Friday, 11 May 2012

Simple Words to Inspire

A simple description upon how simple things in our lives are able to provide us so much inspirations and encouragements...
Started by why the ONE letter word: "I" has to be completed
by the powerful TWO-letter word:"WE"...
And the most poisonous THREE-letter: "EGO" has to be killed
in order to value the most used FOUR-letter word: "LOVE".
By keeping the most pleasing FIVE-letter word:  "SMILE",
we have the strength to share courage by introducing the SIX-letter word: "TENDER" in caring and sincere attentions.
We are also able to spread the greatness of hope by forming a strong generation with the most powerful SEVEN-letter word: "BELIEVE".
Therefore, we all have the duty to apply this wondrous EIGHT-letter word: “GUIDANCE”
to provide the world with something more with the most powerful NINE-letter word: “KNOWLEDGE”.
And teach ourselves with one of the most essential TEN-letter word: “CONFIDENCE”
to put a little more trust to ourselves by another substantial TEN-letter word: “CONTRIBUTE” and give the world a better tomorrow….
Have a pleasant day to all my dearest family and friends.
With Love, always….
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul.
11 May 2012

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