Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Image of you

Have you ever seen an Elvis impersonator? Or a girl who walk, talk and act like Madonna? I read once that there was a time when many young women in USA tried to have a body like Britney Spears has, they tried to do the exercises that Britney did, some people even asked their Plastic Surgeon Doctors to change some part of their body to gain the similarity with their idol.

Many people had made big mistakes in looking at their own image. How’s your heart look at your vision today? When you wake up this morning, what do you see in YOU? Was it your problems or your burden? Are you focusing on what you are or what you are not? Are you looking at your own image as a complete person or a person that need to change in so many parts? The way you think on who you are and what you can become have a tremendous impact to start a day. You have to learn to see yourself as a complete person that has a positive energy in every way. You may not as pretty as Catherine Zeta Jones or as cute as Brad Pitt, but you are YOU! You may have no possessions on great or expensive things, or maybe you’re not an important person, but you are YOU and you are SPECIAL in a way!

Maybe all these times, you have looked at the wrong side of you, by this reason, you might had treated yourself the wrong way too. Changes are good, as long as you do it for the sake of your existence and the growth of yourself, not because you want to be someone else. Everyone have the right to reach their dreams, stretch up your life and abilities by reaching your deepest thoughts and dreams, love and cherish yourself and enjoy who you are. With that you can expand your abilities and what you have been doing. But in order to do these things you have to change the image of yourself on the inside and these changes have to be according to you, not according to someone else.

This morning, some of my students "kidnapped" me (or should I say "teachernapped" hehehe...) all of them stand in a circle around me and take me here and there, when I managed to escape, they chased me and other students were laughing looking at all of us. We had a wonderful time and suddenly I remembered my conversation with a friend the day before. He said that sometimes, when he talked to me, he had difficulties to decide, whether he was talking to a woman or a little girl. But then when he read one of my note, he said that I'm definitely a woman, and when we had a discussion about this, I told him that I'm enjoying my other side as a little girl, so he has a point when he said that I talk and see things like a little girl sometime.

And to be honest, I like that part of me, I believe that having our child side inside can help us to see things in a positive way. I wrote once:

I’m glad that somewhere out there, someone still have the reminiscence of how innocent our heart were created by God… Having the trust that everything happens for its own reason and keep on believing that we have someone to lay our faith and hope, and the courage to believe that every reason needs a strong heart to survive, will always be the strength for us to acknowledge that even thought the doors were closed, we could still find a window and see the sun rise of a new day, new hope and a brand new happiness…

(quoted from: Things are getting better and better)

Today I realize, this is my image…A woman with a little girl inside, and I don’t know why, I’m happy with that! I’m happy with the fact that I’m a bit naive sometimes, and see things through the eyes of a little kid. Life is already full of desperation and disappointments, and maybe many adults have no recollection about this: “You can always have the courage if you see things through your innocence point of view, for an innocent heart have the power to think positively and have no hesitation in look things deeper”.

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
April 15th 2009

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