Thursday, 9 May 2013

I believe

I believe,
that God will show me the path to witness the rainbow after every thundering rain.

I believe,
that by my humble prayers to those that I love so much, will bring them happiness beyond compare. And to those who hates me so much, each of my humble loving words will lead them to a brighter path.

I believe,
that by surrendering to those who spread lies upon me, they will find the things that provide them with the satisfaction that they’ve been seeking. And shall the Lord confirm it as a fine gift in their lives.

I believe,
that kindness will find the way to compromise and forgive those who intentionally hurt me, and the more I get hurt, the more amazing the process of being pure and grand in the presence of the Lord.

I believe,
that what’s beneath does matter; things might have been so painful on the surface, but the real virtue is there, I don’t need anyone's approval, I don’t need anyone to agree with the beauty that I have witnessed in my entire life;
cause I know that I simply have to B E L I E V E....
that there'll be the time for me to actually have the honour to smile upon the heavenly light that I beam to the sky with my sincere intentions and prayers to those who need to find their way.
But still, the great joy beyond compare will be mine, and shall my heart filled with tenderness as I stand beside YOUR ocean.

Shall my heart believe to what I don't see, to the things beyond my comprehension...
Shall my heart believe that there's so much more beyond everything...
Shall my soul rejoice and reminds me of Your great unconditional Love...
All I can say, "YOUR LOVE is boundless, brilliant, and unlimited."
All I can whisper, "YOUR LOVE is pure, splendid, abundant and glorious."
By this, I will always have the honour to embrace YOUR heavenly strength by letting go off my doubts and fear.

And by the simplicity of my heart to believe, I know for sure that YOU will never let me walk alone..
Never before, not now, and it will never be, and once again, I simply do BELIEVE...

written somewhere in jakarta,March 2013
Always with love,
Lisa Fransiska Sitompul

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