About Us

Why E'thing and More?

Each one of us has the opportunity to be somebody,
certain conditions may have led the course of life to the destination that we never expected.
But one thing for sure, when you have made a wrong turn,
God always allows you to make another U turn!

Not many people realize that educating the world is the obligation of all human being.
Let us leave the academical aspects and see our life through and try to remember each single thing that had occurred in our life.

Then ask to ourselves, why are we still here?
When will we discover the true meaning of life?
What are the best contribution that we can give to others?
Where can I find the answers to all of my questions?

Do I have to be someone important?
Do I have to be someone that everyone can look up to be a good example and the role model of life?
Do I have to invent something to be recognized?
Do I have to reveal the world's secrets in order to receive the recognition from the world?

The answers to all those questions lay within you and I...

But then again, do we dare to believe and have the thought that sometimes, getting answers aren't the only necessity to reveal things in life...

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul