Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The excitement of uncertainties

When there’s a painful despair, full of guilt and regrets occurred in your life, remember that the scar of the pain might stay there, but the burden of guilt is something that you have to try to put down sometimes. You’d be amazed on how the action may give you the enlightenment of forgiveness upon yourself, and hopefully, it will help you to carry on and believe…, that tomorrow is just a day away and you will always have the opportunity to start over again.

And after I wrote that, I read a letter, written by a Helicopter Pilot,

“Dear mom and dad,
When you read this letter, it means that I’m not around anymore.
It’s not that I’m afraid, not in being hurt or killed, well, kind of, but not much…
My only regret will be never to see you two again, and I’ll never see Emily grow up,
But I know she’s in good hands, the best.
What I really afraid of that I’m not let my people down, my crew, these people depend on me,
 They put their lives in my hands, I just can’t fail them.

Now I know that if you get this letter means that I’m dead.
I only hope that I’ve made you proud,
That I did my job,
That I didn’t let down my country, my crew, and my fellow soldiers.
I love you guys; never stop telling Emily how much I love her…

Your daughter,

This was the letter that Karen’s parents received after Karen got killed in the Gulf War. And for me, personally, life is like facing our own wars every single day. And most of the times no particular explanation can actually represent the things for us to comprehend.

But then again, I guess life would be too dull if we lose the excitements of uncertainties. The essence of having a fun, lively life is enjoying the ups and down, just like jumping on a trampoline. It’s all about how we enjoy things, looking through things, and the higher you dare to jump, the better jumper you got to be. And trust me; the greater the challenge, the better point of view we require to possess, and this definitely will exercise our courage and ability in having better acceptance upon things in life too.

And another new way to deal with disappointments of life is served to us like a delightful desert after a feast of problems and unpleasant events. A day only lasts 24 hours, and just try to always smile upon things occurred in your life, bumps aren’t something good to experience, but it certainly the perfect way to learn a better maneuver.

Have a pleasant evening to all, God loves each one of us.

With Love,

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
20 March 2012


  1. I thought I had read that Karen's letter but i forgot where. i saw it somwhereee,,,

  2. I don't really remember whether it's just a fiction or a true story, Bobby...
    And Karen's story was brought up unto a movie, and the title is Courage Under Fire