Sunday, 5 May 2013

My time with you...

Counting the numbers of my time with you..

9 Hours of togetherness, leads to
10 Roses with
16 Words in it, continued with
280 Minutes looking at the moon..

Days went by and we sat in a lounge, waiting for
2 *supposed to be hot* Cold drinks,
1 Spilled Hainam Chicken Rice and
1 Cold Cheese French Fries.
Went to see band performances, and had
1 Hot Coffee #finally..
1 Cup Haagen Daz-Green Tea
And hundreds of warm embraces, short tender kisses and whispers of love along the way..

And amazingly, after you gave me
2 Good night kiss in the eyes,
our time alone continued with:
5400 seconds of endless gentle tenderness..

And in this silent serenity of mine, in between the stillness of my lonely nights following the incomprehensible uncertainty of your absence..., I'm counting and multiplying the hope and faith within, attached with my sincere prayers for you...

And shall this journey continues...

Still hold on to the same hopes and the one love that understood by the things that you have taught me...

Lisa Fransiska Sitompul
Jakarta, May 5th 2013

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