Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Untitled - for Mama...

Mama… From where have you learned to wipe the tears?
From who did you learn to cast away the fears?

How did you teach yourself, to quietly endure the pain…
To hide in your heart, the cry, the hurt, the suffering and the complain..

Hear the wind, blows more through here to the skies of heaven,
It passes through the giant rocks, hear it roars this missing remedy even through the ocean.

From what this quite strength built up in your heart?
From where did you learn to always take a part?

This might surprises you, but I have grown to be  a highly qualified fisher-woman,
I caught lights of hopes that floats in this wide sea filled with desperation spread by the demon.

Never again shall I shed tears that represent sadness by this losing agony,
For I learned from you that by letting go I gain the power of dignity in between my bended knee.

From where should I start to sing this everlasting song of admiration?
From what should I carve these words of love and adoration?

And in between the running seasons, shall I keep on dancing in between the tunes of love…
The melody of hope that will never last, like the twinkling stars up on the sky above…

Thank you.. Mama…

Written somewhere in Jakarta, September 17th 2013
(a month away from your birthday, Ma... missing you have taught me the beauty of love and how I grateful for this opportunity to be your daughter, to be a part of your life, once… )

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