Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cross or Burn the Bridge

I always say,
'A day only lasts 24 hours, a day will always end at a certain time as it will  always starts with new hope and new beginnings...
So, hold on a little bit more, defeat your fear and make peace with your pain, embrace your life and love yourself a little bit more each day.."

A single step can change the pattern of our path, a single turn can create a whole different course in our lives; and I just wrote;
"Good decisions come from experiences, even the worst ones.. And believe me most of the time, Precious experiences come from Bad Decisions."

Considering these facts...
Does a bad decision make any of us a lesser person that we truly are?
Do precious experiences turn us to better persons?

Quite confusing, don't you think?

And amazingly, we should never be able to avoid the fact that the hardest thing to learn in life is to decide which bridge to cross and which to burn. Disappointment, Confusion and Doubts are the instruments of life that will always be attached in our existence on this planet, whether we like it or not...

I know it is not easy to train our heart to believe that even in the worst moment of our lives, there might be a tapestry of greatness beyond our mind to comprehend. 
Do we need to understand it directly?
Well, perhaps there are sometimes in our lives require us to surrender to our limitation in understanding things and simply moving on and moving up, giving our best and contribute something more, eventually... things will work out beyond our expectations.

And acceptance brings up to greater beginnings...
And letting go is just another best way to embrace life more, another way to tell the world and our loved ones, "I love you" over and over again...

Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday...
with love,

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
July 31st, 2012

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