Saturday, 4 June 2011

Intimacy: the state of being intimate (the note)

In time we find that in someone’s arms we can feel the world, hearing someone’s heartbeat next to ours makes us feel alive, and feeling someone’s warm touch makes us believe in love. All of these encounters are one of the mysteries of life that we lived since the beginning of human’s civilization. It started a couple, then this couple grew a family, and from a family, a group of people with same interests and dreams built a village, and from there, humans discovered new things in life not just to survive but also to expand their world and enriched their life with the beauty around them.

So, what makes the world turns around? What makes humans evolve? What makes a man strong enough to go to war and protect their country? What makes a vine grows grape and present us the fruit of mother earth? The answer to these questions is intimacy…

For humans started to become intimate with the world, knows every inch and the use of every single stone and dirt, recognizing cultures and unites others. Our planet is not just turns around by cosmic power, but the actual intimacy between humans and earth, makes the world keep turning around.

Humans as the greatest creature that God created evolve for they have the recollection about love, and the intimacy in love created a better person, an intimate love between mothers and their children grew strong and gentle hearts, an intimate caress between fathers and their sons creates unity and courage. And of course, the intimacy to each others drives us to keep our existence, makes us strong to fight the cruelness of nature and climate, and for the love of our life, we built and created so many things beyond our imagination for thousands of years.

The love, the intimacy, and the feeling of belonging make a man march and go to wars, protect their loved ones, their land, their houses, and whatever they were intimate to, since they took the first breath of their lives.

Great wine came from great harvest of grapes, and a vine is a plant that requires love and intimacy from its farmers, it demands tender touch and warm intimate sun ray to grow, and from these intimate and tender caring, grapes grow and produce the juice that we handle with care and patience to become a good wine. The wine that consumed by kings and great men, as it is consumed by so many people and become the symbol of human’s intimacy with the earth. (Ancient Aztec had to ask for the Four Winds approval to harvest grapes).

Being closed with someone is not just a physical terms, holding each other so tight makes a better human, we are who we are because of the love that grows stronger every moment we touch the person we love. We touch each other with our hopes, our devotion, our faith in love and our passion to believe that we meant to someone.That is why humans make love, born and grow from love, we’re not just releasing our needs and keeping our existence with physical touches, even a handicapped child could grow like other children in the hands of loving and intimate environment.

Two people in love could just hold each other, do nothing, say no words but still they can feel thousands of hopes and each other’s dreams. Or two lovers apart by thousands of miles could feel so closed at night for the intimate thoughts that they have before they closed their eyes and whispers the name of their love ones. A man could not see other beauty for he has the intimate smile that he saw every morning, or an intimate voice that he heard every time the woman that he love calls his name. And a woman could not see other greatness for she has the intimate strength every time she cries and feel so helpless in her lover’s arms.

Love is worthless without the encounter of intimacy, a mother’s love is nothing without her warm good night kisses to her children, a father’ love is empty without his tender hands to hold his loved ones, a lover’s kiss is just a routine without the actual intimate feelings between each other. God lead us to be intimate and close to each other, and without realizing it, God always wants to be intimate with us through the people we love, sometimes we don’t realize that we do miss to be intimate with Him too…, feel the greatness of His love in the morning when we took our deep breath, encounter His kindness when we lend a hand to others in need, experience His love by loving and be faithful to the person that we share our dreams with, and taste His tenderness by understanding and listen to each other.

Love and intimacy will never walk separately, and they both not just words for anyone who realize that life do starts from the knowledge and the awareness that we all need to build our love and intimate relationship with our loved ones, over and over again, just like the sun that never comes late to shine every single day.

I’ve walk alone, and the moment true love finds me,
I will never let it go…
No one can take it away, because I know,
My true love will always be forever mine…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul wrote this sometime last year...

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