Friday, 21 October 2011

When TGIF is a lot more than "Thank God It's Friday"

Different people are trying to reach different achievement in life. And some debates or arguments have been brought up to the surface whether we have been firmed enough to reach the point that we're trying to reach.

Another questions appeared..

Have we built the proper pavement to the content of who we are, what we are?
And have all this effort led us to achive something better?

There are two major groups in the planet, those who build their own life, and those who build their life by building their surrounding. The satisfaction of doing something or do more, add more and give more to enrich something contributes fundamental differences between both groups.

But none is the better one, the development of life has to be balanced by different opinions and attitudes which driven us into creating and reaching better achievements every day.

Without ignorant people, we have no reason to educate people about compassion.

Without mediocre people, we have no reason to encourage people to believe in hope and excel their expectation upon their life.

Without hatred, we have reason to embrace people to recognise love as something that we share by caring and forgiving.

Without hunger and catastrophic events in life, we have no reason to hold others' hands to reach those in need and believe that we can actually make a different by giving.

Without goodbyes, we have no recollections of how acquaintances are precious in order to introduce us to different virtues of wisdom and understandings.


Without tears, we have no reason to the invention of happiness, we have no reason to smile, we have no reason to sing, we have no reason to rock a baby, we have no reason to actually stretch out our arms and lend our hands to wipe sadness and cure broken hearts and broken hopes.

GOD is extremely Great n Wonderful in making our life full of different things. And every act of love to life may not be an easy thing to do, but we all can start by doing simple things and do a little bit more with a sincere heart.
And shall GOD grants us the enlightenment of reaching things in our life as something more than our achievements which is the great happiness within when we encounter the virtue of contributions...

Have a wonderful end of the week to all my dearest family and friends...
And now, TGIF can stand more than "Thank's God It's Friday" it can also stands for:

* Thank's God I've Forgiven
* There's Great Internal Fulfillment
* Thank's God I've Found

And shall souls rejoice by the excitement to do more in life.

With Love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
October 21st, 2011

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