Saturday, 4 June 2011

Having the balance and the wisdom between your heart and mind

Maybe one day there’s a time when you’re asking to yourself, is he/she the one? Is he/she your dream come true? Is he/she the one that you can call as your precious? And the last question is, is he/she the one that you can call as ‘mine’?

No one know exactly what love is, all this time I believe, if I happen to be in love, I will never love someone because of this and that… But I will love this person although…Although I have no explanation to the feelings I have inside… Although I have to face the unfair world that divides people by status, religion or any other human made reasons…Although I went mute when someone asked, “What are you doing with him? You have so many great things served on a golden platter right before your eyes!”… Although I had taken the turn that changed my whole life… although this… although that…

Many love to be loved, some love to be adored, only a few people love to love! These lucky small group of people have the privilege of possessing the extra ordinary love. They owned the treasure of how to cherish what they feel inside and acknowledge the beauty of unconditional love! I believe that it’s not about who we love, the person with his/her greatness both physical and mind has nothing to do with the reason why we love him/her.

Can we explain the acquaintance? Can we describe the magical fact when we have no explanation why we met this person? There are almost 7 billion human beings live in this planet, by all means…why on earth do we have a certain feeling toward a certain person? Beauty fades, greatness can be worthless, the rich can’t buy the mystery of life but the world is not big enough to fit the space in out heart and mind!

Many people might disagree with me, but I would ask to them, how you deal with painful facts about love? How you cure your broken heart? How you say to yourself that everything will be alright if you don’t have the strength to do so?
Think..., our heart isn’t only occupied by love and our mind isn’t just an instrument to calculate things and think about things in life! We are blessed by the Greatest Creator and we are honored to possess these two amazing things! We just forgot how to feel things with our heart and sense it with our mind at the same time. This is one the reason why people got stressed out and depressed by love! But maybe, if we do know how to use both of our heart and mind, we can have the wisdom with our mind, and the greatness of life that comes from the heart.

Love is not just how we feel inside your heart, we have to learn to synchronize things between our heart and mind. We have to do the right thing and have the thoughts that even in treating LOVE, we have to be fair with our heart and be sensible to our mind at the same time! But maybe, if we do know how to use both of our heart and mind, we can have the wisdom with our mind, we can help ourselves to find the way out of everything. We have more inner strength for we have the power to feel with our heart’s vision and owned the wisdom to sense with our mind’s abilities.

I wrote once: “It’s not about how great the things that you do to others, but how much love you put on the doing”. This is one the proof that greatness were created the by the balance of our heart and mind! Our mind has the list of great things that we can do and our heart has the love that shines and appeared in what we do!

And to answer the questions at the beginning of this note, I would say:
• Is he/she the one?
Don’t be to hard on yourself in finding as we call as “the one”. If he/she has no intentions to stay, you can always have yourself, and you are special no matter what! Believe that your heart has to let go and your mind can help this process with exploring the goals that you want to achieve!

• Is he/she your dream come true?
A dream is a wish your heart made..., maybe this is the time for you to think that not all wishes are granted for the sake of something… Every kids wish that they can have candies every single minute, but we all know it’s not the wish that we can fulfill!

• Is he/she the one that you can call precious?
Precious means something that we consider as very valuable or the thing that we wanted the most. How about yourself? Loving yourself, be good to yourself and cherish who you are and everything about you is never a selfish thing to do. Think about what you have reached, recognize the greatness outcome of what you had done in your life, no one deserve this “precious” as a title but YOU!

• Is he/she the one that we can call as “mine”?
Have you tried to feel the stanza when a person that you don’t know very well comes to you and share his/her deepest thoughts with you by coincidence? Possess the thought that you have no power to keep someone to stay and be yours forever. God has many ways to separate people, but having the thought that you can be the one for people to turn to will always be the power to strengthen your heart and mind that having someone as you can call as “mine” is not an important necessity anymore…

Finally, after some hours of crying session or after you ate a bucket of ice cream, I wish you all to have the courage to believe that you can always have the strength to keep on moving forward and believe that you will encounter the beauty of life along the journey, by having the balance and the wisdom to manage what you feel inside your heart and what you sense with your mind…

God bless you all, with love…
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

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