Monday, 24 December 2012

The BEST of ME

Some say, there's no such things as coincidence,
everything happens for its own particular both describable or undescribable reason.

Days start as normal days, the sun rises from the east, the birds chirp upon the branch of trees and sing the song of life. None of them ever failed a single day to fulfill their duty as the signature of a new beginning.

Well, we all make mistakes, we all shed tears due to painful occurrences. But that's life, we all know that it takes a moment of showering by the rain to witness a rainbow. It requires a certain moment of serenity for a caterpillar to be a beautiful butterfly. 

So, don't see how things were if it might cause you disappointments, embrace the blessing of new opportunities authorised by the sun-ray at the break of dawn, whisper our words of gratitude for new chances to hold up our chin and smile for the new quest that we can start in this wondrous uncertain world.

We can be miserable or we can be cheerful about anything at all, the choice is entirely ours, none can make the assessment but us!

So, in this normal, ordinary day....
Let me treasure who you are, let me learn from you, oh tender morning breeze...
Let me feel the embrace of your love and bless you before you depart...
Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow, for what I have now is the grand design of great blessings and discoveries of wisdom and strength...
Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so...
Let me enjoy this moment of being recharged by this wondrous warmth feeling inside when I  look at you, oh mighty sky...

And now...
Let us continue this journey....

For tonight, I will stretch both of my arms wide and raise it to the sky and once again, want...more than all the world....YOUR RETURN...

Written by Lisa F Sitompul
December 24th, 2012

Bagimu, wahai IBU...

Oh, Wanita...

Yang pastinya juga terlahir sebagai insan yang tak sempurna..

Diberkatilah engkau, karena siapa dirimu telah menjadikan banyak 'seseorang' yang begitu berguna bagi sekelilingnya..

Diberkatilah engkau, karena perbuatan-perbuatan tak berartimu telah menciptakan Karya-karya besar yang melengkapi hidup dan menyentuh banyak jiwa..

Diberkatilah engkau, karena doa-doa dalam malammu yang hening telah menyulam kembali semua harapan dalam hati-hati yang terkoyak karena kecewa..

Diberkatilah engkau, karena sentuhan tangan lemahmu telah menguatkan begitu banyak raga yang mampu bangkit untuk berjuang lagi dan menuai asa...

Yang kau lakukan tidak penting..
Sama seperti udara yang tak tampak, yang memastikan bahwa kita tetap hidup dan bernafas..

Yang kau lakukan tidaklah istimewa, sama seperti debur ombak yang tak pernah lelah menyapa dan mengecup sang pantai..

Perjuanganmu tidaklah hebat, sama seperti perjuangan sebuah biji padi utk hidup dan tumbuh, bersemi dan berbuah..

Dalam setiap sentuhanmu selalu ada janji yang tak terucap..

Dalam setiap ucapmu selalu ada doa yang tak terdengar...

Dan semua terangkai dalam segala kebaikan, keindahan dan kemuliaan yang sering tak disadari oleh banyak manusia..

Karena pagi selalu datang, tanpa ada yg menyadari bahwa itu adalah janji yang takkan diingkari oleh sang matahari..

Tiada kata, ucapan atau syair yang akan mampu untuk melukiskan betapa berharganya dirimu...

Dan betapa kehidupan di bumi ini diberkati oleh seorang insan sederhana yang hanya dipanggil dengan sebutan:

Selamat hari IBU bagi wanita Indonesia..
With love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
December 22nd, 2012

Monday, 17 December 2012

Love is like a storm

Let it pour, let if fall, let it drop...

~ When what we only hear is just rain drops...

Embrace the feeling of being showered with wondrous melodies of uncertainties...
Listen to the tune, let your soul be washed by the tenderness of indescribable discoveries...

Cherish what we've experienced instead of crying to what we've been missing...
Profound the serenity of understanding instead of asking the questions that lead to nowhere but to the path of agonising...

~ When the thundering claps of bumping clouds scramble the harmony of the pouring water..

Don't close your curtain, don't run under your bed..
Witness the dance of lights, discover the golden linings, look ahead..

When you're officially missing the warmth and the clarity of sky by the beam of the sunlight...
Draw the lines in between the clouds, let your heart enjoy the things beyond what you can call as a sight...

~ Let it rain...

~ Let the session of showering...

~ Let it be the crouching shouts that break the peaceful sky...

~ Let it awakes the sleeping seeds of new beginnings within lives...

~ Let it tingles our quivering skins, longing for the warm and tender embrace...

And in the end...

~ Let it be the reminder for us..that the changes of the wind can bring so much to lives instead of taking things away...

Shall it rain...
Shall our souls see the beauty of the rebirth of light...


Always, with love...
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
December 17th, 2012

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Could have been so easy
To have lived my life so different
And to follow down the road
Of wandering despair
Then like a wave of sunshine
You appeared just lake a vision
And opened up your heart
And made me live again

You're all I ever wanted in a miracle
You make my life so wonderful
With everything you do
You're all I ever wanted in a miracle
I do...
Believe that there's a reason to love

At night as I lay sleeping
I forget that you are near me
And awake to find you lying
So close and so secure
I've never had this feeling
Of such deep profound devotion
It beckons to my soul
And fills my heart with love

You're all I ever wanted in a miracle
You make my life so wonderful
With everything you do
You're all I ever wanted in a miracle
I do...
Believe that there's a reason to love

Like a boit of deadly lightning flashing through my mind
I remember the time that I was oh, so alone
So baby, don't go, don't go. 

*MIRACLE by. Gordon*

The existence of this word is beyond anyone's imagination....
But what made it so certain?
To find the answer to this, we must turn our attention away from the age's theory about itself; those billowing pattern of ideas and notions that are so easy to get lost in, and look down at the ground from which it has sprang as seeds of something wondrous.

Miraculous Serendipity...
A series of mannerisms and uncertain unexpected events in that way filled the old form of meanings to both words; just as the capitals of classical columns of things happened merged with one another, can we really explain how and why these things occur in our lives? The most logical explanation to this term are constantly measured against the concepts of classical philosophy about acquaintance and relationship. But still, no perfect explanation could actually describe this occasion; and another amazing fact is, the idea of miraculous serendipity it like ghost stories; many talk about it, but only a very few people actually experienced it.

But when miracle and serendipity were established in certain people's lives, they blended, neutralized into something unique and wonderfully new. Something constructed in an unexpected transformation and filled with the idea of 'divine' in the true feelings within. 

Questions like:
"Why me...."
"What did you have in mind when..."
"Have you any idea, why did we bump into each other in this abnormal, unexpected and such incomprehensible way? 

....will reach the understanding of:
"Only God knows...."

And for myself, in between this wonderful opportunity to experience this Miraculous Serendipity...

I have no demand on how things will lead my life into certain destination, I'm simply enjoying where I am at and what I am having now....
For what's coming next will always considered as GIFTS of life, 
cause it was driven by something tender, as tender as the spring breeze. 
And  the union of souls was discovered by something wonderful, 
as wonderful as the excitement of discovering sparkling drops of dew on a spiderweb at the break of dawn....

With love, 
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
December 8th 2012

Sunday, 2 December 2012


is knowing that what you've left behind has given so much to those that you care so dearly...

is experiencing something sincere and tender in a gentle way...

is feeling the excitement of uncertainties, but still have a strong faith upon it...

is possessing the ability to cherish the simplest things in life as great gifts...

is having the opportunity to learn the things that we fear the most...

is walking with someone even though we have no idea on the destination; believe that the journey is the blessing of togetherness...

In the end...
Happiness is not about be with the one that we love so dearly, it's about giving our best to them...
Happiness is not about holding on, it's about letting go and let our prayers be the light for those who we love to see in their quest...
Happiness is not about walking with someone with visible beauty for the world to see, it's about being with someone that we can come to talk about anything and see the true beauty in our souls....
And Happiness is certainly not the idea of being together all the time...,
it's about sharing dreams and thoughts even though we're far apart.
And when we're together..
Every single moment becomes a divine blissful gift filled with wisdom and wondrous of life....

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


“Next” doesn’t sound like a motto to live by. It doesn’t make for an epic battle cry or moving political campaign slogan. But it was and still is my personal mantra that I used every day since I was growing up. Every single day that passed kind of giving me the feeling, "okay... what's NEXT?" instead of regretting on what had happened.

So, why am I telling you this? Who has any kind of concern in what I have within which I considered to be my personal mantra? I’m sharing this with you because it’s a philosophy that has carried me from nowhere to where I am today.  While I acknowledge that you can learn a great deal from historical precedents, I think we all spend too much time and energy looking backward.  The successes or failures of your past don’t define you.  It’s the ability to turn the page to the next, better chapter.

Take my life for an example, If I had paid attention to my "life indicators", a little girl with ADHD, an orphan, a victim of a physical and psychological abusive marriage; who knows where I would be. Certainly not here, sharing my opinion on life.

And when I decided to leave a certain condition and started a new chapter of my life, most people, well best to say, "the world" demanded me to stay put. And when other people with regular lives are moving up and thought that they have reached certain satisfactory points. I was drawing my own map, blazing my own trail with one single thing in mind after the end of everything, "What's NEXT"??

What was going to be the next great leap after the fall?
What was going to be the next great thought to think about after a certain misunderstanding?
What was going to be the next great step to take after a series of wrong turns in my life?
What was going to be the next idea after the failure of another idea?
What was going to be the next to build after a certain destructive condition?
What was going to be the next to grow after a certain lost?
Again, it was the same question: "What's NEXT" that actually managed to force me to keep moving forward, and somehow.., every end of something became a great beginning of something else too, and another statement will be: "I'm just getting started".

My point is, if you’re looking for an excuse to fail, you will always find one. Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem celebrating the wins. Victories are blessings, they instill the confidence within us that propels us forward. But remember, just don't trip on your victory lap if I may say though...

To some, “next” may come off as a dismissal. To me, it’s the catalyst for endless possibilities.  As a builder and a developer, my job is not done when the deal is closed. It’s about constantly watching  the road ahead.

Well...OK then, that's enough from me today...

Always, with love
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
November 21st, 2012

Friday, 16 November 2012

Bukan DUNIA tapi kita


My precious, 

Kebahagiaan akan datang padamu saat engkau PERCAYA, bila selama ini jiwamu tertekan dan teraniaya oleh orang-orang yang mengatasnamakan cinta untuk menjeratmu, tetaplah merangkul mereka dalam doa
, walau kini mereka murka karena engkau berani berbalik dan melangkah pergi. Tetaplah mengampuni mereka yang begitu pandainya menciptakan drama seolah yang terjadi adalah yang sebaliknya dan menumpahkan segala kebencian dan membuat seolah engkau yang telah menyakiti mereka karena engkau telah memiliki keteguhan untuk pergi dan mengatakan 'TIDAK' pada apa yang mereka inginkan.

Tidak mudah mendapatkan hidup kita kembali, terutama setelah kehidupan kita terenggut selama entah berapa lama dan diselimuti oleh kebohongan dan manipulasi. Namun saat kita mampu mengambil keputusan untuk melangkah, bersukacitalah karena akhirnya kita bisa kembali menjadi insan Allah yang utuh, dan semua yang mungkin pernah terenggut dan
segala sesuatu yang tampaknya telah diselimuti oleh kebohongan dan manipulasi selama bertahun-tahun, lenyaplah sudah. 

Bila dunia tidak setuju dengan apa yang kita rasakan, itu bukan karena dunia kejam atau tidak adil,
dunia hanya tidak mengerti bahwa apa yang kita rasakan itu mempengaruhi segala sesuatu dalam hidup kita yang secara perlahan menghancurkan diri kita sendiri. 

Bila dunia seolah mengatakan kita egois, hal itu bukanlah karena dunia tidak peduli dan acuh tak acuh akan apa yg kita rasakan; dunia hanya tidak mengetahui saat kita hidup dalam kepedihan panjang yang tidak tampak secara kasat mata di depan
dunia, dan dunia tidak menyaksikan bahwa jiwa kita hancur perlahan hingga bahkan kesehatan kitapun hancur sedikit demi sedikit, dunia hanya akan berkata, "Kasihan dia" tanpa mampu berbuat apa-apa atau bahkan mengurangi rasa sakit itu.

Bila dunia tidak sependapat dengan langkah akan kita ambil, bukanlah karena dunia ingin menentang kita,
dunia hanya tidak merasakan apa yang kita rasakan, betapa pedihnya rasa duri yang menancap di telapak kaki kita selama kita melangkah dalam dalam tekanan, kebohongan dan manipulasi itu.

Karena, selama ini...
Bukan dunia yang menutupi segala sesuatu demi ini dan itu.

Bukan dunia yang merasakan bahwa beban itu jadi makin berat karena setiap harinya muncul obligasi baru yang semakin menjerat. 

Bukan dunia yang merasakan bahwa selama ini beban itu jadi makin menyiksa karena selain kita harus alami semua kekejian dan berkompromi atas apa yang dilakukan oleh orang yang menguasai hidup kita dengan menciptakan kondisi yang mereka inginkan; kita juga harus bersikap seolah semua baik-baik saja dan kita seolah tampak menikmati siksaan itu.  

Bukan dunia yang harus bersandiwara didepan siapapun bahwa kita
seolah mencintai seseorang hanya karena orang itu mencintai kekuasaannya atas kita.

Bukan dunia yang meraskaan siksaan keharusan itu walau jiwa kita berontak atas kekejaman yang dilakukan atas hidup kita dengan mengatasnamakan cinta.

Bukan dunia yang harus berjuang untuk menyenangkan orang-orang yang menguasai hidup kita.

Bukan dunia yang akhirnya tersakiti secara batin dan mencoba menikmatinya
; yang pada akhirnya lama kelamaan menjadi racun yang menggerogoti jiwa dan fisik kita.

Juga... Bukan dunia yang harus menjaga sesuatu dan bertahan dalam kondisi yang telah dipelintir oleh orang-orang yang memiliki kuasa atas kita karena mampu memanfaatkan kita sebaik mungkin selama periode waktu tertentu.

Dan kini....
Bukan dunia yang harus berhadapan dengan kenyataan bahwa yang benar adalah apa yang dikatakan oleh mereka yang telah menguasai hidup kita selama entah berapa lama, namun berbahagialah engkau yang berani mengambil keputusan menentang semua dengan satu pengertian bahwa Allah mengerti dan mengenal hati kita.

Dan walau kini engkau dihujat...
di sakiti...
bahkan dipersalahkan akan segala sesuatu...


Bahwa semakin engkau direndahkan, semakin mulialah engkau di hadapanNYA.

Bahwa semakin pandai mereka mengumbar drama kehidupannya dan menempatkanmu sebagai tokoh si ‘jahat’, semakin hati dan jiwamu berbahagia karena engkau melakukan apa yang engkau yakini, sedangkan mereka sedang bersusah payah menyenangkan penonton drama kehidupannya.

Dan semua rangkaian kejadian yang tampak menyakitkan ini hanya sebuah proses yang semakin menguatkanmu, semakin membuat engkau bersyukur karena engkau telah keluar dari sebuah kondisi yang selama ini selalu kau turuti dan ikuti, semakin membuat engkau menyadari bahwa engkapun punya hak hidup dan hak berkarya yang sama dengan orang lain, engkau bukanlah sekedar sosok penggembira dan pemuas keinginan orang-orang tertentu, bahwa engkau bukanlah orang yang tidak bersyukur atas keindahan yang juga tetap muncul di tengah jeratan itu, dan engkau tetap berjuang untuk tetap membuat keindahan itu indah dan memukau dengan caramu yang tetap mengandalkan kasih sayang sebagai dasar dalam melakukan apapun yang ingin kau lakukan, bukan sesuai dengan apa yang diinginkan oleh orang-orang yang ingin menguasaimu.

Sehingga akhirnya kelak, engkau akan menyadari,

Hanya jiwa yang matilah yang berdiam dalam kondisi-kondisi yang selama ini telah engkau jalani...

Kini, saat engkau telah berbalik dan mengerahkan tenagamu untuk meraih apa yang telah lama ingin kau raih, mungkin engkau harus melawan arus yang teramat kuat, mungkin engkau harus melewati rintangan yang tidak terbayangkan oleh banyak orang, mungkin engkau akan harus menjalani penghakiman sosial dan dianggap manusia yang berbeda dengan sekelilingmu...

Well, in my opinion....
The difference between ORDINARY and EXTRAORDINARY is that little EXTRA in between, and who knows, that you can be more than EXTRA by being DIFFERENT...

With love, 
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
November 16th, 2012

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I wrote yesterday,

I found two interesting things yesterday morning,

"When someone asks you to walk with him/her for a mile, do it for two miles instead... Who knows what will happen along the way n what will impact your life during the journey."

"When you can hate someone by any reason at all, be the exceptional to impact lives by compromising, let go of hatred and forgive... Be kind n put your best effort in building relationship to others as a service n contribution to life."

How can I relate these two things into something that actually able to influence my life in a positive way, and perhaps, able to impact other people's lives too. The first thing was shared by Gaylord, one of the speakers of “Entrepreneurship with Purposes” Training. Well, I continued the statement with what was the possibility that might appear after we do something ‘more’ as explained by Gaylord.

I’m extremely blessed by Gaylord’s story about a man, Fred Share. It is amazing to know that a simple Mail Man called Fred Shaw could actually do something to many people in a very simple and sincere way. Not many still use real mails to send letters, mails nowadays is related to sending things instead of letters; meanwhile, there are many chain supply companies that actually provide the same services. In short, what Fred does for a living is certainly not a popular thing! No high education level is required to be mail men, as long as we can read properly, have a healthy physical condition, able to coordinate addresses and willing to walk or drive here or there; any of us can be a mail man. So, by this fact, when everyone can be a mail man, is this occupation is an un-important job?

And Gaylord stated:
“There’s no un-important job while many people think that they do something un-important!”

I was thinking the moment Gaylord mentioned that statement, and it has given me the peace of mind upon some things that actually happened in my life recently. What have been said by Gaylord kind of giving me the motivation to break in and walk through a wondrous wilderness of uncertainty an extra mile away; and this has given me the courage to make a decision upon something that I fear for quite sometimes; which is meeting someone that had caused quite big un-comprehendible issues in my life.

One of my dearest friends, Charles; calls me ‘Blessing Lisa’.
I don’t really know why he chose that nick name for me, I was quite hard to him during his most difficult times, I even pretended to look at the other way around when he needed me the most by giving me him the terms and conditions on what he should do in order to talk to him as friends that we used to be. And that action didn’t make Charles to leave me as a friend of changed my name into: “Dreadful Lisa’. Instead, Charles kept on reaching me and tried to show me that he was, he still is and he will always be a good friend with one understanding:

‘She was being so hard on me because she wanted me to stand up and move on with my life without any regrets and let go of the pain within me...’
And by this, I believe that Charles has forgiven me for some of the actions that I applied upon our friendship, and unconsciously, Charles has also taught me about a different form of forgiveness related to the visions, missions, objectives and plans in our lives. In Short, we both blessed by problem occurred in our lives, we both blessed by our disagreements and we both blessed by the different paths that we had taken in which, eventually, it had led us to the same destination! And away from our awareness, both of Charles and I had taken an extra mile in sharing and giving to each other.

So, get the picture now?
Going the extra mile is strongly related to forgiveness. Maybe for some situations it will be just accompanying someone in getting through something, but have you ever think about something that you might learn along the way?
And this is a real life, my friend... Most of the times, bad things, unfair things or perhaps unpleasant events actually occur in our lives or those who walks with us along the way. And it’s quite normal if most of us would say or think, “It’s none of my concern”, but I have learned that by a simple and small sincere caring, we can create a beyond compare outcome. It may give better impact to someone’s life or even ours!

Developing something in our lives requires us to communicate, interact and relate properly with every aspects in our lives. Not many people think that this can impact our lives so much, how we see our perspective, how we coordinate our priorities, or maybe, how we solve problems in our lives?
Communicate in a positive way leads us to better understandings, interact in a positive way leads us to better solutions and by maintaining relationship in a good and positive way, it will improve the quality of every aspects in our lives both personally and professionally.

By this, I truly have come to the understanding that by giving a little bit more, putting a greater effort into something in which is ‘going an extra mile’; combined with the positive mind set and the attitude by possessing the sincere ‘forgiveness’ behaviour, we can build better communications to interact in a healthy way in order to maintain our relationship with our loved ones, friends, family, colleagues or even our business partners. A very inspiring statement, ‘simple things are great and great things are simple’ is so easy to comprehend when we see things in our lives through positive perspectives, apply it into our lives in a positive way and share it to our surrounding in a very positive way too. Hopefully, we can do more, share more and dare to inspire more through simple ways in our lives to actually improve our inner quality and values, strengthen our integrity and enrich our sensitivity to our surrounding.

In the end, I wish us all to dare to ‘go an extra mile’ and share more ‘forgiveness’ in our lives; and hopefully, we all can be this positive energy, the positive 'cancer' that inspire and multiply people’s will to do more, to give more to lives, dare to impact more in other people’s lives in reaching better things in our lives.

Always with love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
August 8th 2012

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cross or Burn the Bridge

I always say,
'A day only lasts 24 hours, a day will always end at a certain time as it will  always starts with new hope and new beginnings...
So, hold on a little bit more, defeat your fear and make peace with your pain, embrace your life and love yourself a little bit more each day.."

A single step can change the pattern of our path, a single turn can create a whole different course in our lives; and I just wrote;
"Good decisions come from experiences, even the worst ones.. And believe me most of the time, Precious experiences come from Bad Decisions."

Considering these facts...
Does a bad decision make any of us a lesser person that we truly are?
Do precious experiences turn us to better persons?

Quite confusing, don't you think?

And amazingly, we should never be able to avoid the fact that the hardest thing to learn in life is to decide which bridge to cross and which to burn. Disappointment, Confusion and Doubts are the instruments of life that will always be attached in our existence on this planet, whether we like it or not...

I know it is not easy to train our heart to believe that even in the worst moment of our lives, there might be a tapestry of greatness beyond our mind to comprehend. 
Do we need to understand it directly?
Well, perhaps there are sometimes in our lives require us to surrender to our limitation in understanding things and simply moving on and moving up, giving our best and contribute something more, eventually... things will work out beyond our expectations.

And acceptance brings up to greater beginnings...
And letting go is just another best way to embrace life more, another way to tell the world and our loved ones, "I love you" over and over again...

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday...
with love,

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
July 31st, 2012

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Blessed by greater things to comprehend

I can't stop the sun from shining after a break of the dawn as much as I can't stop the leaves to fall down to earth when the season changed from sunny days into autumn...

I can't stop the planet from revolving and the turning of the stars above the sky as much as I can't stop the wind from blowing to where it wants to blow...

I said once that I am blessed by the crumbs of bread instead of the bread...
For bread might safe us from hunger, while crumbs of bread have the power to safe us from desperations...

I just wrote this morning, 
"Looking through things in common ways provide us common things in life...
While looking things through the essential beauty of life in imperfections gives us something beyond..."

I don't need a perfect day to start to actually have the ability to share and inspire the world in my surrounding, I don't really need a perfect condition to understand different matters in my life and I certainly need no explanations to things that crossed my mind. There are the times in our lives that we can just sit and listen to things in our surrounding, to the sound of the wind, to the songs played in the radio, or simply listen to our own hearbeat. Give it a time to entertain yourself in silence and loneliness. Focus on what's within you instead of torturing yourself with guilt and desperations that leads to no end!

I couldn't stop expressing my gratitude to God for He has allowed so many amazing things happened in my life. I learned so much to let go in order to embrace new opportunities and greater chance to be a better person. Extra-ordinary things only happen to extra-ordinary people; I don't really need a further explanation that leads to better understandings upon this matter.

I have learned that by our innocent and sincere nature we can learn so much things in life. Surrender to the facts and say to ourselves, "Let it be", then simply move on, this attitude might strengthen us to simply "Move UP" too...
Remember that Harbours are made for ships to rest its anchors, but that's not why ships were built! So, prepare yourself for another voyage and believe that whatever come next, you'll be ready to face any kind of storms at all...

Bring into play the almighty power within you, so that on the  stage of life you can fulfill your high destined role. Believe that possessing the joy in looking through things in a different point of view and possessing the ability to comprehend things in wiser ways are the God's best gift of life; this may lead us more to things beyond our imaginations. It is entirely our choice whether we want to respond to miracles in our surrounding to actually acknowledge them as miracles instead of disasterous events!

So, the choice is ours...
And this is simply the best way to see things as inspirations to our lives and our surroundings...
For giving is so much more than receiving, cause we will always be blessed by greater things to comprehend....

Always with love, 
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
June 12th, 2012

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It may sounds so sad ,but then again... Maybe it's good to embrace the pain..

Something that I wrote yesterday morning,

A Genuine forgiveness is when 
* we don't deny our anger,
* deal with the facts caused by pain and hurt occurred,
* feel the sorrow over the circumstances,
* cry your heart out when you can't get the answers to this n that,

but then..wipe up your tears and believe to the great virtue of the brave,given by God. 
It's the best way to embrace your strength and freedom to simply carry on your life with a great tender love within.. 


Somehow, I kind of feeling that I do aware that our last kiss didn't feel right,
and deep inside, I kind of realising that I will never win this fight.

But then again, this is not a fight at all, this simply something that I can compromise.
While you said, "There's no such happiness without certain struggles and tears of cries".

Someone told me once to be good to myself and be kind to my life, cause this life is the only thing that I have to call as my own.
And this early morning, I found out that I have no one to turn to, I have no one to come and I am totally alone.

Now you tell me, my love....Where can I go from this point of agony?
Who can I call to ease this pain within that kills me so softly?
I woke up after not more than four hours of sleeping, sitting alone and think, "Where am I going from this point of nowhere in this wilderness?"
Then another question popped out, "Why can I be such a bad person and did so many cruelness?"

I never asked God to actually give me what I want.
Cause I know that I have nothing to ask, I just have so many things to vaunt.
Deep inside, I said to Him, "Will you keep him stay just a little longer around me, oh dear Lord?"
But then each time you walked away, I was the one who sat and left behind to realise that your love is something that I won't be able to afford.

This would sound so pathetic, and this is not me at all, or perhaps, the little Lisa who got lost somewhere in the middle of her own heart?
Or, on contrary... This is the point that I have to stand strong and keep on moving forward, leave all behind, simply take a depart?
I never thought of thinking that you're too selfish to acknowledge that what left for me is nothing but pain.
But then again... I sat in silence in this middle of dying inside session and begged for a little strength from God to regain.

Once again I ask you my love...
Why am I here? How can I carry on with this thought  of emptiness within me?
What can I do ? Who would care that I also need a little light to help me to see?
And What if....
What if I just walk away?
Perhaps God would be kind enough to give me a little love within me to carry on...
Maybe He would be generous enough to let me walk in this endless search of something that actually foregone.

And I foreseen that you may not be able to come up with the answers to those questions of mine...
But that's alright, I can understand it perfectly that there are so many things in this life that we can't define.
If God requires me to be a lighthouse, then... THE LIGHTHOUSE shall I be...
And I have decided to stand in this point of stillness, and be grateful to enjoy the sky that paint your image as the only thing that I will see...

Written somewhere in Jakarta,
by Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
May 22nd, 2012

Friday, 11 May 2012

Simple Words to Inspire

A simple description upon how simple things in our lives are able to provide us so much inspirations and encouragements...
Started by why the ONE letter word: "I" has to be completed
by the powerful TWO-letter word:"WE"...
And the most poisonous THREE-letter: "EGO" has to be killed
in order to value the most used FOUR-letter word: "LOVE".
By keeping the most pleasing FIVE-letter word:  "SMILE",
we have the strength to share courage by introducing the SIX-letter word: "TENDER" in caring and sincere attentions.
We are also able to spread the greatness of hope by forming a strong generation with the most powerful SEVEN-letter word: "BELIEVE".
Therefore, we all have the duty to apply this wondrous EIGHT-letter word: “GUIDANCE”
to provide the world with something more with the most powerful NINE-letter word: “KNOWLEDGE”.
And teach ourselves with one of the most essential TEN-letter word: “CONFIDENCE”
to put a little more trust to ourselves by another substantial TEN-letter word: “CONTRIBUTE” and give the world a better tomorrow….
Have a pleasant day to all my dearest family and friends.
With Love, always….
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul.
11 May 2012

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bringing everything and more to life

In my opinion,
Hatred and Kindness are the things that I consider free in this world.
But hatred is applicable while kindness is ALWAYS PROFITABLE...

It's a true blessing when I have the courage to always believe that in all goodness that we share will bring us EVERY'THINK and MORE...

For our souls possess the will to think of something better to give to our surrounding...
And the will to bring greater things by our simple thoughts, empowered by the will to nurture our good will within can bring so much more to more lives even more in everything!!

I really love the term...
"Everything and more"
It represents a limitless measurement upon all that we can give...

And the word 'enough' belongs to something that we can possess...
And 'MORE' is the word to everything that we can share to inspire...

Wishing you all a fine and lovely Tuesday, filled with more greatness in all simple things we do in our lives.

God be with you...
Always, with love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
May 8th, 2012

Sunday, 6 May 2012

YOU, the exceptional edition

Let me know what you are grateful for in your life.

A day only lasts 24 hours..Let us learn to count our blessings instead of counting what we have lost during that precious moments. Each new day was given as a gift of life, hope and new opportunities...

I'm blessed by this will within me to share with you the understanding that the more we focus on an attitude of gratitude, the more blessed we become.

Most of the time, most people think that living a good life is having all the things that we want in life. While actually, living a good life filled with wisdom is having the ability to let go of things that are out of our reach but still, reaching out without putting a certain limit on the term of 'getting the best' things in life.

This can be applied by making a great effort, putting in a great deal of love and possessing a greater conscious -- reaching the best by giving your best...

By this, who knows, maybe God will let us encounter greater things along the way too and the process of reaching out may lead us to a greater virtue that can become the great strength to carry on.

Shall we all be the exceptional edition by accepting the fact that the best expectation in life is to have no expectations about anything in giving our best to guide, to nurture, to lead and be the inspiration of each simple greatness in life!

Have a pleasant and full of happiness Sunday to all.

With love,
Lisa Fransiska SitompulMay 6th, 2012

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The embraceable you

It’s quite difficult to understand things in life. Fair? Nothing really represents what’s fair if we connect things in our lives to what actually occurred.

And a dear friend just reminded me that I answered too many “I don’t know” to her questions upon things that happened to our other friends.

I simply replied her,
“It’s not that I don’t care, I don’t see people the way people use to look to each other, I never consider any bad things or despair as something bad. And when they don’t talk to me about anything, I guess, I have no concern to ask or to bother them with stupid questions that might put a new burden or perhaps new hard things to think about. If they willing to stay in silence and have their problems as their own possession, so be it… Being good to ourselves is very important, and it’s not selfish at all, babe… Take me or leave me, accept me for who I am or walk away, nothing will make me feel like I’m less of a person just because I don’t do things like people used to do. None of us have an obligation to fit anyone’s idea and change to fit anyone’s mold too. Change is not something that we ought to do cause anyone asked us to do, change is something that totally ours to decide to apply into our lives. ”

Suddenly she looked deep into my eyes and said,
“No wonder you have such an enjoyable life, it’s not that you don’t care, you’re one of the most caring people that I’ve ever known, but you really know when to stay away too,” We had a moment of looking at each other, and then I said, “But you can always come to me, darling… I have no fear in giving my best to assure the happiness that you deserve to possess. But still, I may hurt you when you do something stupid and put your soul conscious and happiness at stake. One day you’ll thank me for that,”

We both smiled and I guess she understood that what I’ve said may sound so cold and bitter, but I guess she realize perfectly that I have the ability to trade my life with the best thing that I possibly provide to those that I care so much. We can shed tears when we lost those who we love, but we can smile for they have lived, and we actually had the opportunity upon the acquaintance. We were blessed by the encounter of a personality that might teach us many things to face this life a little bit better.

We can always close our eyes and pray for those who we miss so much to come back, but we can also close our eyes and see all the things that they have left for us to cherish. Feel the blissful feeling upon the ability to be grateful to hold the unseen and embrace it as courage for us to carry on. And when someone actually came into our live, stay for awhile, but then left us behind with no particular explanation for our mind to comprehend, remember that this might be a blessing in disguise for us, for they have left footprints in our hearts, and we are never be the same person anymore, just make sure that we are a better person by this.

Please acknowledge
~ that when you remember me, you have carried something of which I am when I was with you…
~ if I have left some mark on whom I am on whom you are, it means that you can summon me back to your mind even though countless years and miles may stand between us…
~ as long as you remember me, I will never entirely lost, for your kindness in remembering me will remind me to actually exist in giving my best by this wonderful feeling within that I meant something to someone once.
~What we actually left behind is not what engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. And this also applied to the memories of those who have left me behind, each one of you have carved something beyond words can express.

 And after all are said and done, the word “CHERISH” has become the best word to remember that my life is full of excitements and joyful experiences. And losing those who I cherish so much has giving me the reminiscence that I can get through another 24 hours with a new hope with new beginnings attach to each seconds of my life, with or without those who I need or I love so much.

 In the remembrance of:
Pangeran Adil Sitompul (25 March 1947 – 20 Oct 1994)
Igor Stravinsky M Nainggolan (29 January 1966 – 26 March 2011)

God knows how I miss both of you, papa… mas Igor…
It never was and never will be easy for me to let both of you go… I can remember every touch, every embrace, every soft, short kisses, and every single great wisdom said by both of you.

And to you Mas Igor, thank you for holding me so tight when no one actually had the heart to look at me, and I will cherish each of your embrace as the strength for me to keep on believing that God created me to give the example to my surroundings to laugh often, respect those who in despair and give as much as affection that I possibly provide to my surroundings.

Thank you for calling me every night when no one actually aware that I’m still around…
Thank you for telling me that I’m so precious and how much papa loved me when I have doubts…
Thank you for asking me to keep on smiling and stay pretty…
Thank you for hugging me so tight each time I dropped by, you had managed to make it as my best reason to come back to you over and over again…

And to those who’s suffering from the pain of losing their loved ones… Be happy for the ability to feel, smile and believe that if we have the opportunity to meet them again, they will recognize us. And even though we have separated by death, believe that we can still see their faces, hear their voices and speak to them with the words spoken in our hearts.

Have a pleasant Sunday to all.
God be with each one of us.

With love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
March 25th 2012

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The excitement of uncertainties

When there’s a painful despair, full of guilt and regrets occurred in your life, remember that the scar of the pain might stay there, but the burden of guilt is something that you have to try to put down sometimes. You’d be amazed on how the action may give you the enlightenment of forgiveness upon yourself, and hopefully, it will help you to carry on and believe…, that tomorrow is just a day away and you will always have the opportunity to start over again.

And after I wrote that, I read a letter, written by a Helicopter Pilot,

“Dear mom and dad,
When you read this letter, it means that I’m not around anymore.
It’s not that I’m afraid, not in being hurt or killed, well, kind of, but not much…
My only regret will be never to see you two again, and I’ll never see Emily grow up,
But I know she’s in good hands, the best.
What I really afraid of that I’m not let my people down, my crew, these people depend on me,
 They put their lives in my hands, I just can’t fail them.

Now I know that if you get this letter means that I’m dead.
I only hope that I’ve made you proud,
That I did my job,
That I didn’t let down my country, my crew, and my fellow soldiers.
I love you guys; never stop telling Emily how much I love her…

Your daughter,

This was the letter that Karen’s parents received after Karen got killed in the Gulf War. And for me, personally, life is like facing our own wars every single day. And most of the times no particular explanation can actually represent the things for us to comprehend.

But then again, I guess life would be too dull if we lose the excitements of uncertainties. The essence of having a fun, lively life is enjoying the ups and down, just like jumping on a trampoline. It’s all about how we enjoy things, looking through things, and the higher you dare to jump, the better jumper you got to be. And trust me; the greater the challenge, the better point of view we require to possess, and this definitely will exercise our courage and ability in having better acceptance upon things in life too.

And another new way to deal with disappointments of life is served to us like a delightful desert after a feast of problems and unpleasant events. A day only lasts 24 hours, and just try to always smile upon things occurred in your life, bumps aren’t something good to experience, but it certainly the perfect way to learn a better maneuver.

Have a pleasant evening to all, God loves each one of us.

With Love,

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
20 March 2012