Sunday, 5 June 2011

Morning Note - March 26th 2010

Life is worth a living, a day of crying session had ended, I never felt this happy before in my life. I can see that the ray of light has painted the eastern sky.. It's the sign of a new day, new hope and new beginnings..

I found a "One in a Million" man, for I guess, I am a "One in a Million" woman too.. And let God smile upon me, let the angels sing between the clouds for I have found him.. Even though I have to let him walk away from me, let this be a moment that I cherish as a 'Once in a Lifetime' opportunity and the revelation on what love truly is..

A bunch of dark clouds may cover my sky, or an awful cancer may come to me n take my life away, but no one or nothing can take the faith and love within me forever...For I will always have the faith that I deserve to receive n posses the light in my darkest nights n God's hand in the presence of the one that I love as the one I hold..

Have a wonderful day to all my dear friends and family...thank you for your love n support, kind of having the feeling that all of you had sent me a special prayer last night... I love you all..

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

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