Sunday, 5 June 2011

The whisper of a teardrop

Have you ever asked why we shed tears? Even for some tribes or clans, the rain is considered to be God's tears, falling to the earth, and maybe it was spread out by the wise to remind us that even God can cry by looking at what we have done in our life. We could experience something out of our control and sometimes, these out of control things are so painful, just like a sphere stabbed to our fragile heart. And the only thing that we couldn't help is to hold up the tear that came out of our eyes. But have you ever thought about how God also let us to experience to cry for happiness?

Life is cruel enough to let us cry for the happiness that seems to be in front of our eyes but somehow, we know that this happiness won't last or maybe, it will never be ours. But then again, look deeper...

I'm blessed by so many things, I'm blessed by the laughter as much as by tears, I'm blessed by the tender touch of my best friend's hand when she cried in front of the church, not more than an hour after she said her vows. Just like the tears that I shed the moment I had to stand in front so many people with so many questions in my head, "Am I doing the right thing?", "Where will all these scenarios lead me to?", or "I don't know whether I want to be here or not, so help me Lord!".

Even in this loneliness of mine I can see that I'm not alone, I still can see the love in my surroundings. I still can hear the laughter that my best friend and I had back in our teenage years, and somehow, it had been the reminder to me that I am loved. God had showed me in so many ways to cherish every hour in my life as His great painting of me. And giving up will never be an option! For I know that no matter what, I will always find a new strength, a new path to go through and yes, sometimes, life is so unfair, but I believe, we still can learn something in this unfairness and yet, feel the love of life inside of our heart!

So, when you are in the middle of the lowest point of your life, and you have no power to hold up your tears, try to listen to the whisper of your own teardrops. Unconsciously, you are listening to your heart more, you are magnifying your sensitivity of listening to what your deepest thoughts are whispering to you!

A woman might shed a tear when she kissed the man that she love the most, for she realized the things that only her heart has the knowledge of it. I was stunned one night by a song, sung by someone that I cherish so much, a tear fell down on my cheek and now I know, it wasn't a tear of my sad heart of missing him, it was a tear of joy, rejoicing to the Lord that I was loved in a beautiful way by someone! Maybe it's good for us to let our teardrop runs to our cheek, for we might not crying for something that we regretted, but for something that we praised for happening in our life.

Sometimes, we think we are strong because we can hold on, but strength lies in letting go, including letting go our soul and heart to be purified by crying. I said once, "Cry..., for crying is the proof that you are a real human being, you are not weak when you cry, let it go, let those tears fall and washed all of your sorrow, and learn to listen to the whispering sound of each teardrop, for you might growing the love in you and then you'll see and realize how far you've come and how big the strength given by God when you thought you are weak n fragile by the cause of shedding tears.

Be strong, but when you have to cry, just cry and let those tears whisper to you, let them strengthen you and remind you that you are pure, precious and loved by me and by our Lord. God be with you all, always...

With love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
January 26th 2010

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