Saturday, 4 June 2011

The remembrance of how innocent love can be...

People fall in love for many reasons, and love have so many faces, although love it self is a very beautiful thing in life, if there is any disappointments in loving someone, don’t blame love and just like learning to ride a bicycle, every time you fall, get up, and get back to the saddle and start paddling again.

Cry all night for you lost him/her, write down everything that you love or you hate about him/her, buy a bucket of ice cream and eat it in one time, or do anything that you used to do whenever you feel down.
But don’t let your sorrow took your true love away!

And whenever you decided to share this true love of yours with someone, love him/her but still remember that he/she is still a different person that stays in your heart, even though he/she’s probably yours, but still he/she is has a life before he/she met you, and when you adjust with true love as your guide, try to feel each other in silence, while you’re looking at each other without saying anything or while you try to hear each other’s heart beat and sense the texture of each other’s skin.

And maybe, you’ll find that stillness is the best point to stand and to start, for you’ll fall in love with the same person over and over again.

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