Monday, 5 August 2013


It's quite funny when we are trying to be somebody for someone by the treatment of that person upon us. And it's amazing to know that the best treatments are able to be placed upon lies and other things beyond our comprehensions.

In the end, we have no one but ourselves to deal with the broken pieces. How do we actually feel? Well, that's a pretty classified thing for anyone to answer. No one actually able to answer to the question, and the more painful the occurrence, the more difficult for us to describe the feeling. And in my understanding, the more we have no power to explain, the bigger the forgiveness possibility for anyone to give. For raging heart always have reasons to tell the pain, while a sincere heart would ask again and again. Sincerely, we would questioned the intention that we cherish as a series of gift in our lives.

But then again, does it really matter anymore?
In the end, we will always have the strength to face the judgement released by those with no comprehension on what actually had happened.
In the end, all we need is the peace of mind, that every single person have the right to judge and say things according to their understanding.
In the end, dreams are pretty abstract to be authorized to be anyone's belonging, but then again, when dreams were shared and cherished, be grateful for the experience. In time when it has been taken away from us, possess the blissful feeling of how you had it once and it's belong to someone else now. Let heaven keep the records and the traces of what you have let go in a sincere way, and let the goodness of life come to you by letting go and embrace other new great new beginnings about to come.

In the end, everything will align as long as we have the sincere heart to acknowledge that lessons aren't just ought to be understood, sometimes we need to believe more and more...

Have a pleasant start of the week to all...
Always, with love
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
August 5th, 2013

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