Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I wrote yesterday,

I found two interesting things yesterday morning,

"When someone asks you to walk with him/her for a mile, do it for two miles instead... Who knows what will happen along the way n what will impact your life during the journey."

"When you can hate someone by any reason at all, be the exceptional to impact lives by compromising, let go of hatred and forgive... Be kind n put your best effort in building relationship to others as a service n contribution to life."

How can I relate these two things into something that actually able to influence my life in a positive way, and perhaps, able to impact other people's lives too. The first thing was shared by Gaylord, one of the speakers of “Entrepreneurship with Purposes” Training. Well, I continued the statement with what was the possibility that might appear after we do something ‘more’ as explained by Gaylord.

I’m extremely blessed by Gaylord’s story about a man, Fred Share. It is amazing to know that a simple Mail Man called Fred Shaw could actually do something to many people in a very simple and sincere way. Not many still use real mails to send letters, mails nowadays is related to sending things instead of letters; meanwhile, there are many chain supply companies that actually provide the same services. In short, what Fred does for a living is certainly not a popular thing! No high education level is required to be mail men, as long as we can read properly, have a healthy physical condition, able to coordinate addresses and willing to walk or drive here or there; any of us can be a mail man. So, by this fact, when everyone can be a mail man, is this occupation is an un-important job?

And Gaylord stated:
“There’s no un-important job while many people think that they do something un-important!”

I was thinking the moment Gaylord mentioned that statement, and it has given me the peace of mind upon some things that actually happened in my life recently. What have been said by Gaylord kind of giving me the motivation to break in and walk through a wondrous wilderness of uncertainty an extra mile away; and this has given me the courage to make a decision upon something that I fear for quite sometimes; which is meeting someone that had caused quite big un-comprehendible issues in my life.

One of my dearest friends, Charles; calls me ‘Blessing Lisa’.
I don’t really know why he chose that nick name for me, I was quite hard to him during his most difficult times, I even pretended to look at the other way around when he needed me the most by giving me him the terms and conditions on what he should do in order to talk to him as friends that we used to be. And that action didn’t make Charles to leave me as a friend of changed my name into: “Dreadful Lisa’. Instead, Charles kept on reaching me and tried to show me that he was, he still is and he will always be a good friend with one understanding:

‘She was being so hard on me because she wanted me to stand up and move on with my life without any regrets and let go of the pain within me...’
And by this, I believe that Charles has forgiven me for some of the actions that I applied upon our friendship, and unconsciously, Charles has also taught me about a different form of forgiveness related to the visions, missions, objectives and plans in our lives. In Short, we both blessed by problem occurred in our lives, we both blessed by our disagreements and we both blessed by the different paths that we had taken in which, eventually, it had led us to the same destination! And away from our awareness, both of Charles and I had taken an extra mile in sharing and giving to each other.

So, get the picture now?
Going the extra mile is strongly related to forgiveness. Maybe for some situations it will be just accompanying someone in getting through something, but have you ever think about something that you might learn along the way?
And this is a real life, my friend... Most of the times, bad things, unfair things or perhaps unpleasant events actually occur in our lives or those who walks with us along the way. And it’s quite normal if most of us would say or think, “It’s none of my concern”, but I have learned that by a simple and small sincere caring, we can create a beyond compare outcome. It may give better impact to someone’s life or even ours!

Developing something in our lives requires us to communicate, interact and relate properly with every aspects in our lives. Not many people think that this can impact our lives so much, how we see our perspective, how we coordinate our priorities, or maybe, how we solve problems in our lives?
Communicate in a positive way leads us to better understandings, interact in a positive way leads us to better solutions and by maintaining relationship in a good and positive way, it will improve the quality of every aspects in our lives both personally and professionally.

By this, I truly have come to the understanding that by giving a little bit more, putting a greater effort into something in which is ‘going an extra mile’; combined with the positive mind set and the attitude by possessing the sincere ‘forgiveness’ behaviour, we can build better communications to interact in a healthy way in order to maintain our relationship with our loved ones, friends, family, colleagues or even our business partners. A very inspiring statement, ‘simple things are great and great things are simple’ is so easy to comprehend when we see things in our lives through positive perspectives, apply it into our lives in a positive way and share it to our surrounding in a very positive way too. Hopefully, we can do more, share more and dare to inspire more through simple ways in our lives to actually improve our inner quality and values, strengthen our integrity and enrich our sensitivity to our surrounding.

In the end, I wish us all to dare to ‘go an extra mile’ and share more ‘forgiveness’ in our lives; and hopefully, we all can be this positive energy, the positive 'cancer' that inspire and multiply people’s will to do more, to give more to lives, dare to impact more in other people’s lives in reaching better things in our lives.

Always with love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
August 8th 2012

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