Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'll be there for you

I experienced a very interesting journey on the New Year's evening, I had to sit and wait for more than 9 hours to reach Jakarta from a small city in West Java. Normally the journey between the two cities are not more than 3 or 4 hours. Well, actually, I spent almost 8 hours when I came, it wasn't a big deal if I was in a holiday or so, but I was trying to reach someone and I had to meet this person in office hours. So, in short, I spent my last two days of the year in a quite stressful situation, but somehow, I managed to pass through this one, again... Nothing to say, but Thank God for His mercy and kindness!

Never thought I would come to the small town at the first place, but to be honest, it will be the best two last days of a year ever! I was welcomed in a warm family, as I said to my friend, sometimes, I don't understand the way God shows His love to me. But this is one of the thing, I was treated so kind and warm, didn't feel like a stranger at all, met almost all the family's member, even Brownies, the dog of the family. The moment I entered the gate, I already felt the warmth and the caress from all. December was never an easy month for me ever, but I ended the month in a loving and amazing way.

The minute I arrived in Jakarta, I was still far away from where my family was waiting for me, but somehow, I could reach them on time. I cried when my cousin hold me the second I found him, but not like the year before, I cried for I was missing papa and mama so badly, but this time, the tears fell down by the unspoken joy, how I was so glad to be there with them exactly 15 minutes before the countdown of the end of the year! I was almost crying on the way, even though I was sending and receiving messages directly from my cousins,even though I got all the support that I could get at that time! But still, the effort of reaching them was seem quite impossible at that time! But, hey, everything ended up so amazing eventually!

This is worth a diamond to share, when I reached a point where I should get a taxi, the place was dark and empty, then I said to my cousins via message, "Oh, God, please send me a taxi..", Mas Monty, one of my dearest cousin replied, "Keep believing Lisa!" and I walked to a bright spot under the street light, with a prayer, "Oh God, hear my plea, please...You know what I need" and the moment I stepped on the sidewalk, a taxi appeared from the corner, I waved and jumped in the second it stopped right in front of me! The traffic was amazingly stuck and everything seemed like freeze, I dropped a tear when I realized that I might spend my New Year's eve on a taxi for God's sake! But then I said again, "Oh, come on, Lisa, you've reached this far, the angels would even lift this car and carry it if you believe so!". Once again, I closed my eyes, and suddenly I glanced to my left, I realized there was a gab between cars, I asked the taxi driver to go on that gab and we took an alternative road to reach the hotel where my family was waiting for me, and we managed to reach the nearest point, I paid the taxi, jumped out, and after I ran for almost a mile, I reached the place, just on time when the fire works were decorating the sky and I had the chance to witness the event in the arms of my beloved ones!

Maybe not everyone would consider this as a blessing, but for me, this event is a treasure! This is something that I can tell to my children and my grandchildren one day! This is a story that I can tell to my friends or students when they're down and think that things seem aren't worth to fight for! I learned something very precious in my last 48 hours in the year of 2009.

The moment I was in my cousin's arms, I cried, and he said, "Hey, what's the crying for, you're here!" but to be honest, what I heard was, "We're here darling, you have nothing to worry about..".

The world might not be so kind to us, the things aren't seem fair sometimes, but somehow,if we believe, we will always have the heart and the sensitivity to hear "I'll be there for you" from everyone in our surroundings! Just believe and never let go the hope in you, the rainbow will appear and end at the palm of you hands after every storm, and after the light actually filled the sky, you will find that the pennies from heaven is actually exist! It's the sparkling eyes of your loved ones, it's the cheering sound of people saying your name, and even though you're alone, or when the stars isn't shinning for you and everything seems so dark and gloomy, believe in one thing, you are not alone, cherish every smile by looking at your own smile through the mirror, memorize every wink and glance by looking at your reflections on the window of shops that you pass, feel again every kisses by touching your cheeks' skin, and let God do the rest! He will bless you with the love that flows so warm inside, and without you know it, you will have the amazing stanza inside of your heart, and one more amazing thing, you can always say, "I'll be there for you" to anyone, and transfer the same joy beyond compare that you've experienced...

Happy New Year to all my dearest friend and family, and what an honor to say to you all that I'll be there for you too...

Love to you all, always,

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

PS: I said to a friend once, believe me, you can feel God's love...wake up at the dawn hour, go find the wet grass, walk with your bare feet, feel the cold dews and breath the freshness of the air right before the sun rise on the east side of the sky. Well, I guess I have an addition tip to feel God's love inside each of you...Who knows what will tomorrow bring, who knows where we'll go? But when we have each other, just hold on tight, and the caress doesn't have to be a physical appearance, first you have to believe, then you'll know who to talk to and once again, let the love of God filled your heart in a very simple way the moment you share...

A special thank you to Mama Erry, it's an honor to actually met you in person, ma'am.. To Ikky, I guess I have just being blessed by God by finding a new little brother.. and to Mas Donnie, thank you for everything, you had given an addition love to the word love itself..

To my beloved Family, thank you for all the support and love, to my little brother, Daniel, you're the best and to Mas Agung, thank you, you made things possible.... God bless you all.

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