Saturday, 4 June 2011

Have you ever ask God?


Then you might hear He answers through your heart…

Why do you have doubts ?
When will you learn that I love YOU as the apple of My eyes ?
How could you gain hope if you don’t believe ?
Where is the end of every road id you stop walking ?

So many times we have so many questions, for we all just humans…
But please , oh my dear friend, having faith is not always hoping for answers for every questions, but the strength to believe that somehow, God speaks to us from the most simple gift that we’ve encountered through our entire journey as a human being.
Start with the first deep breath that you took every morning when you open your eyes, to the sweet greetings of the stars upon the sky that you’ve witnessed before you close your eyes to sleep…

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
October 22nd 2008

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