that things aren't going to be the same anymore...I wrote this to let you know that my soul had experienced something that we could say as a retraining process…”accidently, I read this sentence in my notebook. This is something that I wrote when I was experiencing one of the beautiful things in life, but then I let it go at the same time without any hesitation. And suddenly, the image of the person that I care so much once is tangling in my mind that very moment. I closed my eyes for a couple of second, and whispered to God, “Oh God, please help me to let it go one more time, I’ve managed to walk away and never look back, You are the creator of my heart, and You are the owner of my life, please oh please let me let go..”

‘The free will’, this is one of the blessings that God granted to us, humans. He never actually tells us what to do, or not to do something. He has His funny way to let us experience love, pain and all kind of different things to strengthen our soul, heart and mind. I was angry once, I got so upset when this man popped up in my life after so many years and let me know that he has some difficulties to push me out of his mind. But somehow, I adored him at the end, for he has the power to control and manage this given by God blessing, he taught me that we can be what we want to be on the presence of God, and what we have towards each other became something far beyond the word ‘beautiful’ itself! Nevertheless, we all humans, and yes, I miss him, but again, thank God…, once again, I had the power to let go of the feelings that I have inside by the thought that some things are better left unrevealed n left out for the sake of everything.

Not all are understandable in life. I don’t understand things most of the times, like the other day, I could sat in front of someone, embarrassed myself for I forgot about the answer from a quiz that I made! Isn’t that crazy or what? And when I got home, I just realize that I was just being so stupid or nervous? I could stand in front of so many people and explain things like it was the most simple thing in Math or Science, but I was so dumb in front of a person, this is not usual, well, one thing for sure, this is not me, definitely not! But this is what I call as a ride in a roller coaster; I had the thrill of curiosity, the chill of feeling hopeless in front of someone. But may be we need to experience it sometime, well…to be honest, I liked the ride (smiling)! And God has His certain purpose to let us meet certain people, we’re living in an imperfect world, but as long as we fill our heart with a bucket full of good intentions, we can always hanging on our hopes and still.., we can also stay in a good condition.
So, today, a fine Sunday, February 14th, 2010, I realized that we all are blessed by God by double celebrations, double happiness, and I guess, we all deserve double miracles too…, I guess the remembrance of the person that touched my heart so deep once and still have the ability to let the feelings go at the same time, had turned out to be the blessing that given by God to me. I’m so blessed by the love in my surroundings, maybe what I think as miracles are just ordinary things to most people, but I think, the ability to see miracles in your surroundings is also one the blessings of experiencing the miracle itself.

I wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year, may we all have the ability to see the blessings in disguise that we encounter every single day, and may the prosperity of heart and mind be a constant miracle for all of us. And may God bless each one of us with the heart to love what we have in our hands, cherish what we’ve achieved and see things with the eye of love by the remembrance of this lovely Valentine’s Day. God Bless you all.

February 14th, 2010
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

Lisa's favorite Status in January 2010

January 31st, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says, "We all humans,we all get hurt n experience pain in our life,but having a new passion will help us on having the spirit of forever being born..for me..the overthrow of one dream will always means the rise of another one.I simply suggest all of u to NEVER surrender each time u encountered obstacles n pain,everybody...y cries so if you have to cry,just cry,after with urself,build ur courage,again n again..then...keep on moving forward..Believe me,you'll have the satisfaction of saying to urself,"I got through that one n here I am,still standing n well.."

Lisa F Sitompul is thanking God for great memories and magical loving stanzas sent by all my dear friends..Simple things are great n great things are simple! As simple as a little girl's voice,the greatness of life lies and became a reminder to us on how much love we had received along the way,a great way to cherish all the caress n t...ender touches..n a wonderful way to miss the one we love the most.Have a wonderful sunday to all,Gbu

January 30th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul is happy by the sight of a cloudy day.. I am a person who always encountered amazing things almost every day,sometimes I got annoyed (..and shocked too...) by that fact,but then again I think...I'm different n special,that's why those amazing things happened to me,and instead of having the heart attack by the surprise,...I started to see it as a blessing in disguise...given directly from heaven..I guess the moment we BELIEVE that the Lord has elevated our life,we also have to stop seeing our life in an ordinary way,that's a good start..then you'll ready to receive amazing and special things too...
Have a wonderful week end to all my dearest friends and beloved family.

January 29th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul has just received a prayer from my dear big brother.. I'm so blessed by the love of my family, so happy to know that I always have the chance to see my Lord's love from the warm love and tender caress given by my family and some dearest friend, I wouldn't come this far without them, and the only thing I should do now learning to accept the choices that I had made,wish for more courage..n keep on moving forward..

January 28th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says,"Good morning happiness..Don't let anyone or anything sabotage ur attempt to live or to be above average.. U might look,walk,talk n think differently from other people.. So what? U R U,with ur own qualities..! Start directing ur life n expecting God's favor with things above life's challenges,BELIEVE for a great f...uture,then it's URS..n it's coming to U.. Have a great day to all! GBU,muuuach!!

January 27th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says, "Every journey starts with a simple first step make your move then you'll have the right to say, I'm moving forward... You also can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water, make the first jump,get wet, then you'll have the courage to say I'm crossing to the other side.."

Lisa F Sitompul whispers...what a great gift when I slept and dreamt,I had the vision that life was joy. Then I awoke and saw that life was service too...and what a wonderful thing when I actually captured the message and behold...that service brings joy. Uhm, I guess this is what we call as living our life to the fullest...amazing!

Lisa F Sitompul says, "Life is something that God has given to us n we earn it by giving our life back to Him in a certain way.Many people do things without knowing the purpose of what they've been doing in their life.Even the smallest creature such as an ant has its part and its contribution,so...I think this is the right time to see... things deeper and take our part..."

Lisa F Sitompul is missing the moment of... running under the rain, kissing under the rain, kicking ball under the rain, riding my bicycle under the rain, singing under the rain, but most of all... I miss looking at the rainbow after the rain.

January 26th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul has just realized that it's almost a quarter of century for her to care about and keep on loving one of her dearest friends...And God had His purposes to lead us to
this point, and I would never changed anything in my life, for it might
change the path that I took to find u in the middle of the journey of
my existense...( Dewi & Lisa F Sitompul... and I guess, we both ready for another quarter of century of a great friendship.. with no limitation to the counting til both of our souls has to leave the planet)

Lisa F Sitompul is glad for today,so many things I learned today.. As I said before,I'm learning while I teach n today I learned that I'm in love with these kids,I guess... I had found my sanctuary from my loneliness.

Lisa F Sitompul says,"Let us all learn 2look things beyond what our eyes can see,God never wanted us 2b ordinary,there must be something special about each 1 of us.Something special doesn't mean something important or big,it can be something different that we do 2our loved ones,make them laugh by something that u never did before or anything at all..

January 25th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul is holding 2the positive thought that she deserves 2be loved will help her 2survive..I know God's favor is surrounding me like a shield,I also believe that He's blessing me with His heavenly strength n deliver me 2my triumph,many things can come 2my presence n stand on my way,but I'll have a bigger vision,I'll always h...ave the courage 2say 2myself,"I'll get through this for I'm loved by the Almighty Himself" Gbu all.

Lisa F Sitompul says,have the faith that God is holding the brush and ready to paint a great a image of u today!U are precious and beautiful in His presence n u have no idea how many colors He can draw in the painting of U!
Stop limiting urself n God's favor on u,build the attitude of a good child to show how much u love Him by doing u...r best in everything, then u'll see..He'll also put no limit upon u too..Gbu all...

January 24th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul is wishing that this great beginning will continue as a wonderful journey. And I'm trying to let go off this fear I'm having inside,the thought of making another wrong decision has been hanging all over my head since God knows when.. I thank God for today n I guess, I'm thanking for the opportunity of having this seren...ity and some time alone,some kind of a refresh to level up my strength..

January 22nd, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says "Say no to defeat,failure n mediocrity,start your day with an expectation that great things will happen to u.Have the faith that GOD will excel your life to rise above the life's challenges,believe GOD for better future and you shall have great things coming!!" T.G.I.F..I wish u all to have the smile n wrap up eve...rything when u can cheer up n shout,"Done..n I did well" GBu all..

January 21st, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul whispers...When things seems so wrong,find ur serenity,let the silence sharpened ur senses n witness the revelation of all secrets of life n gain the wisdom to see things clearer..

Lisa F Sitompul says.. "Bonjour... May God bless u with the heart to always believe in hope,sometimes He let us to experience the greatness of making the choices in our life,the hardest the choice u make,the stronger u build ur character,so..just BELIEVE.. Have a great day to everyone,God be with u all!"

January 20th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says,the true essence of learning is how we see things in life,explain things in our surroundings to our youngsters n how we make everything around us as classrooms,not only for knowledges,but for the lesson of life too..Life itself is a never ending learning process,for me,I learn when I teach,I hear when I whisper,I ...see when my students look n I understand more when they're wondering n ask for explanations.GBu all

January 19th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says,"To experience God's Immeasurable favor,we all must start expecting His great blessings,have 'the best' attitude inside,get rid off everything that can turn u down,see things with one faith that everything is never will be an impossible task as long as we believe that we were created by the Best Creator and we al...l meant to do the best things in life!Have a great day to all,GBU

January 17, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul is watching "The Spy next door with the kids", I got so touched when Jacky said,"Family is not about who's blood u'r's about who u love and the people who love u.."the next scene was..Jacky got slapped by the woman he loves n he had 2leave the kids that he began 2care about..nice movie,highly recommended f...or all 2see..u'll see guys, are amazingly annoying n amazing at the same time,hehe..

Lisa F Sitompul says,"Start think BIG things,erase negative mind set inside..Make bigger space inside your heart n mind to increase your own thinking,enlarge ur visions to greater things n believe that God will strengthen u to pass all obstacles! Our Lord will bless u with new,fresh n creative ideas the moment u have the fighter to be... a winner attitude! Happy sunday to all. God be with U!

January 16th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says, "Buenos Manana a todos! What a gloomy and cloudy morning, but let our heart believe that even though the clouds are starking up the sky,the sun is there,its hidden but its there's any chance that u're in pain or hurt inside,keep on believing,that God loves you no matter what,n He will carry you in y...our hardest time,you are loved..." Dios te bendiga,les deseo a todos un fin de semana grande..

January 15th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says,"Don't let what u've gone through in the past thwart ur progress, today is a NEW DAY! And God definitely has prepared many great new things for u,a great new journey with ur name on it is ready for u, served with a great new strength full of courage in U! Have a wonderful day to all, God bless u!

January 14th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says..." TO HAVE A BETTER IMAGE OF YOURSELF ON THE OUTSIDE, YOU MUST FIRST PICTURE IT ON THE INSIDE.. Live from inside out instead of the other way, and let the Glory of God shines through your eyes, for you are one of His best creation! "
Lisa F Sitompul says,"I'm not going to let a bunch of hypocrite n narrow minded people make me feel bad about myself! As my father always said, a diamond would just be a piece of coal without a great pressure on can say whatever u want n do whatever u want as long as I do my best in what I do with a great deal of love in ev...erything that I do,that's it, nothing will change that!"

Lisa F Sitompul whispers.."If you packed ur dreams once,maybe this is the time to unpack them,let those visions of your heart fill ur heart n mind just like the fireworks on the dark night! Try to picture urself in the beauty scene of the world,ur dreams are in ur palm of hands now,never let them go!Reach them with a full power of n a bunch of new hope every time anyone or anything tries to break u down!

Lisa F Sitompul says,"Any kind of beauty has the ability 2catch anyone's attentions 4just a moment.but only a certain personality which is shined from the heart n body language that have the strength 2capture someone's heart n stay there 4eternity.Many women try 2look 10 years younger w/out realizing that feeling young inside makes th...em walk,act n talk like they're little girls w/ a bold beauty of thinking n THAT'S THE TRUE BEAUTY"

Lisa F Sitompul whispers,"The true essence of believing is always trust that no matter what, God has His own way of talking to us by everything that happens in our surroundings,and the only thing that we can do is keep on believing and try to always have the hope inside of will help us to survive, see n listen to the answers to our prayers.."

January 12th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul has just found a very interesting fact.. "Making love can fill u with hope..with a scientific fact: As the brain revs up for sex,the production of stress hormones such as 'cortisol' will DROPS DRAMATICALLY..n the process ends up to a long,glorious,hopeful high feelings!" Is that so? But why being in love is so agonizin...g? For we all have to be in love to make one, right? Uhm..this is interesting...

Lisa F Sitompul says,"When you radiate hope n vitality n truly care 4 others,u send out a strong invitation of love..n one of the most important prerequisites 4 finding a loving relationship is believing that you will n always trust in ur heart that hopefulness always work its magic on others as well as to yourself"

Lisa F Sitompul whispers.."It's quite painful when u realize that u were just a diversion,a joyful ride that in one point u'll be the forgotten one..But I guess,we all can learn that as long as we do everything with a pure heart,God will help u to survive the pain of letting go..I learn my lesson..n sometimes..God wants us to learn n more by letting us to experience the pain of the lesson over n over again.."

January 9th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul is reading the end of her own note: But one thing for sure, when u have to let things go, just try to believe, that maybe, just maybe, u can find a better path n a better way to cure ur broken heart of loosing,n I wish that each time we have to let go,we will have the honor to always remember that we actually stood somewhere for someone,even once.

January 8th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul is looking through the hotel's window and thinking about the National Library, really want to go there n the exhibition of The Ancient Egypt is on the National Museum too...uhm..n I really want to go to the Red Dot Museum too n the Stanford Raffles statue, many place to visit,I hope we can manage to go to those amazing places!

Lisa F Sitompul had awaken almost 3 hours ago,looking at some books that I bought yesterday,I got an amazing book about how Walt Disney started everything!I think Walt is one of the most amazing man ever lived,he brought so many changes in the idea of believing to our dreams n keep on moving forward.. Well... as I always said,we can find the beauty of life by the simplest thing we encountered along the way n I think I'm blessed in a way when I found the book on the corner's shelf. It's quite impossible to find this book around now,complete with the first drafts on almost all his work! This book is the foundation on how we all can make a different as long as we believe..

January 6 at 6:35am
Lisa F Sitompul is on board... ugh..miss my babies n the kids already...

January 5th, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says,many things in life is worth to fight for,but not all has to be reached by battle n the best thing to win them is by believing that one day,u'll smile to urself for u were just sit in silence with your simple prayers whispered in ur heart. For deep inside,ur heart has spoken to God directly n ur mind has controlled ur feelings n reached the maturity of what we call as being strong in every storm...

Lisa F Sitompul whispers, when the time to let go comes, the best thing that we can do is believe that letting go is the best way to say "I LOVE YOU" over and over again, and this love will always be an un-conditional love that we share with our loved once for we have the heart and the courage to be hurt inside and keep on our little ...prayers inside our hearts for them even though we're apart...God be with you

January 3rd, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul whispers,I'm learning that before we set our hearts too much upon anything,let us examine how happy those are who already possess it,maybe it will help us to cherish it even more when we actually have the opportunity to possess it one day.For reaching something is much easier than maintaining until the moment that we actually call something as 'ours'.

January 1st, 2010
Lisa F Sitompul says, today is zero one zero one ten.... hihihihi... Happy New Year to all my dearest friends n family... May God grant u the courage to always do everything with a great deal of love,the strength to always smile to every obstacles in life n the will to always believe in hope... God be with u all...

The whisper of a teardrop

Have you ever asked why we shed tears? Even for some tribes or clans, the rain is considered to be God's tears, falling to the earth, and maybe it was spread out by the wise to remind us that even God can cry by looking at what we have done in our life. We could experience something out of our control and sometimes, these out of control things are so painful, just like a sphere stabbed to our fragile heart. And the only thing that we couldn't help is to hold up the tear that came out of our eyes. But have you ever thought about how God also let us to experience to cry for happiness?

Life is cruel enough to let us cry for the happiness that seems to be in front of our eyes but somehow, we know that this happiness won't last or maybe, it will never be ours. But then again, look deeper...

I'm blessed by so many things, I'm blessed by the laughter as much as by tears, I'm blessed by the tender touch of my best friend's hand when she cried in front of the church, not more than an hour after she said her vows. Just like the tears that I shed the moment I had to stand in front so many people with so many questions in my head, "Am I doing the right thing?", "Where will all these scenarios lead me to?", or "I don't know whether I want to be here or not, so help me Lord!".

Even in this loneliness of mine I can see that I'm not alone, I still can see the love in my surroundings. I still can hear the laughter that my best friend and I had back in our teenage years, and somehow, it had been the reminder to me that I am loved. God had showed me in so many ways to cherish every hour in my life as His great painting of me. And giving up will never be an option! For I know that no matter what, I will always find a new strength, a new path to go through and yes, sometimes, life is so unfair, but I believe, we still can learn something in this unfairness and yet, feel the love of life inside of our heart!

So, when you are in the middle of the lowest point of your life, and you have no power to hold up your tears, try to listen to the whisper of your own teardrops. Unconsciously, you are listening to your heart more, you are magnifying your sensitivity of listening to what your deepest thoughts are whispering to you!

A woman might shed a tear when she kissed the man that she love the most, for she realized the things that only her heart has the knowledge of it. I was stunned one night by a song, sung by someone that I cherish so much, a tear fell down on my cheek and now I know, it wasn't a tear of my sad heart of missing him, it was a tear of joy, rejoicing to the Lord that I was loved in a beautiful way by someone! Maybe it's good for us to let our teardrop runs to our cheek, for we might not crying for something that we regretted, but for something that we praised for happening in our life.

Sometimes, we think we are strong because we can hold on, but strength lies in letting go, including letting go our soul and heart to be purified by crying. I said once, "Cry..., for crying is the proof that you are a real human being, you are not weak when you cry, let it go, let those tears fall and washed all of your sorrow, and learn to listen to the whispering sound of each teardrop, for you might growing the love in you and then you'll see and realize how far you've come and how big the strength given by God when you thought you are weak n fragile by the cause of shedding tears.

Be strong, but when you have to cry, just cry and let those tears whisper to you, let them strengthen you and remind you that you are pure, precious and loved by me and by our Lord. God be with you all, always...

With love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
January 26th 2010